Fall Guys Hits High Sales Figures on Steam and PS Plus Downloads

Fall Guys cannot be stopped as it continues to reach new heights with its sales figures and downloads. Devolver Digital congratulated developer Mediatonic on hitting 7 million units sold on Steam. Meanwhile, PlayStation players have made the game the most downloaded game on PS Plus.

Fall Guys Hits High Sales Figures on Steam and PS Plus Downloads

Nothing can stop the cute colorful characters of Mediatonic’s juggernaut as it continues to shine as one of the most successful releases in 2020, especially in the indie scene. Publisher Devolver Digital announced today on Twitter that Fall Guys has hit new highs for its sales figures on Steam and PS Plus downloads. For PC players, the game has surpassed 7 million units sold; meanwhile, it is the most downloaded game in PS Plus history.

Looking at Steam Charts, this cute indie game huddles together with big dogs that always have high player counts. Fall Guys is number four as of writing with over 160,000 current players with an all-time peak of 170,000 people playing. Right below it is Warframe, which holds approximately 122,000 players while PUBG is ahead of both, with 335,000 current gamers killing one another for chicken dinners.

Fall Guys was hitting home runs right away when it came to sales figures. In 24 hours, it had 1.5 million players. That launch was crazy, so much so that its servers had trouble keeping up. A review bombing on Steam followed those long search times and lag spikes, but it didn’t hurt as the game’s reviews are currently “very positive” with over 115,000 reviews submitted.

Fall Guys - Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

Season 2 is getting announced tomorrow (August 27), so keep your eyes open for some new content coming your way.

Fall Guys is available now on PS4 and PC (Steam).

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