Fall Guys Season 2 Will Add Medieval Mini-Games

Soon, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 1 will end on October 6th. Taking its place shortly after will be Season 2, adding medieval-themed fun in the shape of new costumes and new mini-games that are expected to make the game even more chaotic.

Fall Guys Season 2 Will Add Medieval Mini-Games Cover

During this weekend’s Gamescom: Opening Night Live event, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 was announced, and the newest battle royale is about to get a lot more medieval.

Already, players can expect Fall Guys Season 2 on the horizon. It was formally announced at the Gamescom 2020 livestream event, with a sneak peek of what features the new season will offer. It looks to be completely medieval-themed; the preview shows at least three new mini-game stages to tumble through, and some of them will require players to push around furniture and blocks to progress, meaning that Fall Guys is about to get a lot more competitive. Players can also expect new themed costumes to earn and purchase throughout the season, such as dragons and wizards.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has staked its claim in the world of online multiplayer, creating a uniquely chaotic experience in a family-friendly environment. By controlling one of sixty jellybean-shaped characters, the player is tasked with either racing to the end or surviving the clock, depending on the random mini-game chosen. Fall Guys is quick and easy to jump into, making it one of the most addicting games to come out of the summer. So addicting, in fact, that Fall Guys hit 1.5 million players in its first 24 hours, causing the PS4 servers to crash intermittently. 

Fall Guys - Season 2 Sneak Peek

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Fall Guys Season 2 is assumed to start once Season 1 finishes on October 6th. Mediatonic says it’s still putting the final touches on it, but Season 2 will likely be out in just a little over a month. 

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