Fall Guys Season 4 Reveal Trailer Goes to the Future, Meets an Impostor

The Fall Guys Season 4 reveal trailer shows off bright visuals and wacky new levels as well as a surprising collaboration. The new season is headed into the future and will include skins depicting characters from the hit indie title Among Us.

Fall Guys Season 4 Reveal Trailer Goes to the Future, Meets an Impostor Cover

With Spring finally knocking on our doors, it is time to leave the snowy trials behind and take a look at what the future will bring. Actually, we will look quite ahead as Fall Guys Season 4 is headed to year 4041. The reveal trailer offers a glimpse of what the hit indie game has in store next. 

Season 4 will be styled in retro-futuristic aesthetics: neon lights, synth music and all. The new version will add 7 new levels containing bright lights, deadly disco balls and all other sorts of devious traps. One of them was already spoiled and is a 60-player deadly trial. Skyline Stumble will greet you with Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields and other wacky contraptions, ensuring a strangely good time.

Official Season 4 Gameplay on Fall Guys 🤖 Skyline Stumble 🤖

The reveal trailer ends with a hint of collaboration with another indie phenomenon: Among Us. The crossover is not a surprising one to many, given how close the look of the playable characters in both games are. Possible skins weren’t revealed, so we’ll need to wait a bit more for them. However, we can still marvel at many of the other colorful customization options that will be on offer. Some of the skins include a disco ball, a shark and a man in black (or rather a Bean in Black).

Fall Guys Season 4 is set to release on March the 22nd.

Fall Guys Season 4 - Cinematic Trailer

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