5 Crucial Tips You Need To Know To Earn More Victories In Fall Guys

People love to win Battle Royale, and Fall Guys is no exception. We've put together a few handy, must-have, tips to boost your hopes of landing a win. Whilst nothing's a certainty with Battle Royale, our tips should greatly increase your chances of reigning supreme.

5 Crucial Tips You Need To Know To Earn More Victories In Fall Guys Cover

Mediatonic’s free-for-Royale is pandemonium at its finest. The sight of 60, brightly coloured characters rampaging about an obstacle course is absolute chaos. I love it. After a few games, the mechanics of the game become very clear and that elusive victory becomes more likely. Despite offering a huge variety of mini-games, that as we mentioned in our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review will have you laughing and swearing, the ideas for each are loosely familiar. This in turns makes it easy to apply lots of the same thinking – and tactics – to many of these games. Which is why I’ve come up with 5 crucial Fall Guys tips that should hopefully bring you closer to that shiny, golden crown. 

Fall Guys is now available for free as part of August’s Playstation Plus Games on PS4, and also on Steam.

1. Don’t Rush In

Your fight or flight response is going to send a pulse of adrenaline surging through your veins, imploring you to bolt ahead of all the other glory chasing maniacs. Unfortunately I’m here to tell you – this is bad. One immediate example are the races – particularly with stationary and/or moving walls. Unless you’ve already parted with your soul and become imbued with an endless supply of lady luck, then you’re relying on an algorithm to show you the way. 

Not every hole is a goal...

Not every hole is a goal…

Instead, don’t be afraid to let your rivals dive in head first and laugh as they faceplant a wall. Certain games will allow plenty of leeway with regards to competitors progressing and plenty of length to the game too, so use this to your advantage. Slow and steady wins the race. Let them take the fall…guy.

2. Concentrate On Yourself

This idea is especially true in the first couple of rounds, It’s easy to become overwhelmed and irrational when you’re constantly brushing horns with lots of bloodthirsty…whatever the hell the characters are supposed to be. But if you want to see more success, then you need to take a dose of tunnel vision and fixate on your avatar. If you take your eye off your character for even a second, you can easily end up on the floor, in the air, or find yourself being yeeted to Kingdom Come.

See those unmissable, colored chaps around you? Nope, nor do I.

See those unmissable, colored chaps around you? Nope, nor do I.

It may also compromise your judgement too. I think of the memory logic game that requires you to be on the matching platform when the countdown expires. You may be sure of yourself, but the image of your rivals heading to a square you thought was incorrect will be unsettling. Ignore this. The same could be said for survival games, it’s survival of the fittest. Forget the people around you, you be you.

3. Be A Team Player

Conversely, when it’s required, DON’T BE YOU. I’ve been rather fortunate that my teammates have been competent and able in the games I’ve played. However I have noticed several examples of players that seem to have an illegitimate businessmen in their ear, whispering a proposition into it so that they’ll throw the game. It’s the only logical explanation for some of the individuality I’ve seen. It’s fantastic that Fall Guys has had over 1.5 million new players in its first 24 hours. But please be one of those that is a helper rather than a hindrance. 

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

  • If you need to collect items and bring them back to your team’s base…DON’T steal from your own teammates
  • If you need to have the most tails at the end of the round…DON’T try to steal a teammate’s
  • If you need to move a ball towards the end of the course…DON’T try and hog the glory

Bonus tip: Read the rules to the games! The team game that requires you all to roll a ball to the end saw one teammate – on each team – running ahead, thinking it was an assault course of some sort. Pay attention, or pay the consequences.

4. Keep Calm And Don’t Get Angry!

I don’t care if you’re a Guinness World Record Holder for being the world’s greatest gamer in the universe and the multi-verse, this game does not require immense skill. Certain mini-games consist of sheer luck and nothing else. You can do everything right, and still lose. Having this control taken out of your hands can be annoying, but you shouldn’t let it get to you – I say as someone rips my tail off with 3 seconds to go. Whereas seasoned Fortnite gamers can probably win with only the pick axe, Fall Guys can reduce a warrior to a crying man-child in seconds.

Look at those calm, soothing colors.

Look at those calm, soothing colors.

For example, games that involve the rotating bumpers that you need to jump over. You could be having a great run, timing every jump to perfection, but one pesky person could oh-so-gently nudge you and before you know it your rhythm is shot and the bumper has hit a home run with you and you’re pinballing around like a rag doll on fire. Furthermore, just because you’re lagging behind the field, doesn’t mean you won’t qualify. So don’t panic and lose your cool, remain a cube of frozen water. The turnaround in some of the games are quite incredible. Harking back to tip 1, lots of people will rush into a clogged up entry point, and before you know it the whole field is back to square one. Oh look, you’re first. You know why? Because you didn’t get angry and stayed calm.

5. The Longest Road Is Sometimes The Shortest

Another mouthwatering temptation in Fall Guys is to eye up the quickest road to glory and set dead aim on it. I mean, it is a gamble given the highly volatile nature of your environments, but a sensible gambling person will generally opt for lower, safer odds. You could easily have 5-10 goes at trying your luck with the ‘shorter’ option, but you could’ve guaranteed yourself a spot in the next round by just going out of your way a bit more and persevering.

I’d only recommend throwing the Hail Mary if the last couple of seats are left and your foes can only be spied with an observatory’s telescope. Worst case scenario, you lose, collect some credits, and then you go and win the next game anyway. Why? Because I believe in you!

Use our tips and climb Everest.

Use our tips and climb Everest.

There you go. 5 crucial Fall Guys tips that are sure to increase your chances of success. The utterly random nature of the game can make efforts seem worthless and strategy futile, but like anything, if you apply sound logic, then you can statistically boost your odds. Now stop reading, and go and bring home the victory bacon.

Do you have any of your own tips that have helped you to conquer the competition? [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”bhsv55mv3r” question=”Please leave a feedback on this” opened=”1″]Then let us know in the comments below.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

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