Oops, Fall Guys Patch Mishap Leaked Entire Source Code

On an apparent bad day at the office, the latest Fall Guys patch accidentally included the game's source code. The leaked source code files expose the inner workings of the Fall Guys code base to the community, including hackers and exploiters.

Oops, Fall Guys Patch Mishap Leaked Entire Source Code cover

It seems at least one person at Mediatonic probably had a bad day at the office after the release of the latest Fall Guys patch. You see, contained within said patch was a folder called “BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame”. Nestled away inside this long-named folder was the entire source code of the game.

Mediatonic took care of damage control as soon as they discovered the Fall Guys patch leak. However, someone who backed up the files before the patch was fixed could still distribute the source code. It unveils the inner secrets of the game and could aid hackers in breaking the game in various ways. They could use it to find ways to give themselves unfair advantages in-game or just make it a lot less fun for other players. Only time will tell how this situation unfolds.

Though the extra files were removed after the mistake was caught, chances are it’s still out there on the internet somewhere. This is especially true considering the mistake was public knowledge after being shared on Twitter and then reported on news sites like Nintendo Life in the aftermath. This comes just after the recent announcement of the console versions having their summer launch delayed.

Those looking forward to playing Fall Guys on the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One, or Xbox Series X | S will have to wait a while longer. PlayStation 4 gamers, on the other hand, have had access to the game on that system since August 4th of last year. Fall Guys is currently in Season 4, which just launched back in March.

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