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A New Free Fall Guys Costume Lets you Dress up as Santa

Praise be to Yeetus. As thanks for fan support over 2020, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have added a free Fall Guys costume of which you can dress up your bean as Santa Claus. Part of this festive g...

Sonic Costume Drops Into Fall Guys This Week!

The crossover of a lifetime brings gaming icon, Sonic the Hedgehog, to the Fall Guys madness. After a successful launch of their second season, there has never been a better time to enjoy the insanity...

Does Fall Guys Season 2 Breathe New Life Into the Game?

Does Fall Guys Season 2 Breathe New Life Into the Game?

The new Fall Guys season 2 update brings a load of content for fans to enjoy but is it enough to bring players back and keep them engaged? There have been many fan suggestions and request, many of whi...

Round Variations and Big Yeetus are Coming in Fall Guys’ Mid-Season Update

A Fall Guys update is going live today, but what kind of changes can we expect when we next boot up the game and get our beans ready for battle? Mediatonic senior designer, Anthony Pepper, joins the P...

Fall Guys Is Absolutely The New Fortnite And Could Even Surpass It Cover

Fall Guys Is Absolutely The New Fortnite And Could Even Surpass It

There's no doubt that Fall Guys is here to stay. Its popularity has already been firmly established across the PlayStation 4 and Steam. With an endless stream of ever-increasing media coverage across ...

The 5 Worst Fall Guys Mini-Games in Season 1

Here's the official ranking of the worst Fall Guys mini-games. Fall Guys: Ultimate knockout is a fantastic game, but as with any piece of art, you start to notice its imperfections the long you stare ...

The Fall Guys Music Is Criminally Catchy

Any game as addictive as Fall Guys must have a good soundtrack to keep you coming back, and, boy, does this one qualify. Finding a way to make music that matches the quirky setting and characters with...

Fall Guys Adding

Fall Guys Adding “Big Yeetus” Update To Shake Up The Game

The world's most slapstick and chaotic Battle Royale is set to receive a new update that will introduce "Big Yeetus" to the battlefield. The humorously named update will see the inclusion of a giant, ...

fall guys season 2 medieval theme

Fall Guys Season 2 Will Add Medieval Mini-Games

Soon, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 1 will end on October 6th. Taking its place shortly after will be Season 2, adding medieval-themed fun in the shape of new costumes and new mini-games that ar...

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