Fall Guys Adds Kizuna AI Outfit for a Limited Time

As a part of a collaboration with Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will sell a Kizuna AI costume from March 27 to 29. In addition, AI will be hosting a Fall Guys tournament featuring 40 VTubers - starting on March 27.

Fall Guys Adds Kizuna AI Outfit for a Limited Time Cover

If you’ve been watching Virtual YouTubers (a.k.a. VTubers) for the past year, you’ve most likely seen them play Fall Guys. Coincidentally, Fall Guys will have an in-game collaboration with Kizuna AI – the spark for the ongoing VTuber boom. As announced on AI’s website, this comes in the form of a Kizuna AI costume. The top and bottom halves cost 5 Crowns each, which totals up to 10 Crowns. It can be purchased from March 27 to 29.

On top of the costume, Kizuna AI will stream a “Fall AIs” tournament on March 27 at 20:00 JST. 40 VTubers will be attending the tournament, and they will be revealed in a live stream today on March 23.

【キズナアイ視点】V44人でガチバトル!#FallAIs【Fall Guys】

Kizuna AI debuted in December 2016. While technically not the first of her kind, she marked the start of VTubing as we know it today: an avatar with body or face tracking, an authentic persona, and a penchant for unique ideas and interactions. In AI’s case, she tries to do real-life activities as an AI (or as she says, a “Super AI”) in a giant white space: walking around Japan via Google Maps, appearing in IRL interviews as a monitor, doing exercises despite having no physical muscles to work out, and so forth.

What do you think of the Fall Guys collaboration with Kizuna AI? Let us know in the comments.

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