Fall Guys Free For All Now

Fall Guys is now free to play for everyone except Steam Players. Fall Guys is a popular alternative battle royale game for people who may like the idea of wacky game shows and video games combined. Fall Guys is now out on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store.

Fall Guys Free For All Now

June 21st marks the release of Fall Guys Season One and the start of the game being free to play. The game will be released on Epic Games Store, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. This also sees the official release of the PlayStation 5 version of Fall Guys. The game will be removed from Steam but anybody who owns the game already will be unaffected. This also sees the release of cross play and cross platform progression. Here is a review from when Fall Guys originally came out.

Fall Guys Free for All: Live Action Trailer

Fall Guys Season One is aptly named Free For All. A new currency titled Show Bucks will be added to the game that will be used to purchase the season pass and other possible micro transactions. If you purchase the season pass and complete it before the season ends then you have the ability to receive the next seasons pass as well for free. There will also be free rewards for people not looking to purchase the season pass.

For anyone who had launched and played Fall Guys before June 21st will receive a legacy pack, this contains 3 costumes, the season pass, a nickname and a nameplate for use in the game to differentiate yourself. 

Anybody who pre registered for the game will receive unique rewards as well. A unique nameplate, Kudos which is a currency used in game, a costume, emote and a pattern. 

Source: Official YouTube Announcement/Release

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