The Last Of Us 2 Coming February 2020?

The Last Of Us 2 may be coming in early 2020. A Chinese forum post suggest a February release date, corroborating a rumour that started with a slipped comment from a voice actress connected to the game. Could an official release date be just around the corner?
The Last Of Us 2 Coming February 2020?

The Last Of Us 2 Coming February 2020?

The highly anticipated sequel to Naughty Dog’s 2013 masterpiece may be here sooner than initially believed, if a post on the Chinese gaming forum A9VG is anything to go by. A forum poster by the name of ZhugeEX stated that The Last Of Us 2 would be coming in February 2020, adding that four versions of the game would be available; a standard edition, a special edition, a collector’s edition and an Ellie edition (presumably the most expensive edition). 

Although ZhugeEX doesn’t add any additional information as far as what each edition would contain, it’s safe to presume that a season pass, art book and perhaps some kind of statue for the collectors and Ellie edition, would be included. This isn’t the first time February has been suggested as a release date. In a recent interview with Ashley Johnson (Ellie’s voice actress) she had a slight Freudian slip, saying:

I think it’s coming out in Fe…

She’s quickly interrupted, but rumours spread like wildfire in the gaming industry, especially when the rumour comes from the mouth of someone who worked on the game. A February release date isn’t impossible. Death Stranding is coming out November 8th 2019, therefore giving gamers a few months to enjoy Death Stranding before February. The next-gen consoles are also coming next year, meaning that Sony has three exclusive to release in-between November 2019 & late Summer 2020. February is beginning to look very likely. 

The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

The Last Of Us 2 may be closer to release than we thought but If you happened to miss the original, you can pick it up for £15.99 on the PlayStation store.

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