The Last Of Us Part II – 100% Complete Trophies List (PS4)

Prepare yourself for the most anticipated game of 2020, with our essential The Last of Us Part II trophies list. Join an older, more world-weary Ellie as she ventures into the wilds of the post-pandemic Pacific Northwest. The world might be in ruins, but your completion streak doesn't have to be.

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To help you achieve 100% completion in this unmissable sequel, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of every The Last of Us Part II trophies. Our list includes everything you need to know about the game’s 26 trophies and how to unlock them

Keep in mind that some unlock requirements contain story spoilers; Read at your discretion.

The Last Of Us Part II Trophies List 

Trophy TitleUnlock Requirement 
Every Last One of ThemCollect all trophies
What I Had To DoConclude the story 
Survival Expert Learn all player skills
Arms MasterFully upgrade all weapons 
Archivist Find all the artefacts and journal entries 
Master SetFind all the cards
Numismatist Find all coins 
Prepared For The Worst Find all workbenches
Mechanicist Fully upgrade a weapon 
Specialist Learn a player upgrades on one bench 
Safecrackers Unlock all safes 
SightseerVisit all downtown Seattle locations 
Journeyman Find all training manuals 
Survival Training Learn 25 skills
High CaliberFind all the weapons 
In The FieldFind 12 workbenches
Tools of the TradeManufacture all the items
TinkerUpgrade a weapon
Basic Kit Find 5 collectable cards
Apprentice Learn a player upgrade
Mint Condition Find 5 coins
Put My Name UpEarn the high score in the archery game
Relic of the SagesFind the strange Artifact 
So Great and Small Find the Engraved Ring
Looks Good on YouPut a hat on your companion 
Sharpshooter Win the marksmanship competition 

Good Luck, Completionists!

There you go! We hope this The Last of Us Part II trophies list helps you get the most out of this once in a generation experience. For those with completion on their mind, this doesn’t seem like a difficult game to 100%. A lot of collectable centric trophies, with some upgrade and skill-focused ones.

The Last of Us Part II - Official Launch Trailer | PS4

  The Last of Us Part II is available physically and digitally on PS4.   

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