9 Reasons Why The Last Of Us II May Be The Game Of The Generation

Today, we will look at the reasons as to why The Last Of Us Part II is indeed, one of the best games ever made, and possibly the game of the generation. Needless to say, the public reception has been decidedly mixed. Professionals think this is the best game ever, whereas some gamers are unimpressed. Here are many in-depth reasons as to why TLOU2 could be GOTG, strap yourselves in.

9 Reasons Why The Last Of Us II Is Maybe The Game Of The Generation Cover

Naughty Dog haven’t worked so hard over the last few years to create The Last Of Us Part II just to be hounded from every side. From user review bombing the game mere hours after its official release, to issuing appalling death threats to Laura Bailey for her character, not her portrayal, but her character for crying out loud. I’ve seen people giving this game a 6, a 5, and laughably a 0. If someone can play this game and honestly believe that for one second that this game is THAT broken…then credibility becomes a serious issue in the gaming community. Instead of a logical tirade of condemnation for this exaggerated backlash, we’ll get straight into the bulk of this article. 9 reasons why TLOU2 is maybe the game of the generation. 

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The Last Of Us Part II is now available to buy exclusively on PS4.


1. Neil Druckmann’s Pulp Friction

So, it’s no secret that the overwhelming point of contention for TLOU2 is the story. One of the puzzling conclusions that many people have drawn, is that its structure and chronology is all over the place. As I was playing the game, I was drawn to each flashback. Now yes, flashbacks within flashbacks does become a bit meta, but this is all done to explain the story and provide the player with every bit of information possible. These criticisms just confuse me. Have people become so accustomed to modern day hand-holding in games? Why does everything have to be as linear as a Call of Duty campaign?

The story for Pulp Fiction is less A-B, and more F-A-C-B-E-D.

The story for Pulp Fiction is less A-B, and more F-A-C-B-E-D.

All I could think whilst playing was that this was a great use of the classic Quentin Tarantino narrative structure, or Alejandro González Iñárritu’s, Amores perros. Multiple stories all intertwining and slowly revealing key plot points that ties everything together. If you haven’t watched Pulp Fiction, The Hateful Eight, or one of several Tarantino films, then I can maybe understand why this ‘loose’ story would feel like an aberration. 

Ellie’s flashbacks slowly piece together the relationship dissolution between Ellie and Joel, you get the highs of the Space Museum, and then the crushing lows of Joel’s confession. Abby’s flashbacks are intriguing because they slowly show the transformation from public enemy number one, to sympathetic figure. The story is a deliberate slow-burner and keeps you guessing throughout. Tick.

2. The Game Isn’t 30 Hours Of Depression

Ellie and Joel’s space journey. Abby and Lev’s bonding. Ellie and Dina enjoying each other’s company. Abby and Owen’s aquarium adventure. The Snowball fight. There are plenty of moments of respite in TLOU2, and enough moments of brief happiness to ensure the game isn’t a constant slog of sadness. People have cited the dark, negative moments of the game and attributed them to a full journey of death and misery. And it’s not. At all. It is if you think of it that way. 

This is a truly heartwarming section of the game.

This is a truly heartwarming section of the game.

The first game featured more bubbly moments because of the ignorance of youth of Ellie. Whilst a more mature 14-year-old than most, she yearned for dumb jokes, shared our internal craving for video games, and occasionally petted giraffes. Now she’s consumed by hate and loss. As we mentioned in our The Last Of Us Part II Review, “she goes on a path of revenge”. This isn’t supposed to the feelgood tale of the year. But Naughty Dog knew to balance this out with those brief moments of tranquility and remind you to crack a smile every once in a while. This isn’t supposed to be a comedy, it’s a deep and rewarding drama.

3. It’s Realistic

Unlike the Hollywood theatrics of Naughty Dog’s legendary Uncharted franchise, the somewhat dystopian world of TLOU2 is a brutal and savage beast severed by the catastrophic effects of a deadly infection. Once again, this isn’t supposed to be a happy place! It’s full of dangers and death at every given moment. Suspension of disbelief is one thing, but every platform that Nathan Drake so much as breathes on breaks and nearly kills him. We don’t need that with TLOU2. 

Nathan Drake Breaking Everything (Uncharted Animation)

Joel dies because of a rookie mistake through trusting strangers – something he’s always avoided. Sometimes in life, it’s just that simple. A momentary lapse in concentration. One factor determines whether you live or die. There can’t always be a scripted Superman to come to the rescue. Jesse dies because he bursts through a door, with hurried footsteps loud enough to hear a continent away, and he gets a bullet in the brain. The same way enemies do when Ellie or Abby are in the heat of conflict. It’s completely natural. 

Again, this thought process kept me on my toes. Joel’s death means that the aura of invincibility does not exist in this world, as it shouldn’t. NO ONE is safe. And his death is not for nothing as it sets up the game, and makes us more determined to find out why this happened. It’s as realistic as obliterating an enemies head with a hunting rifle. It’s no accident that heads explode into watermelon-size chunks and spray misty, red juice. Naughty Dog have worked meticulously to make sure that happens, why? Because it’s realistic. Look at the game holistically, this is how things should be, the fear of danger, 24/7.

Hiding = Safe

Hiding = Safe

Furthermore, humanizing every person – and even the dogs – is an absolute masterstroke. Hearing the gut-wrenching anguish of the enemy screaming out the name of their fallen comrade. It’s engaging and personable. Every kill has substance, and every action has a reaction. Every incremental increase to the body-count signifies that you’re one step closer to safety. I’ve never known this in a game before.

4. Maxing Out The PS4

If TLOU2 hasn’t maxed out the PS4/PS4 Pro and pumped out every last drop of power, then I’d be stunned. My playtime was artificially extended by another hour just from admiring the environments. From the lush grass to the gorgeous sun rays burning through voluminous forests – The Last Of Us Part II is arguably the most visually impressive game ever created.


It’s worth the price of admission alone, in my opinion. The facial animations are highly-detailed and dynamic too. Did you know that when you’re crossing the walkway between buildings, with Abby, her face actually resembles Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”? It perfectly encapsulates her fear of heights and this is just one example of the effort and level of detail in this game. Furthermore, it conveys more emotion and shows the vulnerability of Abby, showing she’s not an impenetrable warrior.

An artist's rendition of Abby

An artist’s rendition of Abby.

It does become another clear sign of people’s priorities with this game when these finer, objective details are overlooked in favour of subjective plot points. One of my favourite YouTubers – AngryJoeShow – is known for his reviews of games. In his 49-minute Angry Review, it took him until the 36th minute to finally start breaking down the graphics and gameplay. Who cares how exquisite Abby’s character model is, she killed Joel, she’s buff, and I forgot to mention…she killed Joel.

The Last of Us Part II - Angry Review

5. It’s 2 Games in 1!

Absolutely no one wanted TLOU2 less than I did. I have finished the first game seven times and I have platinumed it on the PS3 and PS4. I adored it. But I didn’t want a second one as I felt the first game was perfect. However, when I found out we were getting a sequel, not for one second did I expect it to be more than double the length of the first game. It’s obviously one of the main reasons it took Naughty Dog longer than people anticipated to make. It’s literally a full Ellie game, with a bonus full-length Abby game thrown into the mix. For the same price, you literally get two, new Naughty Dog games in one package. But this is apparently a bad thing to some people? Even more stunning gameplay and even more spectacular set-pieces.

I said LESS content.

I said LESS content.

NB: Contrary to popular belief, no one on this website has received anything from Naughty Dog regarding our review, guides or opinion pieces. I am not trying to blow smoke up ND’s keister in the hope of landing myself a signed Sully cigar. I just don’t see how this can be construed as anything but a positive. In a day and age where some games are over before they even begin, TLOU2 gives you plenty of high-quality content for you to sink your chompers in to.

6. The Gameplay Just Clicks

One of the underplayed criticisms of the first game was the combat. It always felt punchy and brutal, but it perhaps had some limitations? TLOU2 absolutely nails it this time. It may seem silly and trivial in 2020, but the addition of a jump button, the ability to go prone, a dodge button, and open battlefields make for a new experience every single time. These bare-basics additions have revolutionized the gameplay and provided limitless ways to approach each encounter. It’s also quite incredible how incorporating sniffer/attack dogs can also drastically usurp your default mindset as you’ll need to alter the way you play, lest they guzzle your scent and make you their lunch. Also, the A.I tactically tries to flank you and outmaneuver you, especially when they’ve identified your need to reload. I’d say that’s ingenious A.I personally.

THE LAST OF US 2 - Brutal & Epic Combat Gameplay Compilation Vol.1

I haven’t seen anywhere near-enough praise for how intuitive and exciting the gameplay is. But we know why, and I won’t repeat it as I’m in danger of sounding like a record that’s been broken, eaten and regurgitated at this point. New types of infected, puzzles, fun collectibles (a rarity in games), and a whole variety of weapons, gadgets, and gizmos. This is genuinely as good as gameplay gets in my opinion.

7. Abby

As I’ve gotten older, and there are so many games on my radar now, I’ve neglected to find out every piece of information possible about every game. I knew very little about Abby, as most of us did. I can’t even remember seeing her in the pre-release trailers in all honesty. She may have been, but that’s how much I abstained.

Want to know a secret? She’s not the antagonist of this game. Want to know another secret? I had just as much sympathy for her by the end of the game – maybe a bit more – as I did for Ellie. A mature game like this is intended for a mature audience. A mature audience should understand that if we’re going to control Abby for half of the game, after what she did, then there’s obviously a damn good reason for it. That reason? Because her story is just as harrowing. Ellie and Joel have pretty much killed anyone Abby cared for. Who cares if she could go 5 rounds in the octagon with Brock Lesnar, she has emotions and feelings – just like the rest of us. 



Don’t get me wrong, Joel’s death shook me to my very core. I cried for 5 minutes, and couldn’t play the game for a further 10. It was such a shock to the system that I imploded. But for some much-needed perspective here, Joel murdered Abby’s father in cold blood. Joel wasn’t a saint, he was a self-professed hunter in the early-infection days, he denied the world a potential cure, and also killed Marlene too. Joel had it coming. Not only that, but Abby had to see Manny and Yara die. And also had to stumble across the deceased bodies of her childhood best-friend/lover, and her friend Mel too. If that wasn’t enough, she let Ellie live. Twice.

Her story, characteristics, and gameplay (my god punching infected to death is fun) was such a joy too. If you DON’T sympathize with Abby by the end of the game, then maybe you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, why? 

Do you REALLY have no sympathy for Abby?

Do you REALLY have no sympathy for Abby?

P.S She’s buff because the stadium she lived at had a massive gym. Why wouldn’t you want to be physically strong to survive in their world? Survival of the fittest. There you go.

8. Satisfying Ending

Ellie gains some much-needed humility. So consumed by the death of Joel, she throws away everything to kill Abby. Everything. It clearly sinks in that Abby isn’t a bad person. Letting Ellie live, seeing Abby’s bond with Lev, the fact that Abby doesn’t want to fight at the game’s climax etc. All these little details add up to a clear answer – Ellie gains humility. Contemplating life whilst being unable to play her guitar, I did wonder if a gunshot to the head was about to happen. But no. 

Poignant but perfect.

Poignant but perfect.

Joel is behind her, Dina is behind her, Tommy is behind her. Everything is behind her. Ellie is no longer humanity’s savior. She’s just another cattle in the herd. If there is one final chapter to come, then I’d rather control Abby or Tommy. Ellie’s adventure feels complete. Not everything needs to end with a euphoric feeling of catharsis. It wouldn’t have been fair. I also don’t recall the first game’s ending causing this much chagrin.

For further perspective, check out a fellow writer’s piece on Why The Last Of Us Part II’s Ending Was Perfect.

9. Minimum 8 Out Of 10

Anyone that thinks this game is anything less than an 8 is just attention-seeking I’m afraid. As I mentioned at the start of this article, a game with this much technical polish, optimized gameplay, and so many key moments and characters does not warrant such a transparent score. The killing of a main character and the compulsory use of their killer just doesn’t knock that many points off of a overall game’s score. It just doesn’t.

Don't conform.

Don’t conform.

The back-and-forth dialogue between characters, the flashbacks to explain everything. It’s delivered in such a clear and concise way that I once again have to question the people actually playing this game. I can understand a film receiving a lesser score for a bad story, but games are comprised of many more elements that you have to systematically breakdown.

The Last Of Us Part II is no exception. It is absolutely incredible and when we do finally look back on the legacy of the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch – Naughty Dog has given many reasons as to why TLOU2 should be mentioned in the game of the generation discussion.

The Last of Us Part 2 - Official Story Trailer


  1. Thank you for your view point. I agree with you but for the people who don’t, that’s fine too.
    Not every game can be everyone’s cup of tea.
    At least no one can say this game was not emotional. Wether you’re upset and angry, saddened or confused or happy and joyous, it’s incredible how we are talking about a videogame doing this to us as Hollywood does with movies.

  2. Pathetic, it’s not a satisfying ending, r u restarted?

  3. I really hope you come around to reply to this comment. This game has been in my mind ever since the leaks came out. My curiosity got the better of me and seeing all the hate and anger surrounding the leaks, I was obviously disappointed. Like everyone who cares enough about this series, TLOU1 is all time favourite game. Just everything about it is great. But me being conflicted about the hate, I didnt come around to playing the game until 5 months after release. I thought some time off will allow to me to play it with an open mind, no preconceived notions that the game will be bad or anything. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I didn’t like it as much as 1.

    I really really want to love this game. Turn over into a non toxic environment. ND has truly done something extraordinary. I, very stupidly I feel, keep having conflicted thoughts about the game like most of the complaints can easily be countered. Like you said, the game is very logical and everything that happens make sense.

    I wish I could have played this game Day 1, no leaks. Fuck, I wish the leaks never happened. Life would be much better if none of this happened. I would have played it Day 1 no matter what, no need to fall for the review bombing metacritic reviews. Just perfection all round. I truly wish the leaks never happened. Everything would be so much better. Hopefully a playthrough will change my mind.

    Then again, it feels very weird to just change suddenly like this. I’ve spent so much time understanding both sides, the hate and the love for the game and I’ve been more on the hate side until I realised the hate made no sense. Its an odd feeling to suddenly start loving the game for what it is. I can’t even tell if its a good thing or bad thing to turnover like this. Really weird feeling.

  4. It clearly sinks in that Abby isn’t a bad person

    Uh what. Every single encounter Ellie has with Abby ends up with at least one of her friends or family being killed or severely maimed.

  5. How often as a gamer do you get to see both sides of a conflict? How often do you get to play both sides of a conflict? It’s a brilliant story, one I was a bit hesitant to play after all the negative reviews, but I am sooo glad I did. Better than the first and how about that Rat King?

  6. A great article and I couldn’t agree more. I just finished this game today and had been playing non-stop for 4 days. It really captivated me! I love it and understand why it get’s the game of the year award!

    Ps: So coincidental that you mention Angry Joe’s review. That was exactly the reason for me to research more about the hate this game gets.

  7. I have played hundreds of games during decades and still I do not consider myself an video games expert… But in my humble opinion, I really think THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OF THE GENERATION. I am glad there are still people out there who can appreciate a good product. I only hope that Naughty Dog does not regret the effort made because I would love to see more games in this direction in the future.

  8. Great article, it’s everything I felt put into words. I’ve never reviewed a game but I couldn’t sit back reading a bunch of 1 star reviews on Amazon. This game and story is a masterpiece.

    It’s amazing how ND came up with a better game than the first one. The long wait was worth it hands down.

    A lot of emotional roller coaster throughout the game; got me fully invested in the characters which translate to phenomenal writing. Joel brutally killed early in the game was unreal. The spaceship blast off scene was so warm and beautiful; probably one of the greatest moment for Joel to witness. To the ugliest scene at the end where Ellie cut Abby up…I almost didn’t finish the game because I didn’t want Ellie to kill Abby.

    I agree, this is a complete journey for Ellie and I hope she would find Dina, slow down and enjoy life. What a masterpiece!!!

  9. I hated this game at first. Like everyone else, I fell in love with TLOU and was heartbroken when Joel was killed. I had to stop playing for a day, and when I picked it back up again, found out I had to play as Joel’s killer, I put it down again. Fortunately the lure of finding out what happens next drove me back to finish the story. By the end, I felt more sympathy for Abby than I thought possible. I almost resented Ellie for continuing the vendetta after being let live twice… but i understand she had to finish Joel’s story one way or the other by killing Abby or being killed herself. I dont know if I love this story as much as the first, but it is compelling, beautifully designed, and different than most other Hero vs Villian plots. Definitely 8 out of 10 from me!

  10. Great article. I agree with most of what you said, but at the same time I do understand people who just wanted another Joel and Ellie story throughout the whole game.

  11. This is absolutely game of the generation … don’t care what anyone says … I’m 40 years old and I cosplayed as Joel and my daughter as Ellie 5 years ago … I not only lived Joel but I related deeply with him and I never thought I’d love a game as much as TLOU. Then along cane part 2 … it surpassed 1 for me. I also related to Abby , I’m ex military and I’ve made a job of working out my entire life to be able to be strong to undergo stressful situation in the Army. Also my daughter is gay. This game had me at such heights emotionally I can’t recall ANY piece of media that did that for me the way this game did. Joel was bound to die … Joel knee it too.

    I cannot wait to play as Abby in a 3rd installment and seek out Ellie and / or play as Ellie and seek out the fireflies … cause at the end of the day the original plot was to get Ellie to the fireflies to find a cure because she is IMMUNE … this is a zombie/infected story at its core with some of the most incredible character sub plots I’ve seen in any media.

    This game is groundbreaking and the trailblazer for future games to tell compelling stories of the highest magnitude… bar none.

    Enough of the non sense already

  12. Yeah, I believe TLOU2 might be a GOTY as long as they keep spending a lot of advertising fees to the critics for ignoring the bad screenwriting skills and their discrimination against Asian people.

    People disliked this game for reasons, and it’s not just following the herd. Hope you could understand it.

    • Whut!? Which game did you play??? Multiple side characters are Asians and are strong and human. Or was that 1 joke that Jessie made abou Ellie “not being into Asians” your trigger?

      Btw I’m Asian myself.

  13. Ironic that this article tries to depict anyone who has rated the game lower than an 8 as individuals who are “just attention-seeking” and even has a picture saying “Don’t just follow the herd” when “professional” critics in general seem to be doing both things! Sounds like projection to me.
    Look, I agree that the game is not worthy of a zero thanks to the technical aspects alone. But, given the concerns with how the story and characters were executed, a game as divisive as this isn’t worthy being “game of the generation”. That, in my opinion, should be reserved for titles that both critics and gamers enjoyed.

  14. Well it’s a good thing this article wasn’t riddled with tons of hyperbole or it might have been difficult to take seriously.


    • By hyperbole, you mean highly-detailed points explaining, and trying to usurp, common misconceptions about a fantastic game?

      I think you need to look-up the word “hyperbole”.

  15. You clearly have not played many video games or are just woefully ignorant about other games which have better stories and better gameplay. I sincerely hope you wrote this just to generate clicks and dont actually believe what you wrote, for if you did, this is just another example of idiocy run rampant

    • I’ve probably played more games than you know of games. Let’s not play THAT childish game. I’ve played all manner of games in this generation alone. If you’re one of the sheep that think this is the worst game ever, well, that’s your opinion. The same boring, misguided, and conformative opinion that is making a mockery of the gaming community right now.

      Did I say it was THE game of the generation? Nope. Is it MY game of the generation. Probably not. That honour probably goes to The Witcher 3.

      But thanks for the click anyway Joel. Apt name for the post. 😉

      • This game is a masterpiece, I’m amazed by how many people literally can’t grasp the magic of this game. I agree with your article, good to know there are people out there who understood this game.

      • Thank you, I appreciate that.

      • Your title literally says ”THE game of the generation”. And why do you belittle people’s opinions about the game. These aren’t ”sheeps” as you so boldly claim. We just have our own opinion about the game just as you do. Honestly you have the most unprofessional way of handling viewers. Enjoy those clicks if that is what makes you happy, but that does not change how your behavior is utter garbage.

      • I’m happy to see I was not the only one finding this author severely delusional.

      • Do you know what preceded “THE game of the generation”? “May be”. Just read, it’s not difficult…

        As for “belittling” as you so bodly claim, I feel this way about most people’s reactions to games, but 99 times out of a 100 I just let it go. I fully believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to believe for a second that this game is average, or less-than average (I mean, we’re talking about the idiots putting 0 out of 10), then…I can’t put it into words. Well I can actually, 9 detailed points. I’ve read numerous comments supporting my comments. If you disagree, that’s your perogative.

        Have a nice day.

      • May be the game of the generation does not equal MY game of the generation, my equals my game of the generation. Words mean things, and word choice matters. For someone that makes a living off writing to either not have basic reading comprehension or to blindly defend their clickbait title while deluding themselves is just sad.
        Look I don’t call you a horrible person like others have. You make a living through foot traffic to your site/article so the clickbait is fine. Furthermore, I understand that as a game reviewer you have to take certain positions and have certain opinions in the modern community to continue to make a living or get opportunities due to a growing societal/community trend in western culture of stunted emotional development. A growing number of people can’t handle disagreement with their opinion, Many vocal people are unable to understand that their own feelings or perception of something is not the only one while vilifying others or denying their opinions or feelings as real.

        The demand for conformity to one person’s opinion, or to be right, is tearing our culture and politics apart. I wish people would understand that it is ok not to agree with everything someone says or that others might not agree with everything you have to say. Every person is unique.

    • name a better game


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