Laura Bailey Receives Death Threats Over Her Role In The Last Of Us Part II

Laura Bailey, who voices Abby in The Last of Us Part II, has been receiving death threats. Some of the death threats are directed towards her family too. The disturbing messages are fueled by hate for Abby due her actions and the impact they have on The Last of Us Part II's story. Some light spoilers are contained in this article.

Abby hanging.

Warning: Some spoilers are detailed in this article.

Since its release, for better or worse, The Last of Us Part II has been the center of attention. Many gamers and critics have commended the game for its depiction of a post-apocalyptic Seattle with flooded streets and foliage growing on once populated buildings. There has also been considerable praise for the intense gameplay that has players switching between stealth and aggressive play in environments wide enough to fool you into thinking you are in an open-world game. However, there has also been much criticism of The Last of Us Part II‘s story which did not resonate with all gamers. This has culminated in numerous death threats being sent to Laura Bailey who voice acts in The Last of Us Part II.

It is not entirely unexpected that Laura Bailey would receive the scorn of fans who were disappointed in The Last of Us‘s sequel. She voices Abby, a character who is the driving force for much of the hate the game has received. Abby’s father is an animal-loving surgeon who works for the Fireflies. When her father is killed, she goes on a quest for revenge. However, achieving her goals results in her crossing paths with Ellie and taking something from her which she dearly loves.

Laura Bailey and her husband.

Laura Bailey and her husband.

Although many resent the actions Abby takes, The Last of Us Part II attempts to put players in her shoes and empathize with her perspective. For some, unfortunately, the actions of a fictional character are unforgivable, and they have taken to venting their frustrations towards those involved in the making of the game.

On the 04th of July 2020, Laura Bailey posted a tweet containing an image of some of the many death threats she has received since The Last of Us Part II‘s release. Several of the vile messages directly reference Abby. Disturbingly, some of the death threats have been hurled towards her family too, including her child.

Laura Bailey has had a long voice acting career with video game roles that include Saint’s Row IV, Infamous First Light and 2018’s Spider-Man.

With a game as popular as The Last of Us Part II, it is inevitable that it will attract all manner of people. The mark of a good piece of art is its ability to elicit strong emotions. As such, the heated discussion surrounding The Last of Us Part II, good and bad, could be interpreted as being quite complimentary to the game. However, invective and death threats should never be part of normal discourse within the gaming community.

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