The Last of Us Part II: Beginners Tips to Get You Started

Trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us Part II can be a bit of a challenge. But we have a few beginners tips and tricks to help you get started before you set off on your journey in one of this generation's most critically acclaimed games.

The Last of Us Part II - Scars

The Last of Us Part II is hitting the PlayStation 4 around the world, and this excellent game from Naughty Dog has a lot to offer as you explore the many dangerous locations. To help you get started, here are a few beginners tips and tricks to make things a bit easier:

Accessibility options

Before you jump into the game, check out the accessibility options under the settings menu. The Last of Us Part II has the best difficulty and accessibility settings we’ve seen in a triple-A release. You can toggle more than 60 options to help adjust the game to your needs. This ranges from vision, hearing, and motor accessibility settings that can benefit many players. You can tweak the lock-on aim sensitivity, awareness indicators for stealth, enable colorblind modes, or even switch on a collectible tracker for all you trophy hunters.


There is a lot to see in The Last of Us Part II. Exploring off the main path means you will find more resources that will allow you to craft items and upgrade your weapons. Sometimes you will also come across a new weapon that you haven’t discovered before. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the world as you uncover notes left by others.


While progressing through the game, you can come across various locked safes that contain useful items and resources. Generally, the combination will be somewhere nearby in the level. It could be written on a note, or somewhere in the environment – you will have to keep an eye out for them.

However, there is another way to get into the safes. Each time you turn the dial on the safe, you can hear an audible click sound. When you land on the correct number for that specific section of the combination, you will hear a click that sounds different from the others. Lock this in and then move on to the next section. After you’ve done this two more times, you can get the full combination without having to search for it.

The Last of Us Part II - Ellie

Ellie in The Last of Us Part II

Upgrade melee weapons

One of the most useful tools to help you survive can be found all around the environment. Melee weapons can save you a lot from the dangerous enemies you come across. But its when you upgrade them that they become extremely powerful. Players can spend resources to modify melee weapons, which will make them more durable and do significantly more damage. Always try to carry a modified melee weapon to help you in tricky situations.

Use Your Crafting Materials

There are a lot of resources out in the world you will find while exploring. If you notice that you are full on a particular crafting material when you come across another, see if you can use it to craft an item you don’t have – or upgrade your melee weapon (See tip above!). It’s better to craft items and have them with you, rather than leaving materials behind and left unused.

Glass Windows Won’t Stop You

Glass windows play an especially important part of the exploration in The Last of Us Part II. If you find yourself trying to get into a location, but cannot exactly figure out how to, see if there are any windows around. Just because some doors are boarded up does not mean you can’t get in another way. Smash a few windows and try to get creative.

Seattle street in The Last of Us Part II

Seattle street in The Last of Us Part II

Bricks and bottles

Always have a brick or bottle handy in your inventory; they can be useful in many ways. If you throw them at an enemy, you can quickly stun your opponent while you make your escape, or even attempt to hit them with a finishing blow from your melee weapon. If a dog is on your trail and following your scent, a brick or bottle will distract them away from your location.

These items can also be used to start fights between different types of enemies. If you find yourself in a situation with infected nearby along with other humans, use either a brick or bottle to start a battle between the two – as you sit back and watch, think about some of the resources you might have just saved.

Go prone

If you are in a stealth situation and have someone heading your way, but do not have any cover to hide behind, you can use the tall grass to hide yourself in. Go prone and crawl around. People can get very close to you without noticing, so use this to your advantage as much as you can. Sometimes there are also objects within the environment that you can crawl under – keep an eye out for these.

Run away

Do not worry if you are spotted by an enemy. If you do not think you can currently fight your way out of the situation, then just run away and try to hide. Another opportunity might present itself while they are trying to search for you. If you do find yourself in an unexpected gunfight, but that isn’t really your style, then The Last of Us Part II has a decent save system and allows the player to restart at a checkpoint, or even the entire encounter.

The Last of Us Part II - Official Launch Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II is available worldwide June 19 on PlayStation 4.

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