The Last of Us Part 2 Now Has the Most GOTY Awards in History

The Last of Us Part 2 snags more GOTY awards than any other game, beating out The Witcher 3's 260 winnings. Naughty Dog's latest release has been praised for its narrative, character development, and accessibility, among other accolades.

The Last of Us Part 2 Now Has the Most GOTY Awards in History

Despite its divisive plot points and character arcs, The Last of Us Part 2 has earned the most GOTY awards in history. It now has 261, with that number being divided up by 169 from media outlets and 92 from Readers’ Choice. 

The previous record-holder was 2015’s The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red’s third and currently final entry in the fantasy series raked in 260 awards. That number is split, with 172 being from media outlets and 88 from readers.

The biggest award ceremony in the games industry comes from Geoff Keighley’s years Game Awards show. Despite the pandemic, the host continued onward with plenty of special guests like Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, and Inception director Christopher Nolan. The Last of Us Part 2 not only won GOTY, but it took home seven other awards out of its 10 nominations. The other trophies Naughty Dog got to take home included Best Action/Adventure, Innovation in Accessibility, for Best Performance Ashley Johnson was nominated for her second outing as Ellie, and Laura Bailey winning for her performance as Abby, Best Audio Design, Best Art Direction, Best Narrative, and Best Game Direction.

While it was initially reported earlier this month when the number of GOTY awards went up past 200, Naughty Dog has had more than accolades that hold this game in high regard.  In its opening weekend alone, 4 million copies were sold, making it the third highest-grossing PlayStation game in the United States.

A hostile response surged right before its launch as a major plot point leaked and was divisive amongst its fans. Developers and cast members received death threats over these fictional events and characters. When reviews came out with high numbers, that toxicity was aimed at critics; like my own review, I wrote the week after release. 

What do you think of The Last of Us Part 2 owning more GOTY awards than any other game in history? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Of course it does. Corporate game journalists are a disgusting echo chamber of liars and vermin. They decided to vote for a game most of them didnt even play — many dont play games at all — because they thought it was some victory over actual gamers….which of course it was not. Its like choosing a GOTY because, in it, your favorite football team wins the Super Bowl. Its selfish and myopic — like many game journalists.

    All they really did was delegitimize GOTY awards and put another nail in the coffin of big Californian companies running game journalism.

    Now, winning a GOTY award, is as likely to mean your game sucks but is being rewarded for being radically left wing or communist in its politics, as being great. Thats the stigma attached to anything the activists posing as game journalists, champion, at this point.

    Oh, and TLOU2 is a far inferior version of TLOU, with shock value replacing thoughtful story telling. Its lazy and obvious. TLOU2 has got the depth of a bad, early 2000’s, emo band. History will not be kind to it….if its remembered at all.

    Not to mention….Ghost of Tsushima is far beyond superior, in every possible category. Its offensive to compare the 2 games. One is a triumph of narrative, world building, and cultural expression….and the other has repulsive, unnecessary sex scenes, and slasher B movie violence.

    Gaming awards are now exactly as vapid, masturbatory, and elitist as movie awards. Yay.


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