The Last Of Us Part II Becomes Brazil’s Highest Ever Pre-Ordered Playstation Game

Playstation fans in Brazil have been making it shown how much they're looking forward to The Last of Us Part II by making it the country's highest pre-ordered game in Playstation history. Many were concerned about the sales of Naughty Dog's latest title, but pre-order numbers over this past week have helped ease those fears.

The Last Of Us Part II Becomes Brazil's Highest Ever Pre-Ordered Playstation Game

Naughty Dog hasn’t had much luck this year. The Last of Us Part II has suffered from massive leaks, reports of poor working conditions, a ban in the Middle East, and have even come under fire for allegedly stealing a song from artist Lotte Kestner in its latest commercial trailer. It’s pretty safe to say that the run-up to launch has been anything but smooth. However, it turns out all the controversy hasn’t dissuaded fans from pre-ordering in their millions. A recent article from IGN Brasil has stated that the game has become Brazil’s highest-ever pre-ordered game in PlayStation history.

It needs a bit of translating, but the outlet reports that the game has the largest pre-sales of any PlayStation game “in the history of the country,” surpassing God of War as a result. Whether or not this translates to similarly impressive global sales, only time will tell. Sony’s Jim Ryan stated in an interview with CNET that the leaks hadn’t affected pre-order sales. We’ll be able to see the damage, if any, once the game releases on June 19th. Until then, let’s hope the company doesn’t get into any more trouble.

The Last of Us Part II is currently available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store.

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