Last of Us Part 2 Accused of Stealing Song

The Last of Us 2 has been accused by artist Lotte Kestner of stealing parts of her cover of True Faith in their latest trailer. Fell free to listen for yourself. This is just the latest incident in Naughty Dog's struggles in getting The Last of Us 2 Launched. From game delays to hacking, the experience has been anything but easy for one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Last of Us Part 2 accused of stealing song

The Last of Us Part 2 has had a rough go of things as of late. Its team was forced to delay the game multiple times, hackers leaked the story, and now an artist has accused Naughty Dog of stealing their song.

Lotte Kestner posted to twitter, saying her cover of the song True Faith (originally made by New Order) was at least partially copied by Naughty Dog in the latest Last of Us Part 2 TV spot. 

She said the following in a now-deleted tweet.

@Neil_Druckmann @Naughty_Dog hey are you aware that the true faith cover you put in your last of us 2 trailer is a replica of my cover that came out 10 yrs ago? I wrote original parts not in the original song that are copied exactly by whoever covered it. I am heartbroken.

Musicians have been claiming others stole their work for as long as music has existed. But it can be difficult to prove in court. The fact she covered the song from New Order makes it even more tricky.

Kestner’s full cover is on her Bandcamp, but you can listen to the trailer down below. The moments of similarity that people pointed out are at the 3:30 mark for Kestner’s song and 45 seconds into the trailer. There is no humming in the original version. 

The Last of Us Part 2 will be out June 19 only on PlayStation.

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