The Last of Us Part II ‘Will Run On The PS5’

Fans have been speculating about everything to do with the upcoming PS5, from games to hardware. In recent weeks backwards compatibility has become more of a hot topic especially in regards to the clouded messaging from Sony. Thankfully, Jim Ryan has helped clear the air on whether or not one of the PS4's flagship titles, The Last of Us Part II, coming to PS5.

the last of us part ii cover

In a recent interview with CNET, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan spoke about the upcoming PS5 launch as well as a The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. Most of the interview was reiteration on PlayStation’s statements over the last few months regarding next-gen; however, one interesting tidbit that Ryan spoke on came in the form of confirmation for the highly-anticipated title making its way on to the next-gen console.

Speculation and theories have been swarming around the PS5’s unclear vision of backwards compatibility in recent weeks. Beginning with Mark Cerny’s tech reveal back in March of this year, fans haven’t been able to pin down exactly how backwards compatibility will work for the PS5.

We hope this’ll be a defining game for this generation, Ryan said of The Last of Us Part II. And though Sony hasn’t announced plans to offer a more visually rich version of the game for the PS5 when it launches, Ryan said the version launched in June will run on the PS5 without issue.

In the full CNET interview, Ryan offers his thoughts on the next few months leading up to the launch of the PS5.  While the PlayStation CEO confirmed The Last of Us Part II coming to PS5, he offered no info on the other summer title,  Ghost of Tsushima.

The Last of Us Part II - Inside the Details | PS4

PlayStation recently showed off a brand new State of Play focused entirely on The Last of Us Part II. The State of Play showed off a deeper look at some new gameplay features, such as the new workbench and crafting system. The event also offered fans a look inside the studio and how Neil Druckmann and his team are delving deeper than ever into the details of the upcoming title.

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