New Doom Eternal Trailer Released

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Doom Eternal titled "Official Trailer 2." In it, we get to see some gameplay and characters old and new making their way into the franchise, in this new title that does seem to be more heavily story-driven than the last. Along with the new trailer came the confirmation that the game will come for Google Stadia at the same time as PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Doom Eternal incentiveThe Stadia YouTube Channel has uploaded a second Doom Eternal trailer today, depicting an Earth in the year 2151, with a huge red pentagram carved on it. With the trailer, which includes a few adrenaline-filled gameplay scenes, we got a release date for the Stadia version, which unsurprisingly is the same as every other console: March 20th, 2020. While the Stadia channel is not the only one that uploaded the trailer, it’s worth mentioning because it confirms that Stadia is also on the line-up of platforms to have the game on day one.

DOOM Eternal - Official Trailer 2

After Doom Eternal‘s release date was delayed from November last year to March this year, a move that prompted Bethesda to start offering the classic Doom 64 with any pre-orders of Doom Eternalold and new fans of the franchise have been waiting on the edge of their seats for this new installment. Originally the platforms included for the new release date were PS4, XB1, and PC, with the Nintendo Switch having a release date for after that date, according to the original statement from last year regarding the delay. 

Now, however, the initial line-up of platforms that will have the game on its new release date includes the Google Stadia as well. No official announcement has been made so far regarding the Nintendo Switch date; all we know is that it is coming later on. 

Original delay announcement

Original delay announcement

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