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Doom Eternal: New Stunning DLC Screenshots Revealed

The Official Doom Twitter account has released two new images for their upcoming story DLC. After the cliffhanger ending of the main game, it is exciting to see where this new portion of the story may take us. And now, the toughest demons w...

Doom Slayer reloading the Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal (Credit: id Software)

Doom Eternal Breaks Franchise Record for Opening Sales

Doom Slayer will not let the coronavirus stop him. Doom Eternal released this past Friday and it immediately broke the record held for the best opening weekend for the franchise, which was previously held by the 2016 reboot. On top of that,...

Doom Slayer shooting demons in Doom Eternal (Credit: id Software)

Doom Eternal’s Soundtrack Arriving Late for Collector’s Edition Owners

The standalone soundtrack for Doom Eternal that was meant to come to owners of the already sold-out Collector's Edition will have to wait longer than expected. Bethesda announced the bonus in the CE bundle will get indefinitely delayed unti...

Doom: Eternal PC spes revealed

Doom: Eternal’s PC Specifications Revealed

Id Software has revealed the PC specs you'll need if you want to run Doom: Eternal. Gamers will need a beefy graphics card to play at max settings. The game releases March 20th for most major platforms, with a Switch port coming later this ...

Doom Slayer is slaying (Credit: id Software)

Doom Eternal: What We Know So Far

We have a little less than a month left until Doom Eternal arrives on our consoles and PCs. Before throwing money down if you haven't already, this is everything we know so far about Doom Eternal from its core gameplay loop to the continuat...

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Campaign Length to be Doubled Compared to its Predecessor

For fans wanting to dive back into killing demons with a heavy metal soundtrack to get your heart pumping, a recent interview reveals the length it will take to beat the story for the long-awaited sequel. Doubling the length from 11 hours t...

Doom Eternal

Is Doom Eternal Coming to Switch on March 20th?

Switch Slayers! Are you hyped by Doom Eternal yet? Don't get too excited too soon, as there is some information floating around that might make you believe that the game is coming for Switch at the same time as all the other platforms. Orig...

Doom Eternal incentive

New Doom Eternal Trailer Released

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Doom Eternal titled "Official Trailer 2." In it, we get to see some gameplay and characters old and new making their way into the franchise, in this new title that does seem to be more heavily story-d...

Doom: Eternal

Bethesda Reveals Beautiful Artwork For The DOOM: Eternal Steelbook Case

Bethesda has revealed the artwork that will adorn the steelbook case of DOOM: Eternal, coming with the collector's edition of the game. The collector's edition comes with plenty of cool stuff to interest any DOOM fan, including a wearable D...

DOOM Eternal Gets Release Date, New Multiplayer Mode, and More Gameplay Details

Rip and tear like never before. DOOM Eternal features the same brutal fast-paced gameplay that the series is known for while introducing tons of original content, including new mechanics, weapons, and an all-new competitive multiplayer mode...

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