Bethesda Reveals Beautiful Artwork For The DOOM: Eternal Steelbook Case

Bethesda has revealed the artwork that will adorn the steelbook case of DOOM: Eternal, coming with the collector's edition of the game. The collector's edition comes with plenty of cool stuff to interest any DOOM fan, including a wearable Doom slyer helmet. DOOM: Eternal will be returning to hell on November 22nd.
Doom: Eternal

DOOM: Eternal

Despite the gaming industries unstoppable March towards a digital future, Bethesda is giving DOOM fans a reason to get excited about the physical version of DOOM: Eternal. Bethesda Softworks has released some artwork for the steelbook collector’s edition of the game.

 The collector’s edition comes with some pretty awesome goodies including…

  • A lore book
  • A “gift of argent power” lithograph 
  • An in-game skin
  • Classic weapon sound pack
  • A cassette tape with the game’s soundtrack
  • The steelbook 
  • A replica doom slyer helmet (completely wearable)
DOOM: Eternal

DOOM: Eternal – Hellish artwork

All of this will set you back the hellish price of £199.99, but will be more than worth it for some fans, to just get their hands on that helmet. if you need to get your devilish hands on the collector’s edition, pre-order it quickly as it bound to sell out. DOOM is a game I’ve only recently become a fan of. In a recent article, I discussed my thoughts on the game’s predecessor, DOOM (2016). 

DOOM Eternal – Official E3 Story Trailer

If the collector’s edition of DOOM: Eternal isn’t for you, then the standard edition is available for Pre-order on PlayStation, Xbox One & PC.