DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two Hits Switch

DOOM fans on the Nintendo Switch are about to finally get their hands on DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two. Meanwhile, Bethesda has also dropped a new collection on the Switch. The DOOM Slayers Collection includes five different games from the series.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two Hits Switch

DOOM slayers with an affinity for the Nintendo Switch can finally take on DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two. The DLC expansion will be playable on Switch starting next week on August 26th. Bethesda just dropped this news at the QuakeCon 2021 event. Naturally, the main focus was on the new Quake remaster, which is now available on the Switch eShop. Players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles have already had the second DOOM Eternal expansion since March. Subsequently, Switch players are finally about to get their turn to jump in.

According to Bethesda’s official FAQ on the switch version, it can make use of the Switch’s gyro controls if you so desire. It also says that if you own DOOM Eternal or The Ancient Gods – Part One expansion, you’ll need at least 29GB of storage space available for installation. The FAQ says an SD card is required with at least 3GB of storage, and 26GB on the system. However, they do note that the storage requirements may change since the expansion hasn’t launched just yet.


A New DOOM Collection On Switch

In addition to the imminent arrival of DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part Two on Switch, a new collection has arrived. The DOOM Slayers Collection has just launched for Switch, so you can already play this one. It includes the following five titles:

  • DOOM
  • DOOM 64
  • DOOM 3
  • DOOM (2016)

As with the DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods expansions, this new collection has already been out on Xbox and PlayStation consoles for some time. It landed on those platforms on August 4th, 2020. However, those versions did not include DOOM 64. As a result, it would seem Switch players are getting a little bonus. This collection is also bigger than the previous DOOM Classics Collection, which included DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 3. That collection also got a limited-run physical edition back in the spring. Last but not least, check out our classic DOOM tips to up your game.

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