Doom Eternal Update 6 Drops New Challenges

The DOOM Eternal Update 6 patch has dropped. Along with it comes a new battle arena, a devilish new master level, and some new cosmetics as well. The developers also added new enhanced graphics modes and optimization for the Xbox Series X | S.

Doom Eternal Update 6 Drops New Challenges

Doom Eternal Update 6 brings new content and graphics enhancements to the game. A new Battlemode arena called Corrosion has been added, as well some balance changes for 2v1 multiplayer. There are also new cosmetics, and a deadly new challenge for those who dare to undertake it.

The new Tara Nabad Master level sees you return to a once grand city in Argent D’Nur. However, it is no longer so grand, having been sieged by a colossal demon invasion. The new master level sees you returning here, where your mettle will be put to the test! Only those with some serious demon slaying skills will triumph in this battle.

Next Gen Graphics Enhancements

The DOOM Eternal Update 6 patch has also added some new next-gen graphical enhancements. These include better visuals, performance, and ray tracing support. You can also play in 4K resolution at 60 FPS (assuming your display supports it). The game has also been optimized for Xbox Series X | S. Three new display modes have been added, letting you play your way. You can prioritize performance, high frame rate, or more accurate rendering:

Mode Description
Ray Tracing Mode Provides accurate lighting/reflections at 60 FPS
Balanced Mode 4K resolution at 60 FPS
Performance Mode Smooth gameplay at 120 FPS

Their update news post says all of the new graphical modes feature dynamic resolution scaling. However, Balanced and Performance modes can’t be used with ray tracing. To use Performance mode, you’ll need a display that supports 120hz refresh rate. Here is a graphical rundown of the new display modes:

Enhanced graphics modes rundown from the trailer.

Enhanced graphics modes rundown from the trailer.

The DOOM Eternal Update 6 graphics modes rundown image above, shows some slight differences depending on which platform you’re on. For the consoles, which modes you can use depends on whether your display supports that resolution and frame rate or not. Of course, PC players also need to make sure their computer is beefy enough to handle these modes, and their chosen resolution.

DOOM Eternal is available digitally on the platforms below, while physical copies are also available for the consoles.

There is a deluxe edition, and a year one season pass as well.

If you like retro DOOM games, then you’re in luck because the DOOM 64 remaster launched earlier this year. That title has certainly not gotten as much love as the other old school games in the series.


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