DOOM Eternal Gets Release Date, New Multiplayer Mode, and More Gameplay Details

Rip and tear like never before. DOOM Eternal features the same brutal fast-paced gameplay that the series is known for while introducing tons of original content, including new mechanics, weapons, and an all-new competitive multiplayer mode. Hell will never know what hit it when DOOM Eternal launches this November.
DOOM Eternal Gets Release Date, New Multiplayer Mode, and More Gameplay Details

DOOM Eternal Gets Release Date, New Multiplayer Mode, and More Gameplay Details

Bethesda had promised a deep dive into DOOM Eternal ahead of their E3 press conference on June 9th, and the company certainly delivered. Tons of new details were revealed about this much-anticipated sequel to the acclaimed DOOM (2016), including its unique gameplay mechanics, multiplayer content, and most importantly, its release date.

First of all, the gameplay variety was detailed in depth. Of course, the game is just as fast and bloody as you’d expect from a DOOM title. However, you are now equipped with a slew of new weapons and abilities to make your demonic killing spree as dynamic as possible. These include the ability to climb up walls, dash across wide chasms, and wield powerful laser blades and flamethrowers, among many others. You’ll see many of these mechanics in action in the story trailer above.

Next, the game’s competitive multiplayer experience, BATTLEMODE, was announced. This mode puts three players into two teams – one player controlling the Doom Slayer, and two others taking control of various demons. While the Doom Slayer is fitted out with many of the game’s most powerful weapons right from the start, the demon team is able to summon other AI-controlled fiends into the area to help them fight. Brief footage of the frenetic new mode was revealed at the conference, and Bethesda has teased more information to come at QuakeCon on July 25.

Last but certainly not least, the game finally received a release date. It will launch on November 22 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. It will join a crowded month of blockbuster releases like Death Stranding and Pokémon Sword Shield, but its hellish violence will surely help it tear out a niche for itself this holiday season.

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