Bethesda‘s Action Shooter Mobile Game Mighty DOOM Set to Release March 21

Mighty DOOM, Bethesda’s latest installment of the DOOM franchise, is a free-to-play top-down mobile action shooter set to be released March 21 of this year. The preregistration campaign has begun and signups will be available until March 19.

Bethesda‘s Action Shooter Mobile Game Mighty DOOM Set to Release March 21

Mighty DOOM is a mobile action shooter developed in partnership with Alpha Dog Games. As part of Bethesda’s popular DOOM franchise, the game is an original spin-off set in the animated DOOM universe, which was inspired by DOOM Eternal’s collectible toys. The story will feature Mini Slayer, who is transported to an alternate dimension by fault of an unknown energy surge. Players will guide him on his mission back to his stolen pet bunny Daisy, while slaying every demon that dares to stand in his way.

Mighty DOOM will be available on Android and iOS devices March 21, 2023.

Preregistration is live until March 19, so fans interested can sign up with their email to be notified of the game’s launch via the official website, or the Google Play store. Rewards will include welcome gifts and prizes such as Weapon skins, Equipment keys, and Crystals. Fans who just so happen to also be a part of the Slayers Club will receive an exclusive in-game reward to collect when the game is released.

Mighty DOOM – Official Announce Trailer

Source: Mighty DOOM Official Website

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