Doom Eternal pre-orders will include Doom 64

Good news for all long-time Slayers! Bethesda is giving away Doom 64 when pre-ordering Doom Eternal. And yes, this is an incentive that will be available on all platforms, so if you intended to buy the game anyway, now you might have more reason to do so.

Doom Eternal incentiveBethesda has announced today that any past, present or future Doom Eternal pre-orders will also include Doom 64 on its release date of 20th of March.

This incentive will also be available across all platforms that Doom Eternal is coming from on the 20th of March, which are PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Switch users can also take advantage of this offer, but the incentive will be released for them on the same date Doom Eternal is, which is still unknown.

DOOM 64 – Official Announce Trailer

While the community was disappointed to learn that Doom Eternal, originally set to release on November this year, was delayed until March next year, the vast majority of messages seen online showed support for the decision, after all “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad”, at least according to Shigeru Miyamoto. Whether this incentive comes as compensation for the delay or not, it will surely be appreciated by long-time fans of the franchise. 

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