Doom Eternal: Beginner’s Guide to Doom Slayer’s Abilities

This guide will give you a look at each of Doom Slayer's abilities, both new and old, to help you survive against the many foes that stand in your way. Facing against demons through hell and space requires some precautions before diving straight into the mayhem.

Doom slayer ready to chainsaw a demon in Doom Eternal

By the time the majority of you read this, Doom Eternal has unleashed itself from development and into the hands of gamers around the world, like some of us at KeenGamer who are also eager to slay some demons. Before you step into the shoes of the silent but deadly Doom Slayer, some preparation is required. The follow-up to the 2016 reboot has many toys to assist in the rampage that you are about to embark upon. Doom Eternal will have plenty of abilities, and this guide will help you seal up that portal to Hell.


Guns are fun, especially in an id Software title filled with abilities, like Doom Eternal. That said, pulverizing demons with your fists is just as enjoyable. The Blood Punch upgrade lets you hit multiple enemies at once. This is a great way to clear out an area or in case you are swarmed by a horde of smaller enemies like imps. 

Fighting tougher enemies like a Hell Knight will lead to substantial damage or an instant kill, depending on how tough of a foe you are facing. 

To recharge this move, then you need to execute two glory kills. Just like Doom (2016), you stagger an enemy by doing some damage then press your melee button on whatever platform you are playing on. The demon will signal it is time by blinking yellow; then, it is time to brutally kill it to gain some orbs that will give you extra health and refresh your one punch, amongst other abilities.

Doom Slayer getting Blood Punch

The shiny upgrade to gain Blood Punch


I decided to lump these two together as they go hand in hand. The double jump was included in the last entry with the Delta V Jump-Boots. Simply jump, then press your jump button again for extra distance and height.

Now adding to your movement comes the double dash. Combat or jumping through platforming obstacles lends to the usefulness of the dash. Dodge incoming fire from demons or get through a death-defying drop to reach a pole or climbable wall.

Just note that the two dashes must recharge to use, so no using it when one is charged, and the other is still refueling. Another caveat is while it loads up in the air, you cannot use it until you land on the ground. In some situations, the game will throw you a bone to complete a platforming section with automatic yellow chargers to dash yet again when needed.

DOOM ETERNAL Gameplay Demo (Quakecon 2018)


No, Doom Slayer is not burping out flames like a dragon who ate some fast food. Flame Belch is a flamethrower attached to the Slayer’s shoulder. Igniting demons outside of the obvious damage will drop armor, so be sure to utilize this once you start taking damage, but before your health starts to go down. 

Flame Belch in Doom Eternal

Fry up some demons with the Flame Belch


Yes, the chainsaw is back. Finding fuel keeps this deadly weapon ready to rip and tear through flesh. Once you kill something, like in Doom (2016), the demon will drop ammo for your other guns. 

It is an instant kill on every demon you see. The stronger ones will cost you more fuel, so be mindful of how much you have in the tank before trying to slice through a Marauder. 

Chainsaw in Doom Eternal

Rip and tear with the chainsaw


Like any shooter, you can send Satan back his minions in chunks of meat with a grenade.

On the flipside, there is a new ice bomb to freeze enemies. This opens them up for a good blast with your favorite gun that will shatter demons into tiny shards of ice. 

While the two throwable weapons seem similar, their cooldowns are independent of one another. Is your grenade still charging up? No worries, just use your ice bomb in the meantime. 

Doom Eternal releases March 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and, at a later unconfirmed date, the Nintendo Switch.

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