Doom Eternal’s Soundtrack Arriving Late for Collector’s Edition Owners

The standalone soundtrack for Doom Eternal that was meant to come to owners of the already sold-out Collector's Edition will have to wait longer than expected. Bethesda announced the bonus in the CE bundle will get indefinitely delayed until further notice for an undisclosed reason. All other perks to the edition will arrive on time.

Doom Slayer shooting demons in Doom Eternal (Credit: id Software)

Bethesda announced that owners of the sold-out Collector’s Edition for Doom Eternal are not getting the soundtrack as part of the bundle on the March 20 launch date.

“We will provide a digital ultra-high quality, lossless version of the new soundtrack to all fans who purchase the Collector’s Edition, and we are working on plans to deliver the soundtrack as soon as possible after the release date,” reads the announcement. “We will notify all Collector’s Edition owners who redeem their soundtrack code and we will update our official channels as soon as the DOOM Eternal Soundtrack is available.”

To clarify, this is the standalone copy of the music that arrives for CE purchasers. The actual soundtrack that plays in-game will be there during your venture into Hell and mayhem with Doom Slayer.

The CE edition includes:

  • A Deluxe Edition copy of Doom Eternal in an exclusive Steelbook case along with a season pass, Demonic Slayer Skin, and Classic Weapons Sound Pack.
  • A full-sized, wearable DOOM Slayer Helmetreplica.
  • A playable cassette tape, plus download codes for lossless digital copies of Mick Gordon’s Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal original soundtracks.
  • Doom Lore Book with custom artwork by id Software.
  • One “The Gift of Argent Power” 11″ x 17″ Lithograph

The Doom Eternal soundtrack was composed by Mick Gordon, the composer of the 2016 reboot. He has said to have expanded on the heavy metal infused soundscape of Doom by having a choir consisting of screamers from various subgenres of metal. 

DOOM Eternal: The Heavy Metal Choir

No official reason for the delay was made on social media or Bethesda’s website.

Doom Eternal releases on March 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia, plus the Nintendo Switch at a later date.