Doom Eternal Campaign Length to be Doubled Compared to its Predecessor

For fans wanting to dive back into killing demons with a heavy metal soundtrack to get your heart pumping, a recent interview reveals the length it will take to beat the story for the long-awaited sequel. Doubling the length from 11 hours to 22 will give plenty of more time for gamers to slay away at demonic creatures.

Doom Eternal Length to be Doubled Compared to its Predecessor

Doom Eternal is roughly two months away from release, and we are finally getting a look at the length of its campaign. In an interview with Gamespot, creative director Hugo Martin said to complete the sequel, as the player slaughters hellish demons while listening to the game’s brutal heavy metal soundtrack, it will take about 22 hours.

“We’re hell-bent on engaging you from beginning to end. This is a 22-plus hour game,” he told Gamespot. “You’ve seen more in the first two to three levels in this game than you do in the entire Doom 2016, without question.”

Gamespot got a chance to play three hours, as Martin mentioned. That scratch of content not only shows how little playtime the staff over there got but also the number of gameplay additions added to the sequel, four years after the reboot of Doom. Special powers and weapons allow for new ways to kill monsters while exploration and puzzles will give players a break from the blood and gore like they got to experience in 2016.

“The sequel gives you those basic tools in the first five minutes, and then it keeps layering on more for the first three hours (and likely beyond),” he said. “Honestly, it’s overwhelming, but Eternal’s goal here is to essentially give you access to superpowers and then force you to learn how to use them instinctively, or you die. It’s definitely following the Crank: High Voltage playbook on how to make a sequel.”

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Comparatively, those 22 hours are exactly double the length of time as the reboot. According to How Long to Beat, doing a straight run-through of Doom takes 11 and a half hours while those completionists gathering every upgrade and collectible will take roughly 25 hours. Going on this record, it sounds like adventurous players wanting to consume every morsel of content in Eternal may need to play upwards of 50 hours if we are going based on the game’s predecessor.

Fans looking forward to going through space and Hell don’t have much longer to wait. Doom Eternal releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 20.

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