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Doom Eternal: Beginner’s Guide to Doom Slayer’s Weapons

Master all of Doom Slayer's weapons in Doom Eternal with our guide. This deep dive will take you through each gun and its modifications. Each piece of demon-killing weaponry has a special purpose for any situation. By the end, all demons will fear you as you rip and tear through every single one of them.

Doom Slayer firing the plasma rifle at a demon

Yesterday (March 20), one group of the gaming community got cute animals and community management, while the other got mayhem and violence. The follow-up to the 2016 reboot of Doom held plenty of demons and ways to kill them. This guide will help you navigate through the weapons of Doom Eternal.

If you need another guide for Doom Eternal, we have a deep dive into Doom Slayer’s abilities like his dash, double jump, and side weapons for you to check out.


Combat shotgun in Doom Eternal

The combat shotgun with its modifications

The classic shotgun returns with some similarities to its predecessor, along with one big change. The close to medium range weapon packs a punch for both weaker and stronger enemies, perfect for tackling a Revenant or Cacodemon.

The first mod remains the same as 2016: the explosive shot. This time with the new additions to gameplay, you can take armor and weapons off those hellish creatures. This comes especially handy when shooting off the gun of an Arachnotron, eliminating its range attacks, but be careful as it starts to charge you. The other major use is when attacking Cacodemons, which, when alone, are one of the easiest demons to kill, outside of imps. Blast into its mouth, rendering it stunned for a glory kill.

The second is a machine gun of shotgun rounds. Switch to this mode when dealing with heavy armor or the backside of Pinky. It grants for a little bit of longer range and faster crowd control. You can use the explosives to deal with a group of enemies, but in certain situations, you may need speed over booming power.


Heavy Cannon in Doom Eternal

The heavy cannon and its modifications

This machine gun comes back with a new look and familiar uses. The heavy cannon can be used as a sniper with one mod, a slow but powerful shot, especially when dealing with a Revenant’s rockets. As a sniper-like weapon, it is great for long distant headshots, too, an essential guide to Doom Eternal.

The missile barrage can be used in two significant ways: damaging and stunning multiple small demons, or dealing with a bigger boy like a charging Hell Knight. It can lead to stun for a glory kill or create a meat buffet.


Plasma rifle in Doom Eternal

The plasma rifle and its modifications

Before you shoot it and if you did not read the name, you would not recognize Eternal‘s version of the plasma rifle compared to the reboot’s. Not only does it have a slick appearance, but the uses for this machine gun are also different, too.

One aspect that did not change is that this is great when dealing with shielded characters like Doom Hunters and Carcasses

For the mods, one remains, which is the heat blast. Shoot enough to generate heat then release that energy into the faces of attack monsters. It does immense damage and can hit multiple demons.

The second is brand new: a microwave setting. It slows you down, but it stops its single target until fully cooked. Sorry if you got hungry, but your cooked meal ends up exploding into blood and guts, as things do in Doom. One tip is with a shield from a Carcass, send your beam its way to take down the shield and kill anything nearby.


Rocket launcher in Doom Eternal

The rocket launcher and its modifications

Not much has changed for the rocket launcher outside of its appearance. You can switch between its rocket detonation or lock-on modifications. Locking onto one target is best for heavy demons that will take a beating before death. The detonation is for that precise moment when you need an explosion to occur when dealing with a horde.


Super Shotgun in Doom Eternal

The super shotgun and its hook

Unlike everything we discussed so far, the iconic super shotgun has a tool attached rather than a mod. The meathook acts like a grappling hook for meaty demons. Swing over to deliver a blast of your double-barreled shotty or use it to traverse by swinging past to get to another platform. Plenty of doors are open for creative uses when holding Doom Slayer’s classic weapon.


Ballista in Doom Eternal

Ballista and its modifications

Another plasma weapon that is meant to tackle shields, but hits much harder. The slow, but precise ballista can hit multiple smaller enemies when lined up or deal heavy damage on the tougher demons.

The arbalest mod charges up one explosive shot to deal maximum damage. While it can be used for a crowd, it is best to save it for the toughest demons who will give you a hard time if you use any other gun. It can also instantly kill a Cacodemon when shot in the mouth.

For that crowd killer, use the destroyer blades. A horizontal blast that will cut those who stand in front of you in half.


Chaingun and its modifications

Chaingun and its modifications

The chaingun is a heavy machine gun that annihilates armor and weapons, or anything, in general, that is in the way. It uses ammo fast, especially on its turret setting, which releases three additional barrels to make sure you eliminate an armored demon. If you are taking fire from ranged attacks, then switch to your shield as you shoot away at your attacker.




The BFG, the strongest gun in the game, which is why its use is limited. Just aim and shoot without any worries about hitting enemies as anything that comes near the big green ball will die—well, mostly. The higher tier demons can survive, but the rest will turn into a soup of blood and guts.

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