Is the Doom Eternal Physical Switch Release Too Little Too Late?

Limited Run Games has announced the long awaited release of a physical version of Doom Eternal for the Nintendo Switch. But after two long years, is it too little too late for Doom on the Switch? This question remains, among many more regarding the Switch's ability to fit the game on it's small cartridges.

Is The Doom Eternal Physical Switch Release Too Little Too Late

A month before its release in 2020, Bethesda announced that Doom Eternal would no longer be getting a physical release on the Switch. Gamers were refunded for their purchases, but were left with a sour taste in their mouths. The sudden cancellation of a physical version of Doom Eternal was unfortunate, but came at no surprise. The Nintendo Switch is an incredible system with many advantages, but power is not one of them. And Doom Eternal is a very demanding game to fit on a small cartridge. Limited Run games has finally taken up the torch to bring the illusive title to life. But is Doom Eternal’s physical Switch release too little too late?

DOOM Eternal - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch

After two long years, Limited Run Games was finally able to crack the Doom Eternal code. The announcement was the big finale of the recent LRG3 Summer Showcase, where it was confirmed that pre-orders will begin on July 8. We were also informed that there will be steel book, standard, special, and ultimate editions of Doom Eternal for the Nintendo Switch.  

It is unclear whether the DLC will be included with the physical release. Doom Eternal’s DLC suffered a series of delays on the Nintendo Switch. So considering the complications that surrounded the release of the DLC for the digital version, it is unlikely this will be included on the physical cartridge. 

Fans have also expressed concerns about whether or not the full game will be available on the cartridge. If a game is too large, it can sometimes require a massive download onto the system. There is still hope however that the entire game will be available on the cartridge itself. Limited Run Games usually sell for around $40 USD. And since Doom Eternal will be starting at $59.99 USD, it is not unreasonable to think that the extra cost might have gone towards a larger cartridge size. 

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