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12 Great Games Like Doom to Play

These Doom-like games could be worth your time while waiting for the Doom sequel to come out. There are multiple games to choose from, and they all have their obvious nods to both the classic and modern titles of id Software’s beloved first-person shooter series.

Are you looking forward to the next Doom game and you’re a big fan of the series like I am? Well, there’s no clear confirmation when id Software will announce a Doom sequel as of now, but with the success of both Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, the chances of a sequel happening is very likely.

Doom is simply an iconic video game title. It’s a simple game that focuses on being a lone marine and taking down hordes of evil monsters that’s in your way. It’s a concept that works well for video games due to the sense of power fantasy you can get from Doom. Many developers have tried to replicate its success due to Doom’s core game design is so appealing.

When I say many, I literally mean it. There are probably hundreds of first-person shooters that have some sort of Doom influence behind them, but for my list, I just want to mention 12 games. This is not a list based on the quality of the game themselves; it’s basically me suggesting 12 different types of games you can play while you are waiting for the Doom sequel.

Most of these games should be accessible on many various gaming platforms. If you’re still playing on the base Xbox One and you can’t find yourself a Series X, you should still be able to play some of these games without many issues.

These 12 games will certainly feel similar either to classic or newfangled Doom. They definitely follow that concept of being a lone soldier and taking down hordes amount of monsters or bad guys. Some of these games might be familiar to those who enjoy exploring Doom-styled shooters, and some of them aren’t. Also, expect lots of blood and violence of course.

The Doom sequel might get announced this year or the next, but there are plenty of games that knows how to properly scratch your Doom itch.


This one is actually a recently released game. If you’re currently bored in 2022 and you need some thrilling action, Prodeus might be the one you should give a shot. The game certainly looks a lot like classic Doom, but its art style could be somewhat similar to Doom 2016. Basically, this game plays and feels like classic Doom, but it’s also similar to the 2016 reboot in some ways.

Prodeus does offer other modes outside of a campaign you can play solo or cooperatively with friends. It does offer multiplayer and interesting enough, a map editor. You also have the ability to play other level designer’s work conveniently too. Despite Prodeus being a smaller indie title, it does offer a lot for the $25 it’s currently priced for.

Prodeus - 1.0 Release Date Trailer | Humble Games

Turbo Overkill

Here’s a game that’s a perfect blend of old-school and new-school Doom. Its graphics are certainly more retro-styled akin to the older games, but it’s really trying to have some of the flashy combat similar to Doom Eternal. You can also dash too, and I can’t help but when I see the Super Shotgun, its weapon model is very reminiscent to Eternal’s. Turbo Overkill is also a cyberpunk-themed game, so if you ever wanted a Doom in a Blade Runner world, this is the closest thing you can get! If the trailer interests you, you can actually play the game in early access on Steam.

Turbo Overkill | Announcement Trailer

Dread Templar

If you ever want to play a fast-paced shooter that takes place in a medieval setting, Dread Templar is the game for you. I’d say it’s more similar to the modern Doom titles when it comes to the core gameplay. Whether it plays more familiar to the classic or modern titles, Dread Templar is easily a game a diehard Doom fan should definitely give a shot because this game certainly designed by Doom fans. It has everything you can possibly imagine: fast-paced, violent, bloody, and skill-based. You may play this game currently for early access on Steam.

Dread Templar - Realms Deep 2022 Trailer

Shadow Warrior 3

Let’s take a break from all the Doom-styled games that are more obsessed by having a retro look. Here is a game that’s more up to date, and can easily remind players of the modern titles. Shadow Warrior 3 is basically a Doom Eternal clone. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is entirely up to you. However, it is a game that was released in 2022, so if you’re interested in playing a Doom-styled game that was more recently released and has more emphasis on a melee system, you can give Shadow Warrior 3 a go. It might be a good appetizer to play because the next Doom sequel will certainly be a game that’s more designed with a high production value in mind.

Shadow Warrior 3 | Launch Trailer | Out Now

Hard Reset

If you don’t mind fighting hostile and giant robots, Hard Reset will have you slaughtering many mechanical threats. The game is definitely known to be more on the challenging side compared to other shooters that’s mentioned on this list, but that can probably please the most hardcore players. It’s a game that’s also more “modern” looking although it actually been around the block for a while. Hell, it actually was released back in 2011! So it’s actually older than the modern Doom titles although it’ll instantly feel right at home for fans of those games. One can argue Hard Reset might’ve been a blueprint for the newfangled Doom titles.

Hard Reset - Launch Trailer (PC)

Hacx: Twitch ‘n Kill

This game is certainly not going to appeal to everyone. Basically, Hacx is a total conversion of Doom II. That means the game is basically an add-on for Doom II, and it will feel very much similar to the game it’s based on. However, it is freeware on the PC. If you don’t mind being curious of this lost and forgotten Doom II add-on would play like, I’d say give it a shot. Don’t expect anything too out of the ordinary because Hacx is basically a map pack for Doom II with its own cyberpunk touches.

Hacx 2.0 -- Early Gameplay

Video credit: Xaser Acheron.


I’ve always thought Painkiller was basically modern Doom before modern Doom was a thing. It was frantic, fast-paced, and violent as you expected, but it also had a kickass metal soundtrack too. It wasn’t composed by Mick Gordon, it was composed by a group of people that seemed to never want to be mentioned for making the soundtrack. However, Painkiller is still a game that stands the test of time even though it was released back in 2004 as a PC exclusive title and eventually it had multiple ports, expansion packs, and remastered editions. The shotgun is certainly one of my favorites to use and it will be one of your best friends in the early stages of the game. Also, who doesn’t remember the Stake Gun?

Painkiller (E3 2003 Trailer)

Video credit: PlayersMind.

Serious Sam

There’s no way I cannot put the Serious Sam games on a list like this. Even as a big Doom fan, I’m well aware many Doom fanatics are certainly no stranger to this series. To keep things brief, Serious Sam is kind of like a cartoony and a less grittier version of Doom. Despite of taking a lighter tone, it is still a very fast-paced and heavily-action driven game. That is why it’s very much similar to Doom when it comes to its core mechanics. Hell, Serious Sam’s Serious difficulty is actually inspired by the classic Doom’s Nightmare! difficulty where the player will get doubled ammunition due to the sheer amount of monsters they’ll be fighting. There is a character that’s very much not to be taken serious of. Yes, pun intended. If you haven’t gave the games a shot, you should be able to find the many different versions and ports that the developers have made throughout the years.

Serious Sam Collection - Launch Trailer


The brother of Doom and it’s only right for me to say that because it is also developed by the same folks who gave us Doom. I chose the first Quake mainly because it is more accessible to find nowadays thanks to the Bethesda port that was recently released. For those that didn’t play any Quake games, you’ll feel VERY much at home with it. The original Quake is also an obvious influence to the modern Doom titles due to having features like quick switching and having accessible power-ups like Quad Damage. Quake is an old game, but it stands the test of time easily just like the classic Doom games. The games were known for introducing one of the most popular first-person shooter techniques: rocket jumping. The Bethesda port might be the way to go due to the amount of value you can get.

Quake - Official Trailer (2021)


This game might be F.E.A.R. meets Doom. You’ll be using a lot of slow motion in your core gameplay loop, but it’s a fairly fast-paced and arcadey shooter at the same time too. There’s no release date confirmed yet, so the only thing you can do is simply watch gameplay videos and see if you like it for yourself. The game seems to be targeted for those that want to be stylish and fancy in their slaying skills.

SPRAWL - Realms Deep 2022 Trailer

Duke Nukem 3D

One of my personal favorite Doom-inspired games of all time! I know many hardcore Doom fanatics have definitely played this game, but it’s only right for me to put it on this list. Duke Nuekm 3D is easily the best in the series, and it’s truly a game that stands the test of time due to how wonderful the levels are crafted, the gunplay, and the memorable enemies you’ll be fighting. The game has everything you want from a retro-fps title, and is still one of the best from this sub-genre. We might not ever see a brand new Duke Nukem title in the next 10 years, but at least we can always bet on Duke for this masterpiece and respect him for his glory days in the ‘90s.

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour Official Launch Trailer


If you want a bombastic and stylish shooter that screams both classic and modern Doom at you, this is the game. It’s more focused on the action and shooting aspect and not so much on other things, but if you’re really looking for a game that’s designed to be re-playable and constantly give you that urge to get better ranks or score, this is the game. Ultrakill is currently available for early access on Steam, but stay tuned for more updates because the developers are aware that the fans want more.

Ultrakill - Reveal Trailer

There are my suggestions for 12 Doom-like games you can play before the Eternal sequel gets announced. Players have a lot of options to choose from, and while exploring these games, you’ll instantly get your Doom fix before id Software announces their sequel. Remember to always rip and tear!

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