Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: Wild Tera Pokémon Guide

Here in this guide we give you a hand on tracking down all the locations of the 68 Wild Tera Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet! Want to get all those glimmering exclusive Tera Types? Then this guide has you covered. We have even included a handy edited map which shows the precise locations of all of them.

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Wild Tera Pokémon GuidePokémon Scarlet and Violet introduce a brand-new mechanic to put a spin on the formula, Terastallizing. This turns your Pokémon into a crystalized version of itself changing its typing and giving power boosts to that specific type. The most interesting part about this mechanic is that Pokémon can have types that they usually do not and this can allow for very strategic battles. 

Each Pokémon has a single Tera Type which when Terastallized in battle makes that Pokémon’s only type become their Tera Type. Henceforth, this means that having Pokémon with rare Tera Types may be key to outplaying your opponent. Imagine the endless possibilities of surprise with the ability to change your type to any other. This why it is key that you catch all the exclusive Wild Tera Pokémon.

Wild Tera Diglett

Wild Tera Diglett

The Wild Tera Pokémon 

Around Paldea you will find these yellow glowing beacons. These will pinpoint the locations of static Pokémon which automatically Terastallize once encountered. Wild Tera Pokémon usually have rare Tera Types and act as mini challenges. You can catch them by weakening the wild Pokémon to below half its HP. So remember to be careful around these as you can’t just throw Pokéballs and get lucky… 


Unlike the Tera Raid Dens these Pokémon are not randomly spawning. The game does not list them on its map, therefore, below we have made a map and a list of all the Wild Tera Pokémon to help you hunt them all down! If you see one with a good typing, we will tell you exactly where to find it and what level it is. I suggest bringing a Pokémon which is around the same level and has a move which is Super effective against the single type that the wild Pokémon will become. 

Note that if a Wild Tera Pokémon is caught or defeated all you need to do to challenge it again is wait a day (or change your Switch’s clock forward a day). That means that if you fail one you can try again, you can keep resetting them to get the perfect nature or shiny hunt them as well! 

Wild Tera Pokémon Map

Wild Tera Pokémon Map

If you click on the map we have made you can check out the precise locations of the spawns! The name tags are exactly on the place where you can find that Wild Tera Pokémon, however if you are still having trouble just look for those yellow beacons. 

Have a look down below to see what types and level each is. Remember that you first must weaken them so be careful if your Pokémon are a lower level. The Pokéball RNG gods cannot save you here! The bolded types mean that this type can be found in the evolution line already. For example the Wild Tera Fletchling is a Fire Tera Type and Talonflame its final evolution is a Fire Flying type. 

Wild Tera Pokémon List

Pokémon Level Tera Type Location
Diglett 8 Rock South Province (Area 2)
Shinx 14 Ice South Province (Area 5)
Breloom 14 Rock West Province (Area 3)
Salandit 14 Dragon East Province (Area 1)
Floette 14 Grass East Province (Area 1)
Jigglypuff 14 Water South Province (Area 3)
Meowth 15 Flying South Province (Area 2)
Altaria  16 Fairy West Province (Area 3)
Dunsparce  16 Poison South Province (Area 3)
Fletchling 17 Fire South Province (Area 2)
Buizel 21 Ice West Province (Area 1)
Scyther  22 Normal South Province (Area 3)
Growlithe  24 Ground East Province (Area 2)
Rockruff 25 Psychic  West Province (Area 3)
Lokix 25 Fighting West Province (Area 1)
Torkoal 26 Normal West Province (Area 1)
Kirlia  28  Fire East Province (Area 3)
Sandygast  30  Grass Asado Desert
Falinks 30  Steel East Province (Area 3)
Sliggoo 30 Poison  South Province (Area 4)
Tauros 32 Electric  East Province (Area 3)
Naclstack 33 Ghost West Province (Area 2)
Golduck 33 Psychic  South Province (Area 4)
Pyroar 36 Dark East Province (Area 3)
Axew 36 Ground West Province (Area 1)
Tinkatuff 36 Dark West Province (Area 1)
Toxapex 37 Normal East Province (Area 1)
Flamigo 40 Bug South Province (Area 5)
Houndstone 40 Ground South Province (Area 5)
Frigibax 40 Dark Glaseado Mountain (North Side)
Hawlucha 41 Bug South Province (Area 6)
Sneasel 41 Fighting Glaseado Mountain (South Side)
Houndoom 42 Ghost South Province (Area 6)
Ursaring 44 Flying Glaseado Mountain (South Side)
Cyclizar 45 Flying Asado Desert
Espathra 45 Steel Glaseado Mountain (South Side)
Avalugg 45 Rock Glaseado Mountain (South Side)
Froslass 45 Ghost Glaseado Mountain (South Side)
Grafaiai 48 Bug Tagtree Thicket
Veluza 49 Normal Glaseado Mountain (North Side)
Jolteon 50 Electric West Province (Area 1)
Flareon 50 Fire South Province (Area 5)
Umbreon 50 Dark South Province (Area 6)
Espeon  50 Psychic East Province (Area 3)
Glaceon 50 Ice North Province (Area 1)
Leafeon 50 Grass South Province (Area 4) 
Primape 50 Poison Glaseado Mountain (North Side)
Slowbro 50 Grass Casseroya Lake
Dragonair 54 Electric West Province (Area 1)
Pincurchin 55 Electric Glaseado Mountain (North Side)
Revavroom 55 Fire Glaseado Mountain (North Side)
Drednaw 55 Ice Casseroya Lake
Gyarados 55 Dragon Casseroya Lake
Bellibolt 55 Water Casseroya Lake
Azumarill 55 Fairy Casseroya Lake
Vaporeon 55 Water Casseroya Lake
Corviknight 55 Fighting North Province (Area 2)
Slaking 55 Ghost North Province (Area 2)
Pawmo 55 Steel North Province (Area 3)
Sylveon 55 Fairy North Province (Area 3)
Wugtrio 60 Ground North Province (Area 1)
Raichu 60 Fighting North Paldean Sea
Garchomp 65 Water West Province (Area 2)
Tsareena 65 Psychic Casseroya Lake
Mimikyu 65 Fairy North Province (Area 2)
Eelektross 65 Dragon North Paldean Sea
Lucario 75 Ice Glaseado Mountain (South Side)
Dragonite 75 Steel North Province (Area 2)


So what are your thoughts on the new Terastallizing mechanic, is it a worthy addition? Despite the mess of a presentation, how are you finding Scarlet and Violet so far? Let us know down below. We hope this guide helps your journey in Paldea be a fruitful crystal vein!

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