Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Let’s Go Evolution Made Easy Guide

Turn a 1000 walk slog into a trivial jaunt and evolve your Let's Go evolution Pokémon with this easy trick in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Evolve Pawmo, Rellor, and Bramblin in as quickly as 5 minutes apiece via a single road in an easily-accessible location.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Let's Go Evolution Made Easy Guide

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has only recently dropped, and players have been scouring every inch of Paldea in search of rare Pokémon, thrilling battles, and untold treasures. While the games still suffer from the infamous removal of the National Dex starting in generation 8, the roster of new and returning Pokémon has turned heads. With new Pokémon came new evolutionary methods, with three in particular, Pawmi, Rellor, and Bramblin standing out.

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What Is Let’s Go?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduces the Let’s Go method, a function where players can send out their Pokémon into the overworld to attack Pokémon without a full battle taking place. It’s considered a fast and efficient way to grind experience points, in addition to allowing you to interact with your Pokémon in the overworld.


As a bonus, the Let’s Go method doesn’t garner Effort Values, meaning competitive battlers can rest easy and not worry about their builds spiraling out of control. You can also walk alongside them, exploring the region of Paldea with your trusted partner. And this is vital to the three aforementioned Pokémon.

Evolution Is a Long Road

All three Pokémon share the same method to evolve; take 1000 steps with it outside of its Pokeball, then have it level up. In the case of Pawmi, it needs to be in its second form, Pawmo, to have it evolve into Pawmot. Now, hitting that number might sound tough, especially given that your Pokémon tends to do a fair amount of whatever it wants outside of its ball and can dive back in if you drift too far, but there’s an easy way to hit that number. And the secret lies in Porto Marinada. Specifically, the entrance.

Like the egg-hatching roads of old.

Like the egg-hatching roads of old.

The closest Pokémon Center overlooks the auction town of Porto Marinada, and just past it is a long, long, LONG walkway. This is your meal ticket. Send out your Pokémon of choice, and walk down the obvious blue path to the end, and back. Do this about five times and it should be ready to evolve. Make absolutely sure you move in short bursts to allow your Pokémon to catch up to you and not go back into its Pokeball. It’s currently believed that the Pokémon returning to its ball resets the count, though this is currently unconfirmed. Even so, why run the risk?  

And there you have it! Once you make it to Port Marinada, it’s as easy as letting out your Let’s Go evolution Pokémon follow up and down the blue entryway a few times and levelling them up. Fast, effective, and consistent, you’ll have your new evolutions in no time.