Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: Path Of Legends Quest Guide

Here's a guide into the Path of Legends main quest in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Want to unlock gliding and climbing instantly? Do you find yourself getting lost in the grand open world of Paldea? Need a little help preparing for those huge titans? In this guide we help you prepare and take on all 5 Titans and earn all of the upgrades for your Ride Legendary.

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Path Of Legends Quest GuidePokémon Scarlet and Violet bring the series a grand open-world filled with tons of places to go and Pokémon to see. Here at KeenGamer we have tons of guides to help you along your adventure. In this guide we will be detailing the locations and best Pokémon to use to complete the Path of Legends quest line.

You may want to consider doing this quest line first as it allows you to upgrade Koraidon or Miraidon’s abilities when riding on them. From being able to glide to being able to climb. These upgrades make exploring much easier, so this quest line is very important. We will also detail which Titan gives which ability upgrade as these are luckily static. So, if you want to immediately get the gliding ability or climbing one, we can show you exactly where and how! We are even going to cover some secret strategies that can allow you to easily defeat all the Titans despite your level.

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Location of the Stony Cliff Titan

Location of the Stony Cliff Titan

Stony Cliff Titan

  • Titan Pokémon – Level 16 Klawf (Ground)
  • Moves – Vice Grip (Normal), Block (Normal), Rock Tomb (Rock), Rock Smash (Fighting) 
  • Location – South Province (Area Three)
  • Recommended Level – 14-16
  • Recommended Types to Use – Water, Grass, Ground, Steel, Fighting
  • Recommended Pokémon to Use – Sprigatito, Quaxly, Maril, Psyduck, Wooper
  • Power Unlocked – Gives the Ride Legendary the ability to dash 

This Titan being the first is very easy to find and defeat. Ground types have many weaknesses and Klawf itself is very weak at this low level. The best way to tackle this Titan is to use your starter. Both Sprigatito and Quaxly have the type advantage and even come with the best Tera Types to take it down with ease. Even Fuecoco is good here as Klawf knows nothing that is good against it so it can brute force its way.

Location of the Open Sky Titan

Location of the Open Sky Titan

Open Sky Titan

  • Titan Pokémon – Level 19 Bombirdier (Flying/Dark)
  • Moves – Rock Throw (Rock), Torment (Dark), Pluck (Flying), Wing Attack (Flying) 
  • Location – West Province (Area One)
  • Recommended Level – 17-21
  • Recommended Types to Use – Rock, Electric, Fairy, Fighting
  • Recommended Pokémon to Use – Pawmi, Fidough, Nacli, Pikachu
  • Power Unlocked – Gives the Ride Legendary the ability to ride along water

This Titan requires you to scale a mountain whilst avoiding boulders. Luckily these just reset you at the start of the boulders rather than injuring your Pokémon so just ride on up carefully and you will reach the Titan easily. You may want to use Rock type Pokémon here as they will resist all of the possible attacks and be able to deal Super Effective damage. 

Location of the Lurking Steel Titan

Location of the Lurking Steel Titan

Lurking Steel Titan

  • Titan Pokémon – Level 28 Orthworth (Steel)
  • Moves – Wrap (Normal), Headbutt (Normal), Sandstorm (Rock), Iron Tail (Steel) 
  • Location – East Province (Area Three) 
  • Recommended Level – 26-30
  • Recommended Types to Use – Fire, Fighting
  • Recommended Pokémon to Use – Fuecoco, Rolycoly, Makuhita, Fletchinder, Flamigo
  • Power Unlocked – Makes your Ride Legendary’s jump go much higher

When approached this Titan will try to flee underground until you finally catch it. This Titan poses little threat as long as you have a decent level. It only two attacking moves which means you should prioritise bringing as much power as you can. As long as your Pokémon isn’t weak to Steel this Titan cannot land anything Super Effective. Wrap and Sandstorm mainly focus on small damage over time so you need to get rid of this Titan as fast as possible before both start racking up damage.

Location of the Quaking Earth Titan

Location of the Quaking Earth Titan

Quaking Earth Titan

  • Titan Pokémon in Scarlet – Level 44 Great Tusk (Ground/Fighting) 
  • Titan Pokémon in Violet – Level 44 Iron Treads (Ground/Steel)
  • Moves (Great Tusk) – Rapid Spin (Normal), Stomping Tantrum (Ground), Knock Off (Dark), Brick Break (Fighting) 
  • Moves (Iron Treads) – Rapid Spin (Normal), Stomping Tantrum (Ground), Fire Fang (Fire), Iron Head (Steel) 
  • Location – Asado Desert
  • Recommended Level – 42-46
  • Recommended Types to Use (Great Tusk) – Water
  • Recommended Pokémon to Use (Great Tusk) – Gyarados, Golduck, Quaxly
  • Recommended Types to Use (Iron Treads) – Water, Flying
  • Recommended Pokémon to Use (Iron Treads) – Gyarados, Pelipper, Azumarill, Finizen
  • Power Unlocked – Allows your Ride Legendary to be able to glide in the air

You can find this Titan rolling around the desert, all you need to start the battle is bump into it. Both of the Quaking Earth Titans are formidable opponents. Make sure to bring some high defensive Pokémon as these two have high Physical Attack stats. They are also quite defensive themselves, so you need to be able to live multiple attacks in order to succeed.

Hopefully in the rematch this Titan will target Arven’s Pokémon rather than yours to save you from using too many revives. Remember that you can change your party between each of the two fights so if you struggle in the first consider going around the desert and getting some levels. The Pokémon around here provide good training partners.

Location of the False Dragon Titan

Location of the False Dragon Titan

False Dragon Titan

  • Titan Pokémon – Level 55 Dondozo (Water) and Tatsugiri (Water/Dragon) 
  • Moves (Dondozo) – Body Slam (Normal), Order Up (Dragon), Aqua Tail (Water), Water Pulse (Water) 
  • Moves (Tatsugiri) – Taunt (Dark), Icy Wind (Ice), Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Muddy Water (Water) 
  • Location – Casseroya Lake
  • Recommended Level – 52-57
  • Recommended Types to Use – Fairy, Grass
  • Recommended Pokémon to Use – Sprigatito, Mimikyu, Jumpluff, Florges, Lilligant 
  • Power Unlocked – Makes your Ride Legendary be able to climb walls

Near the location marker for this Titan you will find an island filled with Tatsugiri. Head to the edge of the island and you will find one saying “Taitan” indicating this one will start the “Taitan” fight. The False Dragon Titan may trick you into thinking you will face a Dragon type however this is only true in the second battle. The first two fights will be against a Dondozo, a Water type Pokémon.

This Titan starts by eating a Tatsugiri which later becomes a Titan itself by eating the Herba Mystica. This third battle has you facing off against the Water Dragon Tatsugiri, luckily this battle is very easy as long as you have a Fairy type to counter it. Be careful as you do not get healed in-between the second Dondozo fight and the Tatsugiri one. Stock up on Revives and Potions and all will be fine. 

Location of A Challenge From Arven

Location of A Challenge From Arven

A Challenge From Arven

Arven’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Greedent (Normal) 58 Body Slam (Normal), Bullet Seed (Grass), Earthquake (Ground), Psychic Fangs (Psychic)
Toedscruel (Ground/Grass) 61 Spore (Grass), Power Whip (Grass), Earth Power (Ground), Sludge Bomb (Poison)
Scovillain (Grass/Fire) 60 Fire Blast (Fire), Crunch (Dark), Energy Ball (Grass), Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
Gargnacl (Rock) 62 Body Press (Normal), Stone Edge (Rock), Earthquake (Ground), Stealth Rock (Rock)
Cloyster (Water/Ice) 59 Icicle Spear (Ice), Light Screen (Psychic), Liquidation (Water), Rock Blast (Rock) 
Mabosstiff (Dark)  63 Fire Fang (Fire), Crunch (Dark), Play Rough (Fairy), Psychic Fangs (Psychic) 


Arven will challenge you to one final battle after completing all the Titans. This takes place at the Poco Path Lighthouse where you first meet him. In this battle he wields a very strong team which has a range of type coverage to put you to the test. You do need to beat him to progress so make sure you are fully prepared for his level 60 team. 

Arven will send out Pokémon dependent of what you are using however it is guaranteed that he will start with his Greedent and end with his Mabosstiff. He will also Terastralize his Mabosstiff into a Dark type which means you should make sure to have some sort of Fairy or Fighting type to counter it. Be careful of his Garganacl which can set up Stealth Rock to damage your team over each switch out.

Try using Pokémon which cover a lot of his teams’ weaknesses to counteract this. Pokémon such as Gallade are very good for countering. Fighting types are very good against a majority of his Pokémon, so you want to consider first turn Terastralizing to a Fighting type. Just be warned he does have counters for this type so bring a range. 

As long as you have a move that can cover each of his Pokémons’ weaknesses you should be able to beat him with ease. It is recommended that the Pokémon in your party are between Level 55-66. This may mean you need to do some of the Gym Badges first to make your Pokémon obey you.

Klawf Battle

Klawf Battle

Strategies For All Titans

If you are looking to get the Titans defeated easily look no further than these strategies. My personal way was to use a Naclstack with Sturdy as its ability and then just use Salt Cure once and stall the Titan out using Potion spam. Salt Cure deals 1/8 of the opposing Pokémon’s health at the end of each turn. Sturdy allows it to survive any Titan’s attack so just wait it out by potion stalling and any Titan will fall to the power of salt. 

You could also inflict them with a status condition such as Burn or Poison as this also deals damage over time. If you want to take on a higher-level Titan early properly without stalling it to defeat, then I would recommend stocking up on X-Defenses and X-Special Defenses as to allow your Pokémon to survive the strong attacks. Also remember that in the second refight Arven will have a decent Pokémon which may end up doing all the damage for you so you can just hope and pray that you live long enough for him to clutch the victory.

Note that after beating every Titan you can return to where they once were fought and catch them. They will have the exclusive Former Titan Mark and will even be the largest size that that Pokémon can be. You can also get the Paradox Donphan early this way! 

We hope that this guide has been able to help you complete the Path of Legends quest line! Make sure to check out our other Pokémon Scarlet and Violet guides. Be on the lookout for guides detailing the other two main quests as well!