Author: Sacha Boast

17-year-old student, currently studying Games Development and making my own projects and games in my spare time. Games are not just my passion but my hobby and career.

How Overwatch 2’s Monetization Is Causing Issues

With its impending release soon, more and more information about Overwatch 2 is being released and as more info comes out the more fans are beginning to worry about the game, especially with the most recent Battle Pass information.  Having ...

Kirby's Dream Buffet Review: A Tasty Dessert Of A Game

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Review: A Tasty Dessert Of A Game (Switch)

After years of cafés and food related merchandise, Kirby finally has a Spin-off based purely around his insatiable appetite but does the game provide the buffet it is named after or is it more of a bowl of left-over scraps? Let's dig in and...

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