Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: Starfall Street Quest Guide

This guide looks to help you in taking down the rough and tough Team Star in Pokémon Scarlet And Violet. Stuck on any of the Starfall Street quest battles? Want a more traditional Pokémon adventure? Then follow this guide as we take each boss on in a linear order.

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Starfall Street Quest Guide Pokémon Scarlet and Violet give you the choice to do whatever you want in the sprawling open-world of Paldea. It has three main questlines for the player to follow, each of which sadly are not level scaled. This is where this spoiler free guide comes in, rather than detailing what happens in the events we will focus on the battle side. There will be a section featuring spoiler content, however, all the sections featuring the Team Star bosses will not contain any story events. 

This guide will give you each of the Team Star bosses’ teams and what you can use to counter them. It is also ordered in strength so if you want a traditional linear experience then you can go in the order presented here.

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Team Star's Signature Pose

Team Star’s Signature Pose

Starfall Street Overview

Starfall Street is the questline where you must take down 5 of the Team Star bases. Team Star are a group of students from the academy who are apparently causing trouble. For some reason you, the new kid, needs to defeat their bosses to disband them and stop the plans they may be scheming.

The quests for each boss consists of 3 sections, first you need to fight a Team Star Grunt outside of the base to prove your worthiness to enter it.

Next you must go through a Star Barrage where you select 3 Pokémon and fight waves of opposing Pokémon using the Let’s Go feature. The Let’s Go feature is where you press R to send your Pokémon out in the overworld to defeat any they contact.

Star Barrage? More like mash the R button!

Star Barrage? More Like Mash the R Button!

You must defeat 30 of Team Star’s Pokémon in 10 minutes. As long as you have one Super effective type you should be able to breeze through these due to the generous time limit.

The final part is a fight against the Team Star Boss which act as Gym Leader like battles where they specialize in one type. The uniqueness of these fights come from the bosses always ending in a special Revavroom known as a Starmobile Revavroom. These Revavroom are unique in that their abilities and typing have been changed to fit the boss and the vehicle they are a part of.

They also have a unique “Torque” move which cannot be learned by any other Pokémon. This does a ton of Physical damage and has the typing which their boss specializes in. With all that outlined, here is how to defeat each leader and even the “Big Boss” themself!

Location of Giacomo and the Dark Crew

Location of Giacomo and the Dark Crew

The Dark Crew

The Dark Crew, also known as Segin Squad, are lead by Giacomo, the base consists of low level Dark type Pokémon. Being the first boss means Giacomo is very easy to defeat and does not put up much of a fight.

The trainer you fight outside of the base uses a Level 19 Murkrow which poses little threats due to being a very weak Pokémon. We would recommend using Rock and Electric types if you are underleveled. However, if you are even one or two levels above their level, this battle should be very simple. 

In the Star Barrage portion make sure to bring at least 1 Pokémon with a Super effective typing. Note that for all these you don’t need to use Super effective moves as you can use your team’s strength instead. For example you may have a high leveled starter when you reach this first base so you could very easily defeat the entire thing using just that.


Giacomo himself has only one regular Pokémon before his Revavroom comes out and it is a Pawniard. If you chose Fuecoco use it here and instantly Terastallize to make your Fire moves even stronger. Pawniard is weak to Fire and with the Tera Type boost you should be able to take down Revavroom as well.

Segin Squad’s Giacomo –

  • Recommended Level – 18-22
  • Recommended Types – Bug, Fairy, Electric, Fighting 
  • Recommended Pokémon – Pawmi, Flamigo, Fidough, Sylveon, Spidops, Kirlia 
  • What you unlock for beating the boss – 5000 LP, TM062 Foul Play, Crafting Materials 

Giacomo’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Pawniard (Dark/Steel) 21 Aerial Ace (Flying), Fury Cutter (Bug), Metal Claw (Steel)
Revaroom (Dark) 20 Wicked Torque (Dark), Swift (Normal), Spin Out (Steel), Brick Break (Fighting)
Location of Mela and the Fire Squad

Location of Mela and the Fire Squad

The Fire Crew

The Fire Crew, also known as Schedar Squad, are lead by Mela and the base consists of Fire type Pokémon around Level 23. Mela has a stronger Pokémon and typing than Giacomo so be careful that she will not be as easy of a push over. Luckily, she does still only have two Pokémon, a Torkoal that only knows two moves and her Revavroom.

The trainer you fight outside of the base uses a Level 25 Houndour. This means you could reuse some of the Pokémon you used for Giacomo to get it through its Dark typing. We would recommend using Water and Fairy types to take down their guard dog.

The Not So Hot Fire Base.

The Not So Hot Fire Base

In the Star Barrage you may want to make sure you bring some defensive or high HP Pokémon to tough out as many of the Pokémon as you can. Remember when you have to go heal at the vending machines you waste time. Pokémon such as Maril or Slowpoke could be great for taking many hits against these Fire types.

Mela has a Torkoal which has the ability Drought this means that all Fire type moves will be stronger and Water type moves weaker for 5 turns. This seems scary and may stop you from using Water types, however your moves will still get the X1.5 Super effective bonus.

Overall, Drought shouldn’t affect you. You may want to still use a Water type as they also resist Fire type moves, so Mela’s AI may not even use a Fire type move. If you chose Quaxly you could even Terastallize to make the Drought worthless.

Schedar Squad’s Mela –

  • Recommended Level – 24-28
  • Recommended Types – Water, Rock, Ground, Fairy
  • Recommended Pokémon – Quaxly, Maril, Nacli, Wooper, Psyduck, Rockruff
  • What you unlock for beating the boss – 6000 LP, TM038 Flame Charge, Crafting Materials 

Mela’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Torkoal (Fire) 27 Flame Wheel (Fire), Clear Smog (Poison)
Revaroom (Fire) 26 Blazing Torque (Fire), Overheat (Fire), Spin Out (Steel), Screech (Normal)
Location of Atticus and the Poison Crew

Location of Atticus and the Poison Crew

The Poison Crew

The Poison Crew, also known as Navi Squad, are lead by Atticus, a Shakespeare inspired Poison type fanatic. Atticus is a big step up from Mela with him having four Pokémon total and a very niche typing with little weaknesses. You may want to consider doing some other things before heading straight here such as some of the Gyms or Titans.

The trainer you fight outside of the base uses a Level 30 Gulpin and a Level 31 Shroodle so be prepared to heal after as these may injure your team more than the weak Pokémon in the previous bases. 

For this Star Barrage you will want to bring a range of types that aren’t just Super effective against Poison. A lot of the Pokémon they send out such as Clodsire and Revavroom have strong second typings that could cause a lot of trouble so make sure to just bring a mix of tanky Pokémon.

Atticus has one key thing that stands out, that is his strong team which consists of two Revavroom. He will always end with the Starmobile which may be stronger stat wise but does lose its normal Steel typing. Both these Revavrooms do pose a strong threat and his other two Pokémon are both fully evolved. Meaning if your Pokémon don’t have decent stats you may struggle with his Pokémon dealing a ton of damage to you.

Note that his entire team can give your Pokémon the Poison status condition and weaken your team substantially so consider either bringing types that are immune to Poisoning (Steel and Poison) or give all your Pokémon Pecha Berries to hold to instantly cure the Poisoning once mid battle.

Schedar Squad’s Atticus –

  • Recommended Level – 29-34
  • Recommended Types – Psychic, Ground, Steel
  • Recommended Pokémon – Clodsire, Donphan, Gigantanacl, Mudsdale, Espathra, Espeon
  • What you unlock for beating the boss – 7000 LP, TM102 Gunk Shot, Crafting Materials 

Atticus’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Skuntank (Poison/Dark) 32 Sucker Punch (Dark), Toxic (Poison), Venoshock (Poison)
Muk (Poison) 32 Sludge Wave (Poison), Mud-Slap (Ground)
Revavroom (Poison/Steel) 33 Iron Head (Steel), Sludge (Poison), Assurance (Dark), Bulldoze (Ground)
Revaroom (Poison) 32 Wicked Torque (Poison), Swift (Normal), Spin Out (Steel), Brick Break (Fighting)
Location of Ortega and the Fairy Crew

Location of Ortega and the Fairy Crew

The Fairy Crew

The Fairy Crew, also known as Ruchbah Squad, are lead by Ortega. Ortega can be a challenge due to using one of the strongest types in the game. Fairy has a lot of types it is strong against and very little weaknesses, this is why planning your team for this base is very important.

The trainer you fight outside of the base uses a Level 48 Morgrem and a Level 49 Hattrem, both of these Pokémon are weak to Bug type so make sure to bring one of those to breeze through this battle. Strangely Hattrem is not a Fairy type, yet is instead pure Psychic. 

For this Star Barrage using Poison, Steel and Fairy types give you the best chance of winning. The Pokémon sent out often have dual typings so make sure to be careful which of your Pokémon attack the oposening ones.

Ortega while being very strong does have two weaknesses which can be punished easily. All of his Pokémon do have good type coverage moves. However, the dual types of these Pokémon are quite lackluster as only two of them have dual types and one of them is Normal type.

This battle gives you the chance to become a Team Star member yourself as the best counter here is Revavroom. Its dual typing of Poison/Steel is perfect for anything Ortega can throw at you. It can even take all of the Starmobile’s attacks without issue.

Ruchbah Squad’s Ortega –

  • Recommended Level – 48-54
  • Recommended Types – Poison, Steel
  • Recommended Pokémon – Clodsire, Tinkaton, Revavroom, Scizor, Grafaiai, Toxtricity
  • What you unlock for beating the boss – 10000 LP, TM079 Dazzling Gleam, Crafting Materials 

Ortega’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Azumarill (Fairy/Water) 50 Aqua Tail (Water), Play Rough (Fairy), Bounce (Flying), Charm (Fairy)
Dachsbun (Fairy) 51 Body Slam (Normal), Play Rough (Fairy), Gyro Ball (Steel), Charm (Fairy)
Wigglytuff (Fairy/Normal) 50 Crunch (Dark), Play Rough (Fairy), Baby-Doll Eyes (Fairy), Mud-Slap (Ground)
Revaroom (Fairy) 50 Magical Torque (Fairy), Steel Roller (Steel), Spin Out (Steel), Confuse Ray (Psychic)
Location of Eri and the Fighting Crew

Location of Eri and the Fighting Crew

The Fighting Crew

The Fighting Crew, also known as Caph Squad, are lead by Eri. Eri being the last boss means she has a very powerful team filled with strong Physical attacking Fighting types. Even with counters to her team you may struggle, so prepare items aplenty.

The trainer you fight outside of the base uses a Level 54 Croagunk and a Level 55 Primeape. This Primeape will make sure you are fully prepared for the rest of the base.

For this Star Barrage using any high leveled fully evolved Pokémon to beat it faster. The Pokémon sent out here can be very dangerous due to their high attack stats. Make sure to bring along some high Physical Defense Pokémon that are Super effective against Fighting. Be more careful here and use the vending machines to heal if you get close to having all your Pokémon knocked out.

Eri’s team is made of exceptionally strong Pokémon with the strongest being her Annihilape which has a ridiculous typing and terrifying moves. While the rest of her team can be a challenge your main focus should be on preparing for her Annihilape bring a strong Special Attacking Pokémon like Sylveon with Moonblast to hopefully defeat it before it can damage your party. 

Special attacking moves in general are good here as all her Pokémon have relatively low Special Defense. Considering she always sends her Toxicroak out first you could setup a Pokémon that is strong against it here, just make sure not to open with a pure Fairy type.

Caph Squad’s Eri –

  • Recommended Level – 56-60
  • Recommended Types – Psychic, Fairy, Flying, Ghost
  • Recommended Pokémon – Tinkaton, Sylveon, Gardevoir, Gallade, Corviknight, Gyarados, Mimikyu
  • What you unlock for beating the boss – 20000 LP, TM167 Close Combat, Crafting Materials 

Eri’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting) 55 Poison Jab (Poison), Brick Break (Fighting), Sucker Punch (Dark)
Passimian (Fighting) 55 Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Aura Sphere (Fighting), Dark Pulse (Dark)
Annihilape (Ghost/Fighting) 55 Rage Fist (Ghost), Close Combat (Fighting), Ice Punch (Ice), Fire Punch (Fire)
Lucario (Steel/Fighting) 55 Close Combat (Fighting), Rock Tomb (Rock), Seed Bomb (Grass)
Revaroom (Fighting) 56 Combat Torque (Fighting), High Horsepower (Ground), Spin Out (Steel), Shift Gear (Steel)
The Climax of the Star Falling Story

The Climax of the Star Falling Story

(SPOILERS) Battling Cassiopeia

Once you have defeated all 5 bosses Cassiopeia will call you telling you to meet them at the academy at night. This is to take the Big Boss of Team Star down. Outside the main doors to the academy you will see Director “Clive” who will reveal himself to be Cassiopeia (which turns out to be a lie).

This battle with the Director is interesting as his team changes depending on which starter you pick. Down below we will detail each of the teams he can have. One strategy for him is to either get a friend or use Surprise Trade to get the starter that counters the one Clavell will use. Clavell will use the one that is strong against your starter.

It’s also wise to bring high Speed Pokémon as all three starters are very fast. Considering he will always Terastallize them into a pure Water, Fire or Grass type respectively, you will want to take them out before they can start buffing themselves. Both Skeledirge and Quaquaval’s signature moves increase their stats so be careful.

Director Clavell –

  • Recommended Level – 59-64
  • Recommended Types – Dragon, Steel, Ghost, Water, Grass, Fire, Fighting
  • Recommended Pokémon – Skeledirge, Meowscarada, Quaquaval Bisharp/Kingambit, Tinkaton, Gallade, Armarouge/Ceruledge

If you chose Sprigatito –

Pokémon Level Moves
Oranguru (Normal/Psychic) 60 Dream Eater (Psychic), Yawn (Normal), Foul Play (Dark), Reflect (Normal)
Abomasnow (Grass/Ice) 60 Wood Hammer (Grass), Ice Shard (Ice), Aurora Veil (Ice), Blizzard (Ice)
Polteageist (Ghost) 60 Shadow Ball (Ghost), Shell Smash (Normal), Sucker Punch (Dark), Will-o-Wisp (Fire)
Amoonguss (Grass/Poison) 60 Hex (Ghost), Toxic (Poison), Giga Drain (Grass), Spore (Grass)
Gyarados (Water/Flying) 60 Earthquake (Ground), Aqua Tail (Water), Crunch (Dark), Stone Edge (Rock)
Skeledirge (Fire/Ghost) 61 Torch Song (Fire), Snarl (Dark), Earth Power (Ground), Shadow Ball (Ghost)

If you chose Quaxly –

Pokémon Level Moves
Oranguru (Normal/Psychic) 60 Dream Eater (Psychic), Yawn (Normal), Foul Play (Dark), Reflect (Normal)
Abomasnow (Grass/Ice) 60 Wood Hammer (Grass), Ice Shard (Ice), Aurora Veil (Ice), Blizzard (Ice)
Polteageist (Ghost) 60 Shadow Ball (Ghost), Shell Smash (Normal), Sucker Punch (Dark), Will-o-Wisp (Fire)
Houndoom (Dark/Fire) 60 Dark Pulse(Dark), Sludge Bomb (Poison), Fire Blast (Fire), Thunder Fang (Electric)
Gyarados (Water/Flying) 60 Earthquake (Ground), Aqua Tail (Water), Crunch (Dark), Stone Edge (Rock)
Meowscarada (Grass/Dark) 61 Flower Trick (Grass), Play Rough (Fairy), Shadow Claw (Ghost), Thunder Punch (Electric)

If you chose Fuecoco –

Pokémon Level Moves
Oranguru (Normal/Psychic) 60 Dream Eater (Psychic), Yawn (Normal), Foul Play (Dark), Reflect (Normal)
Abomasnow (Grass/Ice) 60 Wood Hammer (Grass), Ice Shard (Ice), Aurora Veil (Ice), Blizzard (Ice)
Polteageist (Ghost) 60 Shadow Ball (Ghost), Shell Smash (Normal), Sucker Punch (Dark), Will-o-Wisp (Fire)
Amoonguss (Grass/Poison) 60 Hex (Ghost), Toxic (Poison), Giga Drain (Grass), Spore (Grass)
Houndoom (Dark/Fire) 60 Dark Pulse(Dark), Sludge Bomb (Poison), Fire Blast (Fire), Thunder Fang (Electric)
Quaquaval (Water/Fighting) 61 Aqua Step (Water), Ice Spinner (Ice), Aerial Ace (Flying), Brick Break (Fighting)
The Eevee Obsessed Cassiopeia

The Eevee Obsessed Cassiopeia

(SPOILERS) Battling True Cassiopeia

After defeating Clive you will be allowed to enter the academy and head to the rooftop schoolyard to battle the real Cassiopeia. We will not say who they are but they are obsessed with Eevee and its evolutions. Be prepared to face a team with a bunch of type coverage as Cassiopeia only uses Eevee-lutions. We would recommend using Pokémon that have a bunch of different type moves as to counter each of the Eevees.

Team Star Founder Cassiopeia –

  • Recommended Level – 61-65
  • Recommended Types – Poison, Ground, Dragon, Fairy, Electric
  • Recommended Pokémon – Gardevoir, Gallade, Clodsire, Garchomp, Haxorus, Lucario, Tinkaton, Toxtricity, Pawmot
  • What you unlock for beating Cassiopeia – TM169 Draco Meteor, Rematches with the Team Star bosses

Cassiopeia’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Umbreon (Dark) 62 Psychic (Psychic), Dark Pulse (Dark), Baby-doll Eyes (Fairy), Quick Attack (Normal)
Vaporeon (Water) 62 Hydro Pump (Water), Aurora Beam (Ice), Baby-doll Eyes (Fairy), Quick Attack (Normal)
Jolteon (Electric) 62 Thunder (Electric), Pin Missile (Bug), Baby-doll Eyes (Fairy), Quick Attack (Normal)
Flareon (Fire) 62 Flare Blitz (Fire), Fire Spin (Fire), Baby-doll Eyes (Fairy), Quick Attack (Normal)
Leafeon (Grass) 62 Leaf Blade (Grass), High X-Scissor (Bug), Baby-doll Eyes (Fairy), Quick Attack (Normal)
Sylveon (Fairy) 63 Moonblast (Fairy), Shadow Ball (Ghost), Baby-doll Eyes (Fairy), Quick Attack (Normal)

After beating Cassiopeia this questline will be complete! You can return to the star bases after this to rechallenge the leaders. This time each will have stronger teams. These bases provide an easy way to grind lots of LP.

We hope this guide helps you in defeating Team Star! Which battle did you have the most trouble with? Let us know down below. If you have any advice for any of them feel free to comment to help others as well!

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