Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Walking Wake Tera Raid Event Guide

Here's everything you need to know about the Walking Wake Tera Raid Event in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The Past Paradox form of the beloved Johto Legendary, Suicune, has arrived in Passio. This new Water/Dragon type can be encountered for a limited time in Tera Raid battles and this guide will show you how to get it, what moves and abilities it has and what to use against it in battle.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Walking Wake Tera Raid Event Guide

The next Tera Raid Battle Event for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has just been released, reimagining two iconic Legendary Pokémon into strange new Paradox forms. Walking Wake is the Paradox Form of the Johto Legendary, Suicune. With a new prehistoric look and a new typing, Walking Wake is a Pokémon you will certainly want in your team.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Walking Wake Tera Raid Battle Event in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. If you want to learn how to catch and counter the other new Paradox Pokémon, Iron Leaves, you can find our guide on it here.

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[UK] Take on Walking Wake and Iron Leaves! 🌊🍃 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Release Date and Run Time

The Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Tear Event begin today (February 27th) in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Walking Wake (Paradox Suicune) can be encountered in Tear Raid crystals in Pokémon Scarlet, whereas Pokémon Violet players will find Iron Leaves (Paradox Virizion). Both the Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Tera Raids are 5-Star in rarity, so they will be level 75 when you encounter them.

If you want to encounter the opposing Tera Pokémon (a Scarlet player wanting Iron Leaves or a Violet player wanting to get Walking Wake) you will need to use the Poké Portal. You can match up with players from other games and battle the wild Tera Pokémon there: upon completing the battle, you’ll be able to catch the opposing Pokémon.

This event will run from February 27th to March 12th so be sure to get them both before they disappear.

Walking Wake and Iron Leaves

Walking Wake and Iron Leaves

Walking Wake Pokémon Overview

The Walking Wake is the Paradox Past form of the Johto Legendary Suicune. With a new rugged appearance (and a new type to match) you will certainly want to try and get one of these powerful Pokémon. 

Walking Wake is a Water Tera Type when you fight it during the Raid, with an ordinary typing of Water/Dragon. It is a fast Special Attacker with a surprising amount of bulk and the ability of Protosynthesis (just like the other Scarlet Paradox Pokémon). This ability boosts the Pokémon’s highest stat whenever they are in harsh sunlight or when they consume an Energy Booster item. 

As a 5-Star Raid, Walking Wake isn’t particularly difficult (at least not compared to the 7-Star Raids like Charizard, Cinderace or Greninja) but you will still want to know what you’re going up against to have the best chance at success.

Ready to Rumble

Ready to Rumble


The Walking Wake has the following moves when you fight it during the Tera Raid:

  • Hydro Steam (Water, Special)
  • Flamethrower (Fire, Special)
  • Noble Roar (Normal, Status)
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon, Special)

As a special attacker, Walking Wake will aim to try and weaken you as much as possible with Noble Roar. While not too big of an issue, it can result in this fight lasting for far longer than necessary, as both of your attack stats will be severely lowered. In terms of attacking moves, any Pokémon with high enough Sp. Defence will be able to tank them very effectively, but it does have some strong type coverage. Fortunately, Hydro Steam is the only STAB move it has access to so you should be able to get through the fight quite easily. 

Walking Wake Movepool

Walking Wake Movepool

Speaking of, Hydro Steam is Walking Wake’s signature move. This is an 80-power Water move with 100% accuracy that blasts the target with boiling hot water. The unique effect of this move is that when in harsh sunlight, the power of the move is increased by 50% (instead of the usual reduction Water-type moves receive in the sun). This is an especially deadly move that can be a real nuisance if you don’t have a way to counter it.


Another interesting thing about the Walking Wake is that, like the 7-Star Raid Pokémon, it will cast an additional move at the start of the battle. This is Sunny Day, which will be cast before any other move can trigger. The reason why this is important is two-fold. On one hand, this will instantly trigger Walking Wake’s ability, Protosynthesis, boosting its already high Sp. Attack stat is even higher while the sunlight is on the field. The other reason is that, with free sunlight from the start of the battle, certain Pokémon become more viable for countering Walking Wake.

The biggest concern for this fight will be when Walking Wake puts up its Tera Shield once it falls below 50% HP. As a Water Type, it only has two weaknesses, so getting through that final bit of shield can be pretty tricky without the right moves and Tera types. 

Let the Battle Begin

Let the Battle Begin

Resistances and Weaknesses

As a pure Water type for the fight, Walking Wake will have the following resistances and weaknesses:

  • Resistant to: Fire, Ice, Steel and Water
  • Weak to: Electric and Grass

If you played the previous 7-Star Raid Event, the Water Tera Pikachu, a lot of this will feel like Deja-Vu. With only Grass and Water as super effective types, the list of strong, viable attackers is rather limited. 

Outside of Grass or Electric types, you could use abilities like Water Absorb or Storm Drain to negate Walking Wake’s strongest move, Hydro Steam, eliminating a large source of DPS. No matter what, Noble Roar will be a big problem if you plan on bursting Walking Wake down in only a few hits, so be ready with status moves or Attack Cheers to stop this. 

It is worth mentioning that Grass Types do have an additional hurdle in this fight. Walking Wake is packing Flamethrower, a strong Fire-type move that can Burn and deal super effective damage. If you get unlucky and it decides to cast this move early on in the fight, before you can set up defences or other types of buffs, you’ll be put at a severe disadvantage. That isn’t to say to not use Grass types, but they are the trickier of the two to play in this Raid. 

Walking Wake is a Water/Dragon Type with a Water Tera Type | Pokémon Scarlet Violet Walking Wake

Walking Wake

Best Pokémon for Walking Wake

Due to sharing a type with 7-Star Pikachu, a lot of the options in that Raid will work here. If you want a more in-depth look at each of those Pokémon, you can find our 7-Star Pikachu guide here. Funnily enough, that 7-Star Pikachu is actually a good option for this Walking Wake Raid: pair Thunder with Rain Dance to override Sunny Day and you’ll be in a pretty good position to sweep this Raid. 

Aside from Pikachu, there are a few things to consider regarding what Pokémon to bring to this fight. Because Walking Wake is only a 5-Star Tera Raid, you have a bit more freedom regarding the Pokémon you choose to fight alongside. Obviously, you still have to keep the typing and move pool in mind, but when compared to the hard-as-nails 7-Star Raids, you have a lot more leeway. 

We would advise using either an Electric type or Grass type attacker with a matching Tera Type (with a slight bias towards Electric thanks to Walking Wake’s Flamethrower). In addition, consider Pokémon with higher Sp. Defence so you can effectively tank all of Walking Wake’s offensive moves. No matter what, though, make sure your Pokémon is around level 80 to be able to effectively compete with Walking Wake.

Although you can use a wide range of Pokémon, we do want to highlight two Pokémon in particular: Arboliva and Iron Hands.

Recommended Pokémon

Arboliva is one the stronger With access to the ability Seed Sower and great Grass/Normal typing, Arboliva will be able to tank most of what Walking Wake has with relative ease (with it even able to take a Flamethrower very nicely after only one use of a Defence Cheer). The main reason why this Pokémon is so good is the combination of Growth and Solar Beam. Because Walking Wake will instantly cast Sunny Day, this gives you a free bonus to Growth without having to sacrifice a turn. You can easily set up 3 rounds of Growth and get off a Solar Beam to almost instantly KO Walking Wake. 

On the flip side, Iron Hands is just a crazy good Pokémon. While it isn’t going to resist any of Walking Wake’s moves as effectively as some other Pokémon, the damage output it can provide is so immense that it isn’t an issue. Thunder Punch paired with Electric Terrain to get the Attack boost from Quark Drive will do an absurd amount of damage, especially if you do some additional set-up with Belly Drum first. The main difficulty with Iron Hands is that it is a Violet exclusive whereas Walking Wake is Scarlet exclusive, but you can easily get around this with the Poké Portal. 

The most important thing is to go in prepared. Be at a good level with the right moves and, no matter what Pokémon you’re running with, you’ll be sure to come out on top.

Mission Successful!

Mission Successful!

That was everything you needed to know on how to counter the new Suicune Paradox form, Walking Wake, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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