Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide: 7-Star Charizard Raid Prep

Learn the essential strategies in this guide to take down Charizard in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Master the possibilities and earn rewards along the way in order to tame the beast. The second Charizard raid wave is here and possibly for the last time.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide: 7-Star Charizard Raid Prep
Carrying over from Pokémon Sword and Shield, raids make a return in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Raids serve as a way to obtain rare Pokémon and valuable loot, and in this case, to obtain Pokémon that could be outside your version of the game, as well as having Tera Types they wouldn’t normally possess.

New to this aspect are 7-Star raids, incredibly difficult endgame raids that offer special Pokémon and bountiful rewards, like expensive items to sell, Ability Patches to unlock the Hidden Abilities of Pokemon, and shards used to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type (note: while Tera Shards can be obtained across all raids, they drop in far greater quantities in 7-star raids). So far, the only Pokémon tied to this challenge is Charizard, and this guide will serve as a way to take it down with as little difficulty as possible.

The Charizard Raid: Unlocking

As a 7-star raid, the highest in the game, the event Charizard comes packed with powerful moves, monstrous HP, and all the usual trimmings of a powerful raid. Beating it allows you to catch it, along with a special mark for it, but only once per save file. Though you can still claim rewards after, such as Ability Patches, Herba Mystica, and treasures to sell.

In order to even gain access to the raid, players need to have completed the postgame, and the post-postgame. You need to have beaten all three major storylines (Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends), trekked through Area Zero and beaten the final boss there, and have completed the first going of the Academy Ace Tournament.


Only available in the post-postgame, you’ll battle not just your friends but your school’s faculty in a 4-person gauntlet.

Once all that is done, Jacq should contact you with information about powerful raids appearing in Paldea. This is where you need to go around and complete ten 4-5 star raids. It’s important to note that you must host them yourself; joining randoms online will not count towards the total. 

After this, Jacq will call you again, letting you know of powerful 6-star raids appearing around Paldea. This is where you’ll be able to participate in the Charizard raid event.

The raid event will be visible on the map as a dark icon with the Dragon Tera Type, and it will appear as a black crystal in the overworld.


Having your chosen mon at level 100 is a MUST for these fearsome post-postgame raids.

Best Pokémon For The Raid

From 1-4 star raids, you can generally use whatever mons you like (though it would still behoove you to use something to take advantage of the Tera Type). 5-6 stars require more involved strategy and firm exploitation of types to deal the most damage before time runs out. However, 7-star raids demand a battle plan, and in this special case, certain Pokémon just flat-out perform better than others.


While Iron Hands is considered one of the best Pokémon for raids thanks to its bulk, attack boosting, and recovery in Drain Punch, it’s simply not enough for the event Charizard. And trying to use the Perrserker cheese strat will only lead to ruin due to Charizard’s Fire moves ripping them apart. Some mons, however, make the fight much easier, if not outright trivial.

Flutter Mane

Currently one of, if not the best Pokémon to take down event Charizard. As the raid Pokémon only knows special moves and has no Steel move at its disposal, it can safely set up and strike back against it with impunity. With its high Special Defense, it serves as a natural tank, and its high Special Attack and movepool to go with it makes it truly formidable. The set in mind is as follows:

Flutter Mane Build

252 Special Attack
252 Special Defense
6 Speed

Covert Cloak

-Calm Mind
-Fake Tears
-Draining Kiss

One of the most fearsome Pokemon in the game and raid Charizard's worst nightmare.

One of the most fearsome Pokemon in the game and raid Charizard’s worst nightmare.

Flutter Mane Strategy

Turn one, Charizard will always use Overheat, then immediately remove negative effects from itself. However, it will only do this once per fight. 

Use Calm Mind 2-3 times to bolster your Special Defense and Special Attack. From there, use Fake Tears to lower Charizard’s Special Defense (3 times gets it to the lowest point). Then alternate Moonblast and Draining Kiss depending on whether you need damage or healing more. Eventually, it’ll nullify your changes, at which point you boost yourself with Calm Mind again and resume.

Not only is this great for online, it makes it possible to take down event Charizard solo, even with your AI partners. The Covert Cloak (obtainable in the Delibird Presents in Levincia) is a must, and prevents you from the secondary effects of moves, such as being burned by Fire Blast, or confused by Hurricane. 

This item can be gotten at the Delibird Presents in Levincia.

This item can be gotten at the Delibird Presents in Levincia.

Adding even more to this strategy is that the event Charizard utilizes Sunny Day and has the Hidden Ability Solar Power, which will bolster its Fire moves and Special Attack outright, but at the cost of a little HP per turn. The boost won’t be enough to take down Flutter Mane, it’s immune to Charizard’s Dragon attacks, and it even activates Flutter Mane’s Protosynthesis, giving it an extra 50% boost to its highest stat, which should be its Special Attack.


Another mainstay in raids like Iron Hands, Azumarill is a great check to event Charizard. Water typing to resist Fire Moves, Fairy typing for immunity to Dragon, and access to Belly Drum and Play Rough shreds the Dragon Tera raid Pokémon. However, its Special Defense is lackluster (especially compared to Flutter Mane), its only recovery option is Aqua Ring, and Play Rough is currently glitched in raids, the actual damage not properly displaying (whether from Huge Power or the move itself, no one is entirely sure). That said, it makes a fantastic option if you don’t have Flutter Mane yourself, which means Violet players can take on and defeat this event mon without access to the Scarlet-exclusive Paradox Pokémon. 

Azumarill Build

252 HP
252 Attack
6 Special Defense

Leftovers/Sitrus Berry

Huge Power

-Belly Drum
-Play Rough
-Aqua Ring
-Helping Hand

Let's get this raid hopping!

Let’s get this raid hopping!

Azumarill Strategy

First turn, use Belly Drum. A Sitrus Berry will immediately bring some of your health back, allowing you to stick around longer. However, that’s only the one time, whereas Leftovers is constant. Then, Aqua Ring to keep up HP regen. You might ask why not switch the order? That’s because if you do, when you do use Belly Drum, you’ll have even less HP than you normally would, unless you get extremely lucky and Charizard uses Hurricane and misses. From there, spam Play Rough and alternate using Helping Hand on your partners.

The immediate health regain from the Sitrus Berry could be the difference between staying in the fight or costing you a faint.

The immediate health regain from the Sitrus Berry could be the difference between staying in the fight or costing you a faint.

While more straightforward, this set crumbles if Charizard burns you, which is likely to happen as Charizard knows Inferno. Even with a 50% chance of hitting, it has a 100% chance to burn, and Azumarill only resists Fire, it isn’t immune to it, which leads to the third option.


This Pokémon seems almost tailor-made to fight the event Charizard. Fairy? Immune to Dragon. Well-Baked Body? Immune to Fire. Impressive bulk? Check. Access to Play Rough? Check. Access to Wish? Check. So why isn’t it higher? Because its offensive prowess is, to put it mildly, laughable. Dachsbun can’t hope to deal respectable damage to the event Charizard. But that’s the beauty of it; it doesn’t need to.

Dachsbun Build

252 HP
252 Special Defense
6 Speed

Helping Hand
Tail Whip
Sunny Day


There's no burning this batch!

There’s no burning this batch!

Dachsbun Strategy

Dachsbun’s role in the Charizard raid is purely support-based. You won’t be dealing damage so much as your teammates will, and you’ll be facilitating it.
Start out with a few Snarls, 2-3, at which point Charizard’s Special Attack will be low enough to be negligible. Activate Sunny Day to trigger Solar Power and force Charizard to take extra damage each turn. Then use Tail Whip to lower its Defense (if your team is composed entirely of Special Attackers, don’t bother and just use Helping Hand). From there, alternate between Snarl and Helping Hand. Charizard will never remove negative effects from itself after the first turn, but when the shield comes up, Tail Whip becomes useless.

A popular item for defensive Pokemon, and a consistent form of recovery.

A popular item for defensive Pokemon, and a consistent form of recovery.


And there you have it; your best options for the Charizard raid. It returns December 16, 2022 to December 18th, 2022. It’s unknown if it will ever come back after this second raid. Should it, these Pokémon and their strategies should still be able to function effectively, barring any drastic nerfs or inclusion of other Pokémon better suited for the job. 

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