Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: Victory Road Quest Guide

In this guide we will show you the definitive guide through the Victory Road questline in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Any of the Gyms giving you trouble? Want to know exactly what you are up against? Then this is the guide to help you in becoming a Pokémon Champion and help you in dethroning Nemona and Geeta in the process.

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Victory Road Quest GuideDespite changing up the formula Pokémon Scarlet and Violet keep the traditions of the Pokémon series alive. The open world of Paldea has many sights and areas, but some of the main attractions are from the games three main questlines. Pokémon has always been iconic and a feature that will never leave the series is the Gym challenges and the Champion. Each region always has 8 Gyms and a Champion for players to conquer and Paldea is no different. 

In this guide we will give you an in depth look at each Gym and how to beat each Leader with ease! This also includes all the Nemona jumpscares including what teams she may use depending on what starter you choose. If you are new to Pokémon this is perfect for you.

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The Towering Gyms

The Towering Gyms

What is a Gym?

A Gym is a special test that you can enter to earn one of 8 badges. Having all badges allows a trainer to take on the Elite Four and have the chance of defeating the Champion. To obtain each badge there are two steps, first the player must complete a Gym Test, each of which are unique per Gym. Then after passing the test you can then challenge the Gym Leader, a skilled Pokémon trainer who specializes in a single type. 

Some Gym Tests require you to battle Gym trainers so make sure before entering the Gyms you have any Super effective moves or Pokémon against whatever type the Gym is dedicated to. You can take on each Gym in any order you like but they are not level scaled. Be careful as no matter what level you are the Gym Leaders will always use the Pokémon at the levels shown in this guide.

Each Gym Leader will always send out a Pokémon that is not the type they use. They will then Terastallize that Pokémon into the type they specialize with. This means you really have no need to worry when they send out a Pokémon of another type. Just be careful with what moves they can know! We will list them down below if you need to prepare.

With that out the way let us battle our way through Victory Road!

Location of Cortondo's Gym

Location of Cortondo’s Gym

Cortondo Gym

Cortondo is the location of the Bug type Gym Leader Katy. She is the first Gym with one of the weakest types. Her Gym is a treat due to her personality and design alone. The Gym Test consists of rolling a giant olive around a obstacle course to reach a goal. This is very easy but the game does give you options to fight optional trainers to open easier paths. These trainers will use level 13 Bug types so if you want to test how well you might do against Katy fight these trainers. This applies to all Gym trainers going forward too.

For Katy herself we recommend using any Fire type Pokémon such as Fuecoco or Flying types such as Fletchinder. Since Katy is the first Gym she will be very easy for any player as long as you are within the recommended level.

Gym Leader Katy –

  • Recommended Level – 10-16
  • Recommended Types – Fire, Flying, Rock
  • Recommended Pokémon –  Fuecoco, Fletchinder, Nacli, Quaxly
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Bug Badge, TM021 Pounce

Katy’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Nymble (Bug) 14 Double Kick (Fighting), Struggle Bug (Bug)
Tarountula (Bug) 14 Assurance (Dark), Bug Bite (Bug)
Teddiursa (Normal ⇒ Bug) 15 Fury Swipe (Normal), Fury Cutter (Bug)
The Location of Artazon's Gym

The Location of Artazon’s Gym

Artazon Gym

The Artazon Gym is home to the Grass type Gym Leader Brassius. Grass type has very similar weaknesses to Bug and Brassius even has very similar leveled Pokémon to Katy. So if you used any Fire or Flying types for Katy you should be set to take on this Gym instantly after her. The Gym Test this time is all about finding 10 Sunfloras hidden around Artazon, they are very easy to find and there is also an excess amount. Be warned that a few of them will engage and fight you.


For Brassius himself the only thing to worry about is his Sudowoodo which knows Rock Throw. As long as your Pokémon are not weak to Rock type you should be able to breeze through the entire battle as neither Smoliv nor Petilil pose much threat and have very little HP. 

Gym Leader Brassius –

  • Recommended Level – 14-21
  • Recommended Types – Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Bug
  • Recommended Pokémon –  Fuecoco, Fletchinder, Wooper, Growlithe
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Grass Badge, TM020 Trailblaze

Brassius’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Petilil (Grass) 16 Sleep Powder (Grass), Mega Drain (Grass)
Smoliv (Grass / Normal) 16 Tackle (Normal), Razor Leaf (Grass)
Sudowoodo (Rock ⇒ Grass) 17 Trailblaze (Grass), Rock Throw (Rock)
The Location of Levincia's Gym

The Location of Levincia’s Gym

Levincia Gym

The Levincia Gym is the heart and home of the Electric type Gym Leader and streamer, Iono. Iono is the first step up from easy as she not only has strong Pokémon but the Electric typing itself has only a single weakness, that being Ground. 

The Gym Test forces the player to be a star on Iono’s stream to increase her views. She tasks the player with finding Director Clavell in a game of Where’s Waldo. The three locations he will be in are: 1st- Sitting at a table, 2nd- Inside the Pokémon Centre and 3rd- On a boat. In between the first and second you must battle a Gym trainer.

Iono has lots of coverage so be very careful and make use of the ability to switch out your Pokémon bewtween her own. Her team consists of a few strong Pokémon such as Bellibolt. Bellibolt is a big issue as not only does it know a Water type move but also its ability makes it stronger every time you hit it. You will need to make sure you don’t use a Ground type against Bellibolt as those are weak to Water and instead focus on taking it down through its low Special Defence stat. The Terstallized Mismagius has no weaknesses due to it having levitate, so you will need to take it down using your strength alone. Steel types strong against all of what Iono can throw at you and Normal types are immune to half of Mismagius’s moveset.

Gym Leader Iono –

  • Recommended Level – 22-28
  • Recommended Types – Ground, Normal, Grass, Steel, Electric
  • Recommended Pokémon – Floragato, Cyclizar, Tandemaus, Doliv, Clodsire, Tinkatuff, Bellibolt
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Electric Badge, TM048 Volt Switch

Iono’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Wattrel (Electric / Flying) 23 Pluck (Flying), Quick Attack (Normal), Spark (Electric)
Bellibolt (Electric) 23 Spark (Electric), Water Gun (Water)
Luxio (Electric) 23 Spark (Electric), Bite (Dark)
Mismagius (Ghost ⇒ Electric) 24 Hex (Ghost), Charge Beam (Electric), Confuse Ray (Ghost)
Location of Cascarrafa's Gym

Location of Cascarrafa’s Gym

Cascarrafa Gym

The Cascarrafa Gym takes the player on a journey to multiple towns in order to battle the Water type leader, Kofu. If you chose Sprigatito this Gym should be very easy. The Gym Test involves you taking Kofu his wallet after he rushes off to Porto Marinada Market. Once you arrive there you must beat a Gym Trainer and then Kofu will introduce the Auctions to you.

Kofu uses a range of counters to his Water types weaknesses such as Flying and Ground typed moves. You either need to bring multiple counters rather than just one or hope your Pokémon are strong enough and quick enough to defeat his. Be careful with his Veluza as it is very fast and can easily take down any Grass types. We suggest opening with a Electric type as they often are quite speedy as well as being Super effective against Veluza.

Gym Leader Kofu –

  • Recommended Level – 29-35
  • Recommended Types – Electric, Grass, Fighting
  • Recommended Pokémon – Floragato, Pawmot, Breloom, Quaxwell, Jumpluff, Leafeon
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Water Badge, TM022 Chilling Water, access to the Porto Marinada Auctions

Kofu’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Veluza (Water / Psychic) 29 Slash (Normal), Pluck (Flying), Aqua Cutter (Water)
Wugtrio (Water) 29 Mud-Slap (Ground), Water Pulse (Water), Headbutt (Normal)
Crabominable (Fighting / Ice ⇒ Water) 30 Crabhammer (Water), Rock Smash (Fighting), Slam (Normal)
Location of Medali's Gym

Location of Medali’s Gym

Medali Gym

The Medali Gym is as normal as normal can get. Larry working multiple jobs means he doesn’t have much time for battling so be sure to make your fight quick.The Gym Test is as simple as ordering food, because that’s what it is. You need to walk around Medali and fight Gym trainers in order to gain information about what the secret dish of the Treasure Eater restaurant. This is not very well explained so here is exactly what you need to order so you don’t need to bother doing the test:Grilled rice balls, medium, Fire Blast and lemon. This may count as cheating on your test results…

Larry using Normal types means that you can use pretty much anything here. As long as you are decently leveled, Larry’s three Pokémon won’t pose much threat. Fighting types make this Gym a joke!

Gym Leader Larry –

  • Recommended Level – 35-41
  • Recommended Types – Fighting, Ghost
  • Recommended Pokémon – Quaquaval, Pawmot, Crabrawler, Primeape, Lucario, Gengar
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Normal Badge, TM025 Facade, the ability to change your Pokémon’s Tera Type

Larry’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Komala (Normal) 35 Yawn (Normal), Sucker Punch (Dark), Slam (Normal)
Dudunsparce (Normal) 35 Glare (Normal), Drill Run (Ground), Hyper Drill (Normal)
Staraptor (Normal / Flying ⇒ Normal) 36 Facade (Normal), Aerial Ace (Flying)
Location of Montenevera's Gym

Location of Montenevera’s Gym

Montenevera Gym

The Montenevera Gym is guarded by many spirits as it is the location of the Ghost type Gym Leader Ryme. This whole Gym has the gimmick of consisting of only double battles, this means that each battle here will require you to send out two Pokémon and fight two at a time. The Gym Test involves getting you used to the idea of double battles by having you face 3 Gym trainers in order to work up a crowd for the rapping Gym battle.

Ryme will rattle your bones with her Ghost type Pokémon. She has Shadow Sneak on her first two Pokémon, so make sure you have some strong Pokémon to defend against it. This move takes priority, meaning it will go first. Overall Ryme’s team lacks coverage so make sure to take advantage of that and use some Pokémon that cannot be hurt much by her team to secure victory.

Gym Leader Ryme –

  • Recommended Level – 41-47
  • Recommended Types – Fairy, Dark, Ghost, Normal
  • Recommended Pokémon – Tinkaton, Mimikyu, Cyclizar, Grimmsnarl, Skeledirge, Meowscarada
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Ghost Badge, TM114 Facade

Ryme’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Mimikyu (Ghost / Fairy) 41 Slash (Normal), Shadow Sneak (Ghost), Light Screen (Psychic)
Banette (Ghost) 41 Icy Wind (Ice), Sucker Punch (Dark), Shadow Sneak (Ghost)
Houndstone (Ghost) 41 Play Rough (Fairy), Crunch (Dark), Phantom Force (Ghost)
Toxtricity (Electric / Poison ⇒ Ghost) 42 Hyper Voice (Normal), Discharge (Electric), Hex (Ghost)
Location of Alfornada's Gym

Location of Alfornada’s Gym

Alfornada Gym

The Alfornada Gym is found high up on the peak of a mountain which is perfect for some zen and mediation for the Psychic type Gym Leader Tulip. The Gym Test is a very strange test, you are tasked with playing a rhythm like game with no skill involved.

Tulip being a fashion queen means a lot of her Pokémon are definetly all about looks rather than stats. They are all strong Special Attackers so bring some bulky Special Defence Pokémon to nullify their strengths. Be careful of the Reflect being set-up by her first Pokémon as this will make her team stronger against Physical attacks for five turns.

Gym Leader Tulip –

  • Recommended Level – 44-51
  • Recommended Types – Fairy, Steel, Dark, Bug, Ghost
  • Recommended Pokémon – Mimikyu, Tinkaton, Lokix, Grimmsnarl, Skeledirge, Meowscarada
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Psychic Badge, TM120 Psychic

Tulip’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Farigiraf (Normal / Psychic) 44 Crunch (Dark), Zen Headbutt (Psychic), Reflect (Psychic)
Gardevoir (Psychic / Fairy) 44 Psychic (Psychic), Dazzling Gleam (Fairy), Energy Ball (Grass)
Espathra (Psychic) 44 Psychic (Psychic), Quick Attack (Normal), Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Florges (Fairy ⇒ Psychic) 45 Psychic (Psychic), Dazzling Gleam (Fairy), Petal Blizzard (Grass)
Location of Glaseado's Gym

Location of Glaseado’s Gym

Glaseado Gym

The Glaseado Gym is surrounded by cold chilling snow, which is perfect for Grusha the Ice type Gym Leader. Being the final Gym Leader, Grusha puts you on the edge of a iceberg with his power. Unfortunately for him, Ice is one of least threatening types with it having many weaknesses, not many strengths and some of the worst stats. The Gym Test here is a very easy and simple challenge of just doing some snowboarding with your legendary. 

Grusha’s Ice types can put up a fight however if you have a Fire type they will be melted before he can even have a chance. All of his Pokémon have at least a 2x weakness to Fire so make sure to capitalize off this. Note that his Cetitan has the ability Thick Fat which reduces the damage Fire type moves do to it, so consider having a backup Steel or Fighting type to deal with it. This back up typing will also be good for dealing with Beartic and Cetitian as they both know a Water type move.

Gym Leader Grusha –

  • Recommended Level – 48-54
  • Recommended Types – Fire, Steel, Fighting
  • Recommended Pokémon – Tinkaton, Skeledirge, Ceruledge, Armarouge, Talonflame, Gallade
  • What you unlock for passing the Gym – The Ice Badge, TM124 Ice Spinner

Grusha’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Frostmoth (Ice / Bug) 47 Blizzard (Ice), Bug Buzz (Bug), Tailwind (Flying)
Beartic (Ice) 47 Aqua Jet (Water), Icicle Crash (Ice), Earthquake (Ground)
Cetitan (Ice) 47 Icicle Spear (Ice), Liquidation (Water), Ice Shard (Ice)
Altaria (Dragon / Flying ⇒ Ice) 48 Ice Beam (Ice), Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Moonblast (Fairy), Hurricane (Flying)
The Ultimate Final Test

The Ultimate Final Test

Elite Four

The final stretch of Victory Road is found behind Mesagoza, the Elite Four. This acts as your final test before being able to challenge the Champion and become one yourself. Before anything you must pass the Champion Assessment another test which will analyse you to see if you are really ready for the final challenge.

Here are the answers you will need: Q1- Any, Q2- Naranja (Scarlet)/ Uva (Violet), Q3- To become Champion Q4- Any, Q5- Any, Q6+7- Using this guide check what town you chose and which Gym Leader that is, Q8- Grass Cat (Sprigatito)/ Fire Croc (Fuecoco)/ Duckling (Quaxly), Q9- Whatever you answered in Q4, Q10- Yes. Here at KeenGamer we do not endorse cheating on your actual education or job interviews!!! 

Now that you have passed the Assessment let us delve into each Elite Four members team! Reminder that you can switch teams in-between each member so feel free to counter each member with different options.

Elite Four Rika

Rika, the woman who assessed you is your first obstacle in becoming a Champion. Put aside your feelings for her and make sure to focus on countering her Ground type Pokémon.

Elite Four Rika-

  • Recommended Level – 56-62
  • Recommended Types – Grass, Water, Ice
  • Recommended Pokémon – Gyarados, Baxcalibur, Meowscarada

Rika’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Whiscash (Water / Ground) 57 Muddy Water (Ground), Earth Power (Ground), Future Sight (Psychic), Blizzard (Ice)
Camerupt (Fire / Ground) 57 Earth Power (Ground), Fire Punch (Fire), Flash Cannon (Steel), Yawn (Normal)
Donphan (Ground) 57 Earthquake (Ground), Stone Edge (Rock), Poison Jab (Poison), Iron Head (Iron)
Dugtrio (Ground) 57 Earthquake (Ground), Rock Slide (Rock), Sucker Punch (Dark), Sandstorm (Rock)
Clodsire (Ground / Poison ⇒ Ground) 58 Protect (Normal), Earthquake (Ground), Toxic (Poison), Liquidation (Water)

Elite Four Poppy

The youngest of the Elite Four Poppy still has a spirit as strong as Iron. She uses Steel types so you may struggle if you don’t use Super effective moves as Steel types tend to be quite bulky and strong. Note that her Copperajah may set up Stealth Rock so either make sure your ace is strong enough to tank her team or try and take down Copperajah before it can set this up.

Elite Four Poppy-

  • Recommended Level – 59-63
  • Recommended Types – Fire, Fighting, Ground, Steel
  • Recommended Pokémon – Ceruledge, Armarouge, Skeledirge, Tinkaton, Annihilape

Poppy’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Copperajah (Steel) 58 High Horsepower (Ground), Play Rough (Fairy), Heavy Slam (Steel), Stealth Rock (Rock)
Corviknight (Steel / Flying) 58 Brave Bird (Flying), Iron Head (Steel), Iron Defense (Steel), Body Press (Normal)
Bronzong (Steel / Psychic) 58 Iron Head (Steel), Zen Headbutt (Psychic), Rock Blast (Rock), Earthquake (Ground)
Magnezone (Steel / Electric) 58 Discharge (Electric), Flash Cannon (Steel), Light Screen (Psychic), Tri Attack (Normal)
Tinkaton (Fairy / Steel ⇒ Steel) 59 Play Rough (Fairy), Gigaton Hammer (Steel), Brick Break (Fighting), Stone Edge (Rock)

Elite Four Larry

Beating you is one of his many jobs, so here Larry is back for round two this time using Flying types. This typing makes him a lot stronger as it is able to counter other types, however bring a Rock or Electric type and you should be set.

Elite Four Larry-

  • Recommended Level – 60-65
  • Recommended Types – Rock, Electric, Ice
  • Recommended Pokémon – Tinkaton, Garganacl, Gyarados, Baxcalibur

Larry’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
 Tropius (Flying / Grass) 59 Air Slash (Flying), Solar Beam (Grass), Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Sunny Day (Fire)
Staraptor (Normal / Flying) 59 Brave Bird (Flying), Close Combat (Fighting), Facade (Normal), Thief (Dark)
Altaria (Flying / Dragon) 59 Moonblast (Fairy), Flamethrower (Fire), Ice Beam (Ice), Dragon Pulse (Dragon)
Oricorio (Flying / Electric) 59 Air Slash (Flying), Teeter Dance (Normal), Icy Wind (Ice)
Tinkaton (Flying / Fighting ⇒ Flying) 60 Close Combat (Fighting), Brave Bird (Flying), Throat Chop (Fighting), Liquidation (Water)

Elite Four Hassel

Hassel brings the final roar of the Elite Four with his Dragon type Pokémon. This type is very dangerous and his Pokémon are no joke, despite his personality. Make sure to have plenty of Fairy types to blast away these Dragons to defeat.

Elite Four Hassel-

  • Recommended Level – 61-66
  • Recommended Types – Fairy, Dragon, Ice, Steel, Fire 
  • Recommended Pokémon – Tinkaton, Cetitan, Froslass, Gyarados, Sylveon, Dachsbun

Hassel’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Noivern (Dragon / Flying) 60 Air Slash (Flying), Super Fang (Normal), Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Hyper Voice (Normal)
Dragalge (Dragon / Poison) 60 Sludge Bomb (Poison), Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Hydro Pump (Water), Thunderbolt (Electric)
Flapple (Dragon / Grass) 60 Dragon Rush (Dragon), Seed Bomb (Grass), Aerial Ace (Flying), Leech Seed (Grass)
Haxorus (Dragon) 60 Dragon Claw (Dragon), Crunch (Dark), Iron Head (Steel), Rock Tomb (Rock)
Baxcalibur (Dragon / Ice ⇒ Dragon) 61 Icicle Crash (Ice), Brick Break (Fighting), Ice Shard (Ice), Glaive Rush (Dragon)
The Top Champion of Paldea, Geeta

The Top Champion of Paldea, Geeta

Champion Geeta

After conquering the Elite Four you are not done, you must finally take on the Champion, Geeta. In Scarlet/Violet Instead of there just being a single Champion of the region there are multiple! This includes Nemona who likes to rub it in your face with her dialogue boxes. But the most powerful Champion is the Top Champion Geeta.

Geeta will not be a push over her team consists of the best of the best. Since she does not specialize in a single type you need to not rely on just one or two Pokémon as she will guarantee have something to counter your Pokémon.

She does however have her own weaknesses, three of her Pokémon have a weakness to Fire so capitalize off this. Her main issues you will face are her Kingambit and her Glimmora, to deal with the Kingambit use Fighting type attacks to hit its 4x weakness. As for Glimmora use Water or Ground types to hit its single Rock type, just be careful with the coverage it has with its own moves. 

Top Champion Geeta-

  • Recommended Level – 62-68
  • Recommended Types – Fairy, Steel, Fire, Water, Fighting, Ground
  • Recommended Pokémon – Ceruledge, Armarouge, Skeledirge, Tinkaton, Annihilape, Azumarill, Quaquaval, Dondozo, Bellibolt

Geeta’s Pokémon

Pokémon Level Moves
Espathra (Psychic) 61 Lumina Crash (Psychic), Dazzling Gleam (Fairy), Quick Attack (Normal), Reflect (Psychic)
Avalugg (Ice) 61 Avalanche (Ice), Crunch (Dark), Earthquake (Ground), Body Press (Normal)
Kingambit (Dark / Steel) 61 Iron Head (Steel), Kowtow Cleave (Dark), Zen Headbutt (Psychic), Stone Edge (Rock)
Gogoat (Grass) 61 Zen Headbutt (Psychic), Horn Leech (Grass), Play Rough (Fairy), Bulk Up (Fighting)
Veluza (Water / Psychic) 61 Aqua Jet (Water), Liquidation (Water), Psycho Cut (Psychic), Ice Fang (Ice)
Glimmora (Rock / Poison ⇒ Rock) 61 Tera Blast (Rock), Sludge Wave (Poison), Dazzling Gleam (Fairy), Earth Power (Ground)

“You! Me! Rivals! Yes?!”

Nemona Battles

After you have beaten a certain number of Gyms Nemona will ask to battle you. This happens 4 times over the course of your Gym journey but when these battles happen is tied to how many Gym badges you have gotten. Here’s a list of when each battle happens: 

  • Before your 3rd Gym
  • After your 4th Gym
  • Before your 6th Gym
  • After defeating Geeta

Here is each battle and what Pokémon we recommend to counter each one!

Nemona Battle #3 (Before your 3rd Gym)

  • Recommended Level – 25-31
  • Recommended Types – Ground, Water
  • Recommended Pokémon – Clodsire, Naclstack, Quaxwell, Crocalor

Nemona’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Rockruff (Rock) 21 Rock Throw (Rock)
Pawmi (Electric) 21 Thunder Shock (Electric)
[If you chose Fuecoco] Floragato (Grass ⇒ Grass)  22 Magical Leaf (Grass), Bite (Dark)
[If you chose Quaxly] Crocalor (Fire ⇒ Fire)  22 Incinerate (Fire), Yawn (Normal)
[If you chose Sprigatito] Quaxwell (Water ⇒ Water)  22 Water Pulse (Water), Wing Attack (Flying)

Nemona Battle #4 (After your 4th Gym)

  • Recommended Level – 38-43
  • Recommended Types – Water, Grass, Fighting, Steel, Fairy
  • Recommended Pokémon – Clodsire, Naclstack, Tinkaton, Azumarill, Flamigo
  • Reward for beating Nemona – TM171 Tera Blast

Nemona’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Lycanroc (Rock) 36 Accelerock (Rock), Bite (Dark)
Pawmo (Electric / Fighting) 36 Spark (Electric), Arm Thrust (Fighting)
Goomy (Dragon) 36 Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Water Pulse (Water)
[If you chose Fuecoco] Meowscarada (Grass / Dark ⇒ Grass)  37 Flower Trick (Grass), Quick Attack (Normal)
[If you chose Quaxly] Skeledirge (Fire / Ghost ⇒ Fire)  37 Torch Song (Fire), Snarl (Dark)
[If you chose Sprigatito] Quaquaval (Water / Fighting ⇒ Water)  37 Aqua Jet (Water), Aqua Step (Water)

Nemona Battle #5 (After your 6th Gym)

  • Recommended Level – 42-47
  • Recommended Types – Ground, Water, Steel, Fairy, Fighting
  • Recommended Pokémon – Clodsire, Garganacl, Tinkaton, 

Nemona’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Lycanroc (Rock) 42 Rock Slide (Rock), Accelerock (Rock)
Pawmot (Electric / Fighting) 42 Spark (Electric), Arm Thrust (Electric)
Sliggoo (Dragon) 42 Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Water Pulse (Water)
[If you chose Fuecoco] Meowscarada (Grass / Dark ⇒ Grass)  43 Flower Trick (Grass), Quick Attack (Normal)
[If you chose Quaxly] Skeledirge (Fire / Ghost ⇒ Fire)  43 Torch Song (Fire), Snarl (Dark)
[If you chose Sprigatito] Quaquaval (Water / Fighting ⇒ Water)  43 Aqua Jet (Water), Aqua Step (Water)

Nemona Battle #6 (After Beating Geeta)

  • Recommended Level – 63-70
  • Recommended Types – Fairy, Fire, Grass, Water Ground, Psychic,
  • Recommended Pokémon – Gardevoir, Gallade, Skeledirge, Meowscarada, Quaquaval, Tinkaton, Clodsire, Arcanine

Nemona’s Pokémon-

Pokémon Level Moves
Lycanroc (Rock) 65 Stone Edge (Rock), Accelerock (Rock)
Goodra (Dragon) 65 Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Muddy Water (Water)
Dudunsparce (Normal) 65 Coil (Poison), Hyper Drill (Normal)
Orthworm (Steel) 65 Body Press (Steel), Iron Tail (Steel)
Pawmot (Electric / Fighting) 65 Close Combat (Fighting), Double Shock (Electric)
[If you chose Fuecoco] Meowscarada (Grass / Dark ⇒ Grass)  66 Flower Trick (Grass), Shadow Claw (Ghost)
[If you chose Quaxly] Skeledirge (Fire / Ghost ⇒ Fire)  66 Torch Song (Fire), Shadow Ball (Ghost)
[If you chose Sprigatito] Quaquaval (Water / Fighting ⇒ Water)  66 Brick Break (Fighting), Aqua Step (Water)

And with Nemona finally beaten one last time you are now one of the Champions of Paldea! Congratulations and we hope this guide has helped you in completing this questline. Feel free to comment down below any tips you have to help others!

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