Best Weapons and Loadouts To Try in Warzone Post DMR Patch

Let's detail the very best loadouts you can use right now in Warzone post DMR patch. Although Warzone has been a staple in the Battle Royale community for a while now, the introduction of Black Ops Cold War’s guns and battle pass saw new weapons take to the spotlight, especially with the launch of Rebirth Island, the new smaller map. Weapons from Cold War’s multiplayer were merged into Modern Warfare’s engine, with some even performing better in the battle royale, as I’m sure everyone is aware of the overwhelming response towards the DMR’s dominance in Warzone.

Best Weapons and Loadouts to Try in Warzone Post DMR Patch

About a week ago, the DMR was nerfed for the second time, finally dialling down the weapon’s output enough to balance it with the rest of Warzone’s weapons. This patch opened up an opportunity for some of the other Cold War weapons to take the forefront, instead of being absolutely wrecked by every opponent using a DMR. Some of these weapons are actually very strong even when compared to Modern Warfare’s meta weapons, such as the Kilo 141 and the Kar98k. In this article, I will outline the best FFAR 1, LW3 TUNDRA, AUG and MAC-10 loadouts and weapon classes I have had fun with over the past week.

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The FFAR is a very good close-to-medium ranged weapon that excels in the new map Rebirth Island map. Although it has a lot of recoil and will struggle at longer ranges, this weapon has one of the fastest time to kill (TTK) within its range, making it a very good option for those who like a more mobile, fast-firing AR that can perform much like an SMG at close to medium range. If you haven’t tried this weapon yet, make sure to level it up in Cold War multiplayer and give it a shot in Warzone using my loadout pictured above.

FFAR 1 Loadout

FFAR 1 Loadout

LW3 Tundra

This weapon is, for all the sniper lovers out there, a very viable long-ranged weapon in Warzone at the moment, mostly due to the fast ADS and high damage at range. Of course, the Kar98k, AX-50 and HDR are still very strong snipers; however, I have chosen to put the Tundra on this list simply because of its satisfying nature. From the sound to its aesthetic, the Tundra is a very viable option for snipers right now looking for a different option other than the already established snipers within the game. This weapon is especially strong right now and fun to use after the recent DMR nerf, which essentially made sniper rifles the best long-ranged weapons once again. Check out my class below!

LW3 Tundra Loadout

LW3 Tundra Loadout

AUG (Black Ops)

As we know, tactical rifles have recently been the bane of players existence, with both the Type 63 and DMR being very over powered in recent weeks; however, one weapon that has gone under the radar is the AUG. the AUG is a very strong medium to long-range weapon that can also surprise players at closer ranges. The damage output of this weapon is very high, taking only a few bursts to down a fully shielded opponent. For those who prefer not to run a Sniper or Marksman Rifle, this weapon can satisfy the need for a longer-ranged weapon while also being able to perform medium and closer ranges.

AUG Loadout

AUG Loadout


Finally, we have the SMG option: the MAC-10, which, although being recently nerfed and balanced for Warzone, is surprisingly a very strong close-range weapon. The MAC-10 is absolutely lethal from close range and, with the right attachments, can even perform at medium ranges. With a very fast fire rate and relatively easy to control recoil, this weapon is almost unbeatable at close ranges and a great option for those who want something close quarters without having to run a shotgun. With the introduction of Rebirth Island, the new smaller map, the MAC-10 is a great option for it, as most gunfights happen in a small area, making it a must-use for those tighter engagements. Check out my class below to see what attachments I found most useful.

MAC-10 Loadout

MAC-10 Loadout

For more detailed information on each of these weapons and how they perform, I highly recommend this website called Downsights, which includes a breakdown of all the weapons currently in Warzone.

If you’re new to Warzone, check out this latest trailer for the new map, Rebirth Island:

Black Ops Cold War - Season 1 Cinematic Trailer - Rebirth Island NEW Warzone Map

I hope these classes helped those getting over the DMR nerf; let me know what load outs and weapons you intend to try below and whether they serve you well!

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