9 Call of Duty: Warzone Tips for Team Matches

The Call of Duty: Warzone tips for team matches in this game guide might help you play better squad matches. Are your squads usually falling a long way short of victory in COD: Warzone? If so, check out the Call of Duty: Warzone tips for team matches below.

Call of Duty: Warzone was undoubtedly one of the most exciting multiplayer game releases of 2020. One reason some players rate this game more highly than the likes of PUBG is its superior team gameplay features, most notably in the form of pings and Squad Buybacks. Such features add more depth to Warzone’s squad matches. Here are some Call of Duty: Warzone tips for team matches that will help your squads survive longer.

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1. Share armor plates with teammates who need them

Warzone players have three armor slots, which amounts to an extra health bar. It’s just as important for your teammates to have full armor bars as yourself. If you have maximum armor, be prepared to ping armor you spot on the ground (with the left Alt key) so teammates who need them can pick them up.

An armor plate

An armor plate

Alternatively, be prepared to toss any surplus armor you’re carrying to share it with teammates who don’t have a full armor bar. To do that, press the Tab key to view your inventory and select armor. Then ping the armor you’ve chucked on the ground to inform teammates it’s there to pick up.

2. Ping distant hostiles

Pinging is undoubtedly an extremely handy tool for team matches in Call of Duty: Warzone. Aside from highlighting object positions, you can also utilize pings to show teammates where hostiles you’ve spotted are. By doing so, you’ll give them due warning hostiles aren’t that far away and highlight the approximate position of nearby enemies. So, make sure you ping hostiles you spot in the distance.

3. Ping cash to share it with teammates

Reviving teammates with buy-ins can be crucial to your teams’ victory chances in squad matches. You’ll need $4,000 to buy a player back in. When you have more than $4,000, however, be prepared to give players in your squad who don’t have enough for a buy-in a chance to pick up more cash. Instead of picking up the cash you find, ping it so other players in your team can pick it up and amass $4,000. This will ensure all players have enough cash to revive you, or other teammates, in your squad during matches when needed.

Pinged cash

Pinged cash

4. Add Trophy Systems to vehicles

Although vehicles give you some protection from gunfire, they’re big and vulnerable targets for enemy rocket launchers and other explosive arsenals. In the worst-case scenario, an enemy can devastate your team when it’s sharing a vehicle with a precise RPG-7 rocket shot. Or an enemy squad might chuck a few grenades in the approximate direction of your vehicle, one of which could have some impact.

You can reduce that vulnerability by deploying Trophy Systems on vehicles you’re sharing with other players. The Trophy System is a field upgrade that destroys incoming field equipment and projectiles. Throwing one of those on top of a vehicle before you start burning down the highway could save your team from an enemy bombardment.

A Trophy System

A Trophy System

5. Watch out for red flares

Purchasing Squad Buybacks at Buy stations to revive teammates sets off red flares. If you see a nearby red flare, there’s certainly at least one hostile close to you. Therefore, red flares ultimately highlight the positions of weakened teams.

So, keep an eye out for red flares set off by other teams. You can spring surprise attacks on weakened squads at the approximate locations you spot the flares coming from. Alternatively, you can keep your distance from where enemy teams set off flares if you prefer.

6. Give cash to players who request it

Players in your teams might sometimes request cash from you. When teammates request cash, that doesn’t usually mean they’re being greedy. Teammates usually request extra cash so they can purchase Loadout Drop Markers, which cost $10,000. As Loadout Drop Markers are the most expensive item, teammates will often need to request cash to get them. A teammate might also request cash for a Squad Buyback (if nobody has $4,000). So, be prepared to chuck some dollars on the floor when requested so your team can get a Loadout Drop or Squad Buyback.

7. Reveal all hostiles on the map with the team UAV trick

The UAV is one of the best killstreak items you can snap up at Buy Stations. That killstreak item temporarily reveals the positions of nearby hostiles with red dots on the mini-map for a short period. So, it’s always worth snapping one of those up for $4,000 in solo or team matches.

The UAV can be even better in team games when you utilize it at the same time as two other teammates. When three players on the same team utilize three UAVs at once at about the same time, you’ll see the positions of EVERY hostile in a match on your minimap for a short time! One player showed that trick in action within a video on this Twitter tweet. That’s an amazing trick, but you’ll probably need to chat with your teammates to pull it off.

8. Form up on teammates who become bounty targets

When you, or a teammate, become a bounty target, up to four players could be closing in on your team. You’ll be given a warning if a teammate has become a bounty target. Make sure you always form up on teammates (move very close to) when they become targets to protect them from whatever might be coming their way. When you become a bounty target, stay close to nearby teammates (preferably within buildings) to ensure you have a better chance of surviving an enemy assault on your position.

A bounty target location highlighted on the map.

A bounty target location highlighted on the map.

9. Be prepared to wait to get brought back

It might be tempting to exit a match when you’re eliminated at the Gulag and nobody on your team has enough cash to buy you back in immediately. However, it doesn’t usually take that long for a player to find a few thousand dollars. So, always press the Alt key when you’re eliminated to inform teammates that you’re waiting for them to buy you back in ASAP. Be patient enough to wait at least five minutes when a teammate doesn’t have enough cash to revive you immediately. Only exit a match immediately when the play zone is too small (usually in the last six or seven minutes of a match) for a teammate to feasibly revive you.

Your squads will more likely emerge victoriously, or at least survive longer, if you stick to the above Call of Duty: Warzone tips for team matches. Of course, much will also depend on your teammates; but you can make sure you support them. Remember that you’ve got to play as a team to win squad and trio matches.

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