CoD Warzone Progression Will Continue Across Games

According to Treyarch, CoD Warzone progression will be linked to their new title, Black Ops Cold War, from December, while staying linked to Modern Warfare. Loadouts, player progression, gun progression and more will by synched across all games, meaning there'll be a seamless transfer between games.

CoD Warzone Progression Will Continue Across GamesPublisher Activision has outlined its plans for CoD Warzone progression, with the release of Black Ops Cold War imminent. All types of progress will be linked to the new game in December while staying linked to Modern Warfare as well. Although that may sound complicated, all it really means is that your progress seamlessly transfers between games. And, with progress linked up across games, so is the gameplay; cross-play and cross-generation play will allow players to enjoy the game with friends no matter your console or game. While cross-play has been available since earlier this year, cross-generation play is bigger news for those looking to pick up the newest entry in the franchise, as it releases on both next-gen and current-gen consoles. Players will still be able to play the battle royale with friends on a number of different platforms.

Looking at specifics, the publisher has made clear that the only big changes Black Ops Cold War will bring to Warzone are a huge number of new weapons. Current loadouts and guns will still be available, and any progress with current weapons will carry over. And, after Season One starts in December, season progression will also carry over between titles. All in all, it seems like the future of CoD Warzone progression has been carefully planned out to keep fans involved, no matter how they choose to play.

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