Best Rebirth Island Weapons & Loadouts in Warzone

Use the most powerful weapons and dominate on the Ashika Island! New season for Warzone 2 is out and so is the Rebirth Island. So because of that, we have prepared for you the best and most used guns and loadouts for Rebirth Island.

Best Rebirth Island Weapons & Loadouts in Warzone

The new season of Warzone brought us a lot of new things. From the popular Rebirth Island, new guns, operators, all the way to fixing a lot of bugs. It can be said that Rebirth Island refreshed the game in such a way that it gave first of all free-to-play players more action and made it easier to unlock guns and camo. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the best and most fun guns that you can put in your loadout.

What Is The Best Warzone Rebirth Island Loadout? 

There are a lot of fairly well balanced guns that you can use on Rebirth Island. As expected, the popular RPK and Fennec 45 got a slight nerf, but not that noticeable. So those two weapons are still combined for the best loadout. In addition to them, on Rebirth Island it is good to use snipers, assault rifles, and even battle rifles. Some good loadout combinations are:

  1. Lachmann Sub & ISO Hemlock 
  2. RPK & Fennec 45
  3. Kastov 762 & Vaznev-9K 
  4. TAQ-56 & Victus XMR
  5. TAQ-V & X13 Akimbo 
  6. FSS Hurricane & M4 
Weapons Best Rebirth Loadout

Best loadout combination.

What Perks Are Currently Best To Use in Warzone? 

Finally, the possibility to create your own custom perk package was included, and even more than we expected. Now you have the opportunity to combine whatever perks you want to create a perfect loadout package. Which means that there will rarely be loadouts that don’t have overkill. The Overkill perk allows you to have two guns in your loadout, which is a big plus. Of course, there are also double time, strong arm, fast hands and others. Some of the best combinations you can have are:

1. Overkill, Double Time, Fast Hands, Ghost

2. Overkill, Double Time, Resupply, High Alert

3. Double Time, Strong Arm, Resupply, Quickfix

Also, we all know how many actions are happening on Rebirth Island and how the enemies are coming from every side. So I advise you to use High Alert Perk, which will warn you that the enemy has you on their sights, so you can quickly take a cover.

Perk Packages hud in Call of Duty Warzone, where in the middle of the screen are shown combinations of perks while at the bottom there are perk packages to choose.

Best Ashika Island perks.

Lachmann Sub 

A good way to refresh your loadout! The MP5 or the Lachmann Sub is one of the most powerful SMG’s that you can use as a replacement for the Fennec 45. This build is literally able to kill an entire squad with only a 40 round magazine and it has a great recoil control and accuracy, which is very important in Warzone. One of the best and most reliable SMGs not only in Warzone but also in other FPS games.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel FTAC M-SUB 12″ +0.17 Weight, +0.29 Length
Muzzle SA SCHALLDAMPFER 99 +0.75 Weight, -0.75 Length
Underbarrel PHASE-3 GRIP -0.15 Weight, +0.16 Length
Magazine  40 ROUND MAG None
Rear Grip LM CRONUS GRIP +0.22 Weight, -0.37 Width
No recoil detected.

No recoil detected.

ISO Hemlock

ISO Hemlock is a new assault rifle that was added with the Season 2 update and that you can get it for free via battle pass. This rifle performs excellently at any distance and could be a new meta. With these attachments, this AR will be most useful at medium and long range fights. The reason why it is in the first place is because it is refreshing and I recommend everyone to level it up.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel FIELDER-T50 +0.18 Weight, +0.18 Length
Muzzle ECHOLESS-80 +0.63 Weight, +0.71 Length
Underbarrel FTAC RIPPER 56 -0.37 Weight, -0.40 Length
Magazine  45 ROUND MAG None
Optics AIM OP-V4 -0.90 Weight, -1.65 Eye Position
Try .300 BLK ammunition.

Try .300 BLK ammunition.


The well-known RPK, which received even two nerfs since the beginning of the new Warzone season, still holds the title, in my opinion, for the best weapon in the entire game. Although its recoil is noticeably worse, with this build it is rarely noticed. These attachments improve recoil control, accuracy, range and damage while not bringing down the handling so much. If we’re going to be realistic, this rifle is deadly at all distances and hardly any can match it, even if all rifles are, to some extent, excellently balanced.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel TAC 597 BARREL +0.22 Weight, +0.11 Length
Muzzle POLARFIRE-S +0.10 Weight, +0.40 Length
Underbarrel FTAC RIPPER 56 -0.63 Weight, +0.18 Length
Rear Grip DEMO-X2 GRIP +0.22 Weight, -0.37 Width
Optics AIM OP-V4 -0.90 Weight, -1.65 Eye Position
RPK can't be nerfed.

RPK can’t be nerfed.

Fennec 45

Also a very well known weapon to all of us who play Warzone, and also a rifle that got a nerf. It’s just that, same as with the RPK, it’s not that noticeable and still holds its place as one of the best SMGs in the game. Because of Rebirth Island, this build is made exclusively for close range fights where you want your ADS to be as fast as possible. With the following attachments, we increase Fennec’s handling and damage while keeping almost all other stats in place. It can be placed as a secondary weapon in your loadout.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel 5.5″ FENNEC MINITAC -0.39 Weight, -0.27 Length
Ammunition AUTO OVERPRESSURED +P +0.70 Weight, +4.94 Load
Underbarrel BRUEN WARRIOR GRIP -0.34 Weight, +0.14 Length
Magazine  FENNEC MAG 45 None
Rear Grip FENNEC RUBBER GRIP -0.55 Weight, -0.10 Width
Nerfed but still good.

Nerfed but still good.

Kastov 762

AK-47 or Kastov 762, is a slightly lighter version of the RPK that has a fairly high damage and fire rate. Kastov 762 is the fastest killing assault rifle currently in Warzone. This build is suitable for medium and long range fights. But considering the recoil control, it is more lethal at medium distances. With flinch ammunition, hardly any enemy will be able to survive.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel KAS-10 584MM BARREL +0.27 Weight, +0.31 Length
Underbarrel FTAC RIPPER 56 +0.64 Weight, +0.30 Length
Ammunition 7.62 OVERPRESSURED +P +0.42 Weight, +7.06 Load
Magazine  40 ROUND MAG None
Optics AIM OP-V4 +3 Weight, -1.65 Eye Position
Classic AK-47.

Classic AK-47.


The Vaznev-9k is a very fast and accurate SMG that is somewhat underrated. Even without any attachments, this rifle does a great job at short distances. With these attachments, we further improve accuracy, recoil and handling so that ADS is as fast as possible and recoil is almost non-existent. Definitely one of my favorite guns in the loadout.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Muzzle FTAC CASTLE COMP +0.37 Weight, +0.16 Length
Underbarrel BRUEN WARRIOR GRIP +0.64 Weight, +0.32 Length
Laser CORIO LAZ-44 V3 -0.16 Weight, +39.48 Zeroing Distance
Magazine  45 ROUND MAG None
Rear Grip TRUE-TAC GRIP -0.46 Weight, -0.14 Width
Best recoil and handling.

Best recoil and handling.

TAQ 56

One of the best, if not the best AR in Call Of Duty Warzone. The TAQ 56 has very good recoil control, accuracy, damage, fire rate, and it also has a magazine of 60 rounds. Assault rifle that is somewhere in the rank with the RPK, only now it definitely has better recoil control. Since this build is made for medium and long distance, the rifle loses in mobility and handling, but therefore gains in all other statistics. Very good gun for you Rebirth Island loadout and also for regular Battle Royal mode.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel 17.5″ TUNDRA PRO BARREL +0.35 Weight, +0.27 Length
Muzzle SAKIN TREAD-40 +0.34 Weight, +0.15 Length
Underbarrel PHASE-3 GRIP +0.35 Weight, +0.30 Length
Magazine  60 ROUND MAG None
Optics AIM OP-V4 -3 Weight, -1.65 Eye Position


Victus XMR

Only for campers who like to destroy opponents located on the other part of the map. Victus XMR is one of the best snipers in both Battle Royal mode and Rebirth Island. Given that we maximized range, accuracy and damage with these attachments, this sniper is very deadly at longer distances. So if you plan to use this weapon, try to always be on a high ground position so that they are as effective as possible. Also, it would be very good to have the Focus perk in your loadout to extend hold breath duration and reduce flinch.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel MACK 8 33.5 SUPER -0.29 Weight, -0.14 Length
Muzzle BRUEN COUNTER-OPS +0.45 Weight, +0.74 Length
Ammunition .50 CAL HIGH VELOCITY +0.43 Weight, +9.00 Load
Laser VLK LZR 7MW +0.44 Weight, +23.03 Zeroing Distance
Rear Grip BRUEN G305 GRIP +0.03 Weight, +0.35 Width
You just need one shot.

You just need one shot.


The TAQ-V is another interesting rifle that has excellent damage and, in addition, excellent range. The not so popular battle rifle is certainly one of those refreshing rifles that you can use for medium/long range battles. With this build, we increase accuracy, range and damage, while losing mobility and handling.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel 18″ PRECISION-6 +0.50 Weight, +0.40 Length
Muzzle ZLR TALON 5 +1.40 Weight, +1.00 Length
Underbarrel FTAC RIPPER 56 +0.80 Weight, +0.40 Length
Magazine  50 ROUND DRUMS None
Optics AIM OP-V4 -3.00 Weight, +1.80 Eye Position
Two shot expert.

Two shot expert.

X13 Akimbo

The X13 pistol with Akimbo rear grip is an excellent weapon for those who play fast and at short distances. The X13 is a high-speed automatic pistol that is very lethal at very close range. With the akimbo rear grip you get two X13 pistols that you can also put a 33 round magazine in each. A total of 66 rounds which wears out incredibly quickly considering the fire rate of these pistols. Definitely the best option for those who don’t want to use the overkill perk in their loadout.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel XRK LUC-9 +0.40 Weight, +0.36 Length
Muzzle FT STEEL FIRE +1.22 Weight, +0.87 Length
Laser 1MW PISTOL LASER +0.42 Weight, -49.35 Zeroing Distance
Magazine  33 ROUND MAG None
Rear Grip AKIMBO X13 None
Akimbo beasts.

Akimbo beasts.

FSS Hurricane 

FSS Hurricane is also one of the good underrated guns in Call of Duty Warzone. This SMG has excellent recoil control and fire rate, and the most interesting thing is that it has a magazine of 50 rounds by default. This gives it more slots for installing other attachments and thus improving other statistics. With the next build, we will improve handling and accuracy in order to get the best possible ADS.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel FSS CANNONADE 16″ +0.34 Weight, -0.28 Length
Laser FSS OLE-V LASER -0.30 Weight, -51.00 Zeroing Distance
Underbarrel AGENT GRIP -0.80 Weight, +0.32 Length
Rear Grip XTEN GRIP -0.58 Weight, -0.33 Width
Stock DEMO QUICKSILVER STOCK -4.00 Weight, +0.93 Length
Use it with Fast Hands perk.

Use it with Fast Hands perk.


M4 is a great rifle for both Ashika Island and Al Mazrah. Many people don’t give enough attention to this rifle given that there are many other meta AR’s that are also very good. But this is really one of the better AR’s you can use for Medium and Long distances. With the next building we improve the range and recoil control while with 45 mag, we maintain handling and mobility. If you want, you can use a 60 ammo magazine, but you will lose stats on a mobility.

Slots Attachments Tuning 
Barrel HIGHTOWER 20″ BARREL +0.16 Weight, +0.26 Length
Muzzle SAKIN TREAD-40 +0.28 Weight, +0.19 Length
Ammunition 5.56 HIGH VELOCITY  -0.43 Weight, +8.13 Load
Magazine 45 ROUND MAG None
Optic AIM OP-V4 +3 Weight, -1.65 Eye Position
Iconic weapon.

Iconic weapon.

Warzone 2 is quite different from the first Warzone, it has significantly slower movement. Without faster movement the only way to win a combat is that you have good rifle and a good cover. Therefore, the builds on these loadouts are mainly made to reduce recoil and to increase accuracy on a specific weapon, so that each bullet is precise enough. There are also other more things you need to know to improve your chances for a win in Warzone. If you are a beginner, check out our Warzone Beginner Guide where you can find very useful tips and tricks.

How do you like new weapons and which weapons do you use on Ashika Island? Comment down below.

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