1v1 Gulag Set to Return to Warzone 2

Season 2 of COD: Warzone 2 is set to see the return of the fan-favourite 1v1 Gulag. Players were very vocal about their disdain for Al Mazrah’s experimental 2v2 Gulag fights, and developers Infinity Ward have heard their cries loud and clear. With more details about Season 2 coming soon, fans won’t have long to wait to fight for redeployment.

1v1 Gulag Set to Return to Warzone 2Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has largely gone over well with fans. The new map offers an exciting change of pace, and the new weapons and gear hold up well and keep players on their toes. But for fans of the original Warzone, some of the changes made by developers Infinity Ward have felt like a step in the wrong direction. Most notably, and causing the most contention among the fanbase, was the inclusion of the 2v2 Gulag. Well, Infinity Ward has responded to fan outcry, and a brand-new 1v1 Gulag, reminiscent of the original, is set to drop with Season 2.

In a recent Tweet, Infinity Ward confirmed that 1v1 duels are making a return to Warzone, with more details set to come next week. Originally set to drop February 1, Season 2 has been pushed back to February 15. This is presumably to make new updates, tweaks, and bug fixes based on community feedback, such as the aforementioned return to original-style Gulags.

Season 2 is also set to bring with it a brand-new Battle Pass, even more weapon and Operator skins, and even a new Raid or two to Al Mazrah.


While an interesting move in theory, the larger and considerably less frantic 2v2 Gulag arena has caused more frustration than fun. Intended to be a change of pace that forced players to team up with, and potentially befriend, a former enemy, players instead often found themselves with uncommunicative partners who went off and did their own thing. Even worse was when a partner was AFK, resulting in a practically unwinnable 1v2 fight for many.

Another fun twist was the Jailer, a minigun-wielding juggernaut who would spawn after a set amount of time to kill off any players left alive. The twist here was that if all four players could be convinced to team up and take down the Jailer together, everyone would be returned to the Warzone. But, as before, most players ended up doing their own thing, resulting in some very scrappy duels.

It is currently unknown whether the new 1v1 Gulags will see a return of the Jailer, or whether this fun little gimmick has been consigned to the history books.

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