Top 10 Beginner Tips & Tricks for Warzone 2

Here are the 10 most useful tricks and tips every Call of Duty Warzone player should know. Warzone can be very difficult and frustrating for players who are just starting out. That is why we have prepared for you a list of important tips & tricks that you must know in order to win a game of Warzone.

Top 10 Beginner Tips & Tricks for Warzone 2Warzone can be very difficult for beginners and even for those with a little more experience. Just when you think you might have a chance to win, you end up dying because of a little thing. And that’s always the case, Warzone is unpredictable and very dynamic, so it requires a little luck on your part. But, with these tips and tricks, we will give you guidelines that will make it easier for you to get your first Warzone victory.

Learn The Map

Knowing where you should land and where you should move is essential in this game. Make money your priority, so choose landing spots with the most money. Newbies often land in places where there are objectives, mostly safecrackers, and there are usually a few more enemies who also want that objective. Of course, objectives are always a good option at the start of a match, but it’s also good to know where you can find what you need.

Al-Mazrah has many good places to land, some of those that are risky and also those that are less risky and where less people land. Some good places to land are: Sawah Village, Quarry, Fortress, and surrounding villages to the right of Al Mazrah City. Other places such as Airport, Observatory, Al Mazrah City, Hydroelectric are also very good landing places, but they also have more people landing there. Don’t land on places where there are few houses, maybe they don’t have enemies at all, but it will take you forever to collect good weapons and equipment.

Warzone 2 UI with a map, daily challenges bar and legend bar.

Marking the Fortress location.

Mini-Map and UAV

It’s always good to know your surroundings, and you’d be surprised how many people don’t look at the mini-map or use UAV’s at all. The mini-map is a very useful thing both in Warzone and any other games that have it, so one of the good tips is to use it. It can show you important information like enemies in cars (red cars on a mini-map), pins from you or your teammates, nearby objectives and the zone that is near you.

Try to use as many UAVs as possible. UAV’s are often used early in the game when most players don’t have the Ghost perk so you can know their exact location. You can find UAVs in any crates, shelves or buy them in any nearby shop. It’s good to have a UAV at the end of the game as well because you never know if everyone has the Ghost perk.

Picking up UAV in Warzone 2 from the ground, while holding a weapon.

Finding UAV from the crate.

Communication Is The Key

As in any other tactical game, communication is the key to success. Try to give your teammates as much information as possible. Information such as pins where the enemy is, how many shields you have destroyed, how many enemies there are and other important things. If you have just started playing the game, the in-game microphone will, by default, be constantly on. Do yourself and others a favor and switch it to push to talk in the audio options. If you are dead, try to talk as little as possible so that your teammates can hear if someone is nearby.

There are many different sounds in Warzone that cannot be diminished without diminishing the most significant ones. Because of that, the most important ones are harder to hear, such as enemy footsteps or gunfire. One of the good tricks is to enable Proximity Chat in the options and turn off your microphone. That way, you will hear the enemies that are near you talking.

Pointing out red enemy voice chat in Warzone 2.

Enemy talking nearby.

Know Your Weapons

Learn your weapons, seriously. It is very important to know what type of combat your weapon is capable of. Personally, I always look at having some light and fast weapons like an SMG that will be there for close-range fights. And also some “heavier” assault rifle or LMG that will be suitable for medium/long range shooting. The first season of Warzone was marked by rifles such as the Fennec 45 (SMG) and the RPK (LMG).

Of course, what kind of weapons you choose also depends on your playstyle. I would say that weapons for close range are not as important as those for distance. Because most of the fights you have will happen at medium or high distances. Snipers like the Victus XMR are also very brutal and can be crucial at times.

A Warzone 2 weapon

Chimera, a light fast assault rifle.

Get Your Loadout Fast

What would Warzone be, or the entire Call of Duty without loadouts. Loadouts give you the opportunity to use your gun, in addition to many different guns on the map. That reliable rifle of yours that you are sure will help you in any situation. In addition, loadouts also give you other things like perks and throwables. Perks give you a significant advantage over people who don’t have them, so the great tip is to get them as quickly as possible.

Of course, you can always use other people’s weapons or the weapon you found on the map. It is important to find what suits you. If you are still not sure, you can check our best loadout guide. If you’re one of those people who don’t like using meta weapons, you can always find one of your own. 

Warzone 2 UI with the list of weapons from the loadout.

Going for a drop sometimes isn’t the best idea.

Use Throwables

The next important thing in the game is to use throwables, also known as lethals. If you want to become a good player, you must know this. Throwables are an integral part of the game and can help you in different situations. Both when you attack someone and when you defend yourself. I always make sure to have spare throwables in my inventory because they automatically go to the main slot when you run out of them. 

Any kind of throwables are useful. One of the most important are certainly:

  • Frag grenade – Can be cooked, so you can throw it and surprise the enemy.
  • Stun grenade – A classic stun that slows down the enemy and gives you advantage. 
  • Semtex – A sticky non-cookable grenade that cannot be thrown back at you. 
  • Smoke grenade – Can be used for cover in the open space. 
  • Gas grenade – Slows down the enemy so you can push them. Good for small spaces. 

Each of them are good in itself and can be used in various situations. I have listed some of my favorites that are quite easy and straightforward to use.

Inventory and stash UI in the Warzone 2, while the cursor is on the tear gas.

Right click to stow it into the backpack.

Do Contracts

Contracts are something that everyone does and are the main source of money. When jumping out of a plane, most people immediately land on a contract/objectives. Money can also be found from cash registers at various supermarkets, banks and gas stations. But contracts, in addition to money, also give some other things like XP, loot, information or even a victory. 

  • Bounty – It highlights the part of the map where there is an enemy that you must kill to get money. You can also get money if somebody else does the job for you.
  • Most Wanted – You become most wanted and everyone on the map will be able to chase you in order to get a reward. If you survive a certain period of time, you not only get money, but also your teammates, who are dead, back into the game.
  • Safecracker – One of the most popular, locates 3 random containers near you that give you weapons, money, and some other valuable items.
  • Secure Intel – After you find a laptop and upload its data to a computer, you get money and also information about where the next zone will be.
  • Tactical Nuke – The hardest contract in the game. It requires 5 consecutive wins to get it.
Holding a weapon while looking at security safe in Warzone 2

Safecrackers can give you a lot of cash.

Use The Zone

Use the zone to your advantage, all you need are gas masks. In situations where the zone has already shrunk a lot, you don’t need to constantly chase to be in the middle. Always make sure you have that gold durable gas mask with which you will be able to stay out of the zone a little longer. Try to walk along the edge of the circle, there are always fewer people on the edge of the zone.

In case you are already in a house and in the zone, while the zone is shrinking, you have no reason to leave it. Another good trick is to find high ground, for example the top of a building/house. Unfortunately, you can’t see things like where the zone will be. Therefore, it is always convenient to have at least one gas mask with you.

Map UI, as well as the Daily Challenges, Legend, Gulag UI's in a game called Warzone 2.

Don’t get too close.

Look For The Vehicles

Another good tip is to see where the nearest vehicle is. All of us who play Warzone can get carried away looting a place while not noticing the zone is shrinking. Sometimes even so much that we die from the first zone, with a full loadout inventory. That’s why it’s always good to have any vehicle nearby. This is especially important for those who land far from the first zone.

Some of the better vehicles in the game are LTV, ATV, RHIB and Light Helo. LTV and ATV are land vehicles, RHIB is a speedboat while Light Helo is a helicopter. The LTV is the best land vehicle in the game, it has armor, is fast and has a mounted machine gun on the roof. An ATV is a fast quadricycle that is very agile. The RHIB speedboat is for those who are close to the water at the edges of the map. And helicopters are the best means of transportation because you can get anywhere you want in a short period of time. 

Driving a car into a Warzone 2 in the city.

Fastest way to get away from the zone.

Be Aggressive

Being aggressive doesn’t mean you have to run through the zone like you’re indestructible, or open fire from 500 meters away. Rather, instead of waiting for a chance for the enemies to approach you, you approach them. If you already know that someone is hiding in a certain place, take advantage of that and attack them. Every kill is a confidence booster so don’t hesitate.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to attack everyone you see, but play smart. Always pay attention to your surroundings first and then take the next step. Of course, that whole feeling of aggression builds the more you play the game. The more mistakes you make, more you will know how to react later in certain situations. So don’t be afraid to make a mistake, but learn from it.

Smoke and tear gas in a city from a game Warzone, as well as the weapon and UI.

Tactical smokes.

Bonus Tips

  • Mount Weapons – Get used to mounting guns when you want to participate in long range fights. Any rifle that you mount on, for example, a wall, will recoil 90% less and will be more accurate at longer distances.
  • Secret Caches – Secret caches are a great way to quickly get high level guns, money, UAV’s and more. On the Internet you can find a map with all the locations of the secret caches, and the best part is that very few people go for them. 
  • Strongholds – There are events on the map that are unlocked after a certain period of time. One of them are Strongholds which have several AI enemies in them. When you kill enemies in the Stronghold and defuse a bomb you get a loadout. This is quite easy to do, if there are no other players nearby.
  • Learn All The Movement Tricks – Movement in this game is also very important. Learn how to properly peak corners, slide and jump. Not only will you be fast, but you will also be harder to hit.
  • Use Water as a Cover – Water is an excellent protection from many enemies who have their sights on you. When you dive deep you can escape them in a short period of time.

These are just some of the tips for beginners that will improve your skills in Warzone. The whole point is that the more you play the game, the better you become. Also, a lot of pro players stream on Twitch, so you could pick up a few tricks from them. If you haven’t already, you can buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and get access to multiplayer that way. In multiplayer, you will get better faster and level up your weapons faster.

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