Warzone Releases New Map Fortune’s Keep

Call of Duty: Warzone has begun its fourth season and this comes with a new resurgence map, Fortune's Keep. This map offers multiple points of interest and different ways to play including close and long range fighting and shootouts in castles.

Warzone Releases New Map Fortune's Keep

The new map Fortune’s Keep has been released for Call of Duty: Warzone. This new map also comes with a new season for the battlepass titled Mercenaries of Fortune. Fortune’s Keep has been added in as an alternative to Rebirth Island as a Resurgence mode.

Four new points of interest have been highlighted on the map. These locations are Town, Smugglers Cove, Keep and Winery. Town is featured on the coast and offers back alleys and stairwells for added close quarters combat. Also involved are vast rooftops and perfect sightlines for long range combat. Town hopes to show off the ability that movement adds to Warzone, jump from roof to roof, or find yourself jumping into a window from a rooftop finding new ways to cut off enemies paths.

Season Four ‘Mercenaries of Fortune’ Cinematic | Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone

Smugglers Cove offers a different approach to combat with tight secluded areas and allowing teams to avoid being picked off from snipers. With guaranteed gas masks and an occupation scanner this area offers quite an interest for quick kills and stealthy tactics. 

Warzone Releases New Map Fortune's Keep - Playlist

Warzone Releases New Map Fortune’s Keep – Playlist

The Keep gives Fortune’s Keep its name. This point of interest is a castle built centuries ago and repurposed over time with things like smuggling passages and the lofty watchtowers now used as sniper nests.

Lastly, the Winery offers mystery and intrigue. With rumors of a haunted cellar and a magic fountain there is certainly things to be found. This location is also one of the only ones of two that offer redeploy balloons. 

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Source: Official Post on Call of Duty Website

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