Call of Duty: Warzone | 5 Tips to Win in the Gulag

Use these tips to make sure you always get redeployed from the Gulag and improve your overall Warzone game! While that first Warzone death can be frustrating, there are ways you can prepare yourself for the Gulag and get the advantage every time.

CoD Warzone: Always Win In the Gulag With These 5 Tips

One of the glorious and unique features of Call of Duty: Warzone is the chance for redeployment on your first death via the Gulag. As much as this is a saving grace that many other battle royale games don’t have, it isn’t an easy task. For seasoned players, the Gulag might not be much of a challenge. But for those who aren’t as comfortable with this style of game mode, the Gulag can be added frustration from, well, already dying. Also, there is a good chance that your opponent will be a more skilled player than you.

One-on-one matches can be as much about the mental game as they are about skill! With that being said, here are some tips to help you prepare both your skills and your mentality for Warzone’s Gulag. They might even help you outside of the Gulag as well!

1. Practice And Know Your Weapons

In the Gulag, you are spawned with a random set of weapons and equipment. Being comfortable with a wide array of Call of Duty’s weapons is a must if you want to consistently win. For owners of Modern Warfare, practicing this style of mid/close range combat is simple: head over to Gunfight and play match after match. Gunfight is a mode where you and another player face off against another duo. This is a great way to practice, as Gunfight also has weapon randomization and a similar environment.The biggest lesson is knowing the damage ability and range of all the weapons so you know how you should approach your Gulag match.

2. Play Aggressive, But Smart

Gulag Match Screenshot

Just a few seconds can mean the difference between a win or loss.

One of the worst things you can do in the Gulag is be too cautious. Waiting at your spawn or going prone until the flag shows up just allows your opponent to set up comfortably wherever they wish and get the upper hand. It is important to push your opponent in some way so they don’t have the advantage. If possible, you always want to see your opponent before they see you.

A good tip for Warzone’s Gulag is to always try to mount your weapon on your cover so you are harder to see. If you suspect your opponent is staying in spawn, flush them out or set up to pick them off when they dive for the flag. If they are playing aggressively, don’t stay in one spot for too long and don’t let them flank you.

3. Spray Your Opponent Pre-Game

One thing you can do to make your opponent an easier target is using a bright spray on them before your match. Found out by Reddit user u/PublicWest and posted to r/CODWarzone subreddit, spray will still be on an opponent once you enter your match. They will be a lot easier to see and aim for on the dimly lit map of the Gulag. It’s even better if you can spray them on their head! Even if you don’t know who your opponent will be, just spray as many people as possible before your match begins. A good Warzone tip is to decide how you and your teammates will communicate before ever entering the Gulag.

4. Take Advantage of Teammates

Teammates in Gulag

Teammates can be integral to your win with the right communication.

While your match goes on, any teammates that died at the same time you did will be able to watch your match. If possible, take advantage of their ability to view the whole map and let you know where your opponent is. Teammates can also throw rocks down at the Gulag fighters to do a few points of damage! Also remember that your opponent might have their teammates pointing out your location as well.

5. Don’t Forget Your Equipment

Smart use of tactical and lethal equipment can make or break your Gulag match. It is common for newer players to completely forget about these during the heat of a match, so train yourself to use them! Equipment has a variety of uses in a match like the Gulag. A good tip for Warzone‘s Gulag is to use them to pinpoint your opponent’s location or to throw them off with a flash or smoke grenade. Planting C4s on corners or near the flag can give you a huge advantage or win you the match if they are activated. Just know that it takes a few seconds for your equipment to unlock at the start, so don’t try and immediately throw them.

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These are just a few of the tips that can help you improve your Gulag game. Always make sure to keep calm so you can win and get back in the game!

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