Call of Duty Warzone: Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5

Worried about getting to know the entire map? Our Call of Duty Warzone guide will give you the 5 hottest spots to drop in season 5. Avoid dull and difficult areas like Dam and Downtown, follow this and you'll see where the party really is.

Call of Duty Warzone - Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5

Any battle royale game can be quite daunting to get into as there is so much to take in with the various weapons, items, and of course the massive map. Call of Duty’s Warzone is no exception with a map spanning 9km². In this guide, we take a look at the top drop locations in Warzone season 5, how popular they are, what kind of terrain you’ll find there, and how accessible they are for new players.

If you need some tips on the best guns to use, here are pro tips from Nickmercs and TimTheTatMan.

Warzone is a stand-alone game mode to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and can be downloaded for free.


Superstore is s probably the most popular drop destination at the moment and is usually very hot at the start of the game. This can be seen as a benefit to good players who want to go for high kill games or novices who are looking for gunfights to try and improve their skills. It can also be a frustrating area since you will inevitably die more when dropping here than other areas. The other benefit of landing at Superstore is that you can easily transition to either Airport or Storage Yard, both of which are usually filled with enemies.

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 - Superstore

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 – Superstore

Superstore has 2 main sections, the rooftop, and the inside store. The rooftop is fairly open with a only few power generators to hide behind and a couple of pyramids that separate one side from the other. Fights in this section are usually very fast-paced since there are so few places to hide. You can also get a great vantage point on the surrounding areas which is great for snipers, but obviously this also makes you an easy target for other sharpshooters.

Inside Superstore is a completely different beast. Here you’ll find countless crates and shelves to hide behind and a maze of aisles to chase through. Generally, fights in here will be close quarters and will be best handled with an SMG or Shotgun. This is also a fantastic spot to get a lot of early game loot.

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 - Airport

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 – Airport


Airport is one of the larger areas with 4 distinct sections to it. First, there’s the airport roof which is very similar to Superstore’s roof in that it has a wide, open area with scant objects to hide behind. You can also get a great vantage point if you’re looking to pick enemies off with a sniper rifle.

Next, we have the inside of the airport building. This has a few more tightly packed rooms that will make for some exciting short to mid-range fights. There are also a few well-hidden hallways inside here that lead to the basement and service rooms of the airport. 

Then we have the surrounding area which is filled with multi-story buildings, aircraft hangers, and the building many streamers have affectionately named Old Rusty. The majority of the buildings give you access to their roofs and will give you a higher vantage point while also making you an easy target but you can also have some intense battles inside these buildings. Old Rusty is a large building with 3 stories and balconies overlooking the majority of the area. The hangers are large, mostly empty domes that are filled with loot and make for great spots to camp for a while. There are a few stacked next to each other and each one has a few doorways where you can peek out of to fire on oncoming enemies. 

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 - Storage Town

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 – Storage Town

Finally, we have the bane of many Warzone players’ existence, the air traffic control tower. This tower has only one way in unless you drop in from the sky, and is a prime spot for camping snipers. It also gives you a view of the entire airport roof as well as a major part of the surrounding area. If you are a skilled sniper, this can be a great spot to get some easy kills but beware when you’re in the area because a team of snipers on this tower can be an absolute nightmare to deal with.


Storage Town is a small, enclosed area filled with storage containers and is the best spot for fast-paced games that will have you sweat bullets. Many of the containers are open and can be entered into and you can also find your way on top of the rows of containers. The corridors here are tight and mostly obstructed so you can’t see too far ahead of you meaning that most of the encounters here will be close and sweaty, a perfect place to use SMGs and shotguns. Beware of the large building next to the containers with the empty swimming pool inside. This building has a ladder that leads to the roof and can lead to snipers picking people off inside Storage Town

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 - Boneyard

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 – Boneyard


Boneyard is filled with the carcasses of dead airplanes as well as some large warehouses. Most of the airplanes are hollow and lie in lines, creating hallways for you to move through and hide in. There are also a couple of open spots here where you can have some mid-range gunfights. Snipers usually don’t have a good time in Boneyard due to the numerous planes covering the area, instead, you can expect most of your fights to be short to medium-range so bring your favorite assault rifle or SMG.


Season 5 came with 2 big changes to the map. First, they opened the main building at the Train Station. However, in my experience, this is still not a great spot to fight and is not very popular in general.

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 - Stadium

Top 5 Drop Locations in Season 5 – Stadium

The second change was made to Stadium which is a much more significant update as it took one of the most unappealing spots on the entire map and turned it into prime real-estate for war. The Stadium used to be a spot to avoid at all costs because apart from a few crates on the floor surrounding it there wasn’t much there. Additionally, there was usually a sniper or 2 camped on the roof which was a nightmare to deal with since there were no convenient ways to get up there apart from using a helicopter.

Season 5 made some fantastic changes to Stadium, the most significant of which being that they opened up the interior. The inside has everything you can expect from a sports arena including stands, field, and VIP boxes. The field has a few tents and broken vehicles standing around to provide cover and there are numerous hallways around the structure where you can hunt down your enemies. You can even take the fight into the basement. The other important update is the addition of zip lines that allow you to move onto the roof without the use of a helicopter.

Stadium has one big problem, none of the surrounding areas are very desirable. All the above-mentioned spots are situated next to each other making it easy to move from one prime spot to another, but this is not the case with the Stadium.

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