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Riot Games Announce “Valorant” – Release Date, Game Info, and More

Riot Games has revealed the name of their upcoming tactical shooter "Valorant". Along with that comes more news, including gameplay footage, netcoding info, and a release date that is sooner than expected. Riot also answers the burning question - will it be free-to-play?


Riot Games has officially unveiled the name of their untitled shooter “Project A” as Valorant. Along with the game’s title, Riot shared other information about their upcoming shooter. On the official Valorant website, the game is described as “a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter where creativity is your greatest weapon. In games of ​Valorant, players lock in their agent for the entire duration of the match and then attempt to win a round-based, attackers vs. defenders, best-of-24-rounds fight.”

The Round // Gameplay Preview - VALORANT

Along with the game’s title, Riot also shared some big pieces of info about Valorant, including:

  • 128-tick rate servers
  • Ping lower than 35ms for at least 70% of players worldwide
  • Very low minimum PC specs
  • Riot Games own anti-cheat program “Vanguard”
  • Free-to-Play
Concept Art for Viper.

Concept Art for Viper.

There are currently 8 confirmed “agents” in Valorant, but it is unconfirmed if that will be the final cast for the game’s release. Each agent possesses 4 unique abilities, including a “signature” ability that is granted to the agent every round. The other three abilities must be purchased in the game’s economy system along with any weapons, similar to Counter Strike.

A few of Valorant's cast duke it out.

A few of Valorant’s cast duke it out.

There is no exact release date for Valorant currently, but Riot has set a release window for Summer 2020. Any current plans for a Valorant beta at this time are unknown.

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