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What is VALORANT Badge and How to Create One

Haven't you created your own VALORANT Badge yet? It is time to prove your skills in VALORANT by displaying your stats on your favorite agent. Let's check and show how talented player you are by creating your own VALORANT Badge!

What is VALORANT Badge and How to Create OneAlmost of all the video game players have a secret desire to display their best stats on their favorite games. The reason why these players want to display their stats is because they want to see a result of playing well or they need to show their very best stats to their best friends who do not believe in their great stats and make fun of their bad performance day on the games.

What is VALORANT Badge?

VALORANT players experience the same situation just like other players. However, there was not a safe tool in order to create a display for these stats. Although there were third-party websites which used to require your ID and password, players do not have to share their account details with those third-party websites.

Riot Games has introduced a new tool in order to create a badge for specific agent, which they call “My VALORANT Badge”. In the website of the tool “My VALORANT Badge”, you have the opportunity to create a badge for a certain agent so that you can display the stats on which you get with that agent; moreover, you have the chance to select the colors of the badge between various color combinations. In these badges, you can show your agent K/D, damage per round, agent win rate and headshot accuracy of the agent that you have especially chosen. Also, you can check this guide for unlocking all the agents in the game.

Color Combinations

Color Combinations

Color Combinations: Red/Black, Green/White, Gray/White/Red, White/Dark Green/Red, Black/Blue, Navy-Blue/Red/White, Black/Red/Green, Golden Yellow/Red, Red/White, Navy-Blue/Red, Black/Red, Yellow/Red/Green, White/Green, Red, Dark Green/Yellow/Red, Red/Green/White, Black/Orange, Red/Dark Green, Black/Light Red, White/Blue, Blue/Navy-Blue, Green/Red/White, Black/White, Yellow/Green/Red, White/Navy-Blue, Navy-Blue/White, Navy-Blue/Yellow, Blue/Red, White/Red, Red/Yellow/Dark Green, Light Green/Navy-Blue/Yellow, Black/Yellow/Red, Dark Green/Yellow, White/Black/Light Blue

How to Get Your Own VALORANT Badge

This part of the guide introduces the every detail of the process of getting your own agent badge. Before we start to learn how to create one of these cool badges, there are some significant details to take into consideration. Let’s check these details which are important for the process.

It is a must that you have played the agent in competitive mode in the past few months

It is a must that you have played the agent in competitive mode in the past few months

Points to Consider

  • In order to create a badge for an agent, it is a must to play enough matches in competitive mode in the past few months with the agent of which you want to create a badge.
  • There is not a limit for creating badges for any agent. Just you need to keep the previous point in mind. 
  • Does it require any money? Absolutely no, it does not require any money, VALORANT points or Radianite Points.
  • There is an option for whether you want to display your VALORANT ID on the badge or not. Therefore, you have to check that option which is called “Hide Your Riot ID”.
  • These badges are only for showing your stats with an aesthetic perspective. For this reason, the players who have created a badge do not have an advantage or a disadvantage in the game. 

After some warnings, now it is time to learn the process of creating your own VALORANT Badge. Let’s check the steps!

How to Create a Badge

1- Visit the website of My VALORANT Badge

2- Be sure that you have logged in with your Riot account on the website

What is VALORANT Badge and How to Create One - Create Your Badge

Create Your Badge button

3-Click the button “Create Your Badge”

4- You will automatically be taken to the page on which you will create the badge

What is VALORANT Badge and How to Create One - Choose the Agent and check the box

Choose the Agent and check the box “Hide your Riot ID”

5- Choose the agent whose badge you want to create

6- If you want to hide your ID, check the box “Hide your Riot ID”

7- Click “Select and Continue”

What is VALORANT Badge and How to Create One - Select the Color Combination

Select the Color Combination

8- Choose the color combination for your badge as you desire

What is VALORANT Badge and How to Create One - Save and Share

Save and Share

9- Congratulations! You have created your badge which you can save and share on your social media accounts.

Here’s the end of the guide. I hope the guide has worked for you! 

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